Go to Post For every hour you spend screwing pieces of your robot together, 20 hours of important stuff goes on behind your back. - Eric Bareiss [more]
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Go to Post I've got a couple team members who have an incredible knack for destroying robot parts... Tom Line dictionaria13
Go to Post The Robot Alliance Project is perpetrating the government shutdown? I KNEW robots would take over the world! BBray_T1296 Billfred
Go to Post Finally, they're getting rid of the spotlights. I'm sick of seeing ridiculous inside jokes up there. Karthik cgmv123
Go to Post I openly admitted to using IE at robotics last year and recieved a major lashing for such blasphemy. Then I downloaded Chrome. jwallace15 daniel_dsouza
Go to Post When you come down to it, FIRST is about people inspiring other people; STEM and the robots are just the subject matter. RyanCahoon rachelholladay
Go to Post Just remember to be as transparent and inclusive as you can. DonRotolo Kims Robot
Go to Post if you want FIRST people to sign a petition, July isn't the best time to do it. Pault CalTran
Go to Post I've come to believe that the current alliance selection system is just like democracy. It's the worst system possible, aside from all the other ones. DampRobot z_beeblebrox
Go to Post "If a student CAN do it, a student SHOULD do it." Mr. Lim KrazyCarl92
Go to Post We don't just build robots. We build people. Koko Ed DampRobot
Go to Post Eh, typical FIRST team, take something awesome and make it even better. rsisk EricH
Go to Post It's wrong to scuttle someone else's boat because you don't think it's seaworthy. You probably don't know that what you were seeing will be called a submarine. ThatHat KrazyCarl92
Go to Post I find it extremely unfair to say the best robots are the ones who win events. LeelandS Jasmine Zhou
Go to Post Guys guys, what a coincidence! I INFACT <3 ROBOTS TOO! Kusha Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I have a bobble head? Koko Ed Jash_J
Go to Post The difference between a robotics kid and a generic nerd. Both use their calculators for statistical analysis. One keeps it a closely guarded secret, the other brags about it on Chief Delphi! Kevin Leonard jwallace15
Go to Post Lesson learned, /always/ have a pick list! Lil' Lavery DonRotolo
Go to Post My puppy certainly thanks the many teams that handed out frisbees this year. VexisDarksteele jwallace15
Go to Post As goes with all of my advice on CD, try it yourself and make up your own mind. I'm just suggesting things based on experience. See what works for your team. Follow my suggestions to the letter, mix and match them, or even throw them completely out the window. It's all about you and your team. DampRobot brennonbrimhall
Go to Post Funding and success is no accident. waialua359 DonRotolo
Go to Post I've worked with space based navigation and lever arms and planes and Kalman filters. .. and I have never, ever once considered looking up to navigate. purduephotog DeformedFedora
Go to Post I can't wait to be one of those old kids who can say "Yeah, I remember the days before districts." and then watch the kid's eyes widen when I explain the days of regionals.. rachelholladay Jay O'Donnell
Go to Post The term normal is relative to CADer side of me. When compared to the rest of society, there is no normal side of me. Pault DampRobot
Go to Post I did research before asking a question on CD..blasphemous I know rachelholladay Basel A
Go to Post I'm so conflicted right now. On one hand, you made the same page as a celebrity. On the other hand.... Justin Bieber. Akash Rastogi AlexD744
Go to Post I'm so conflicted right now. On one hand, you made the same page as a celebrity. On the other hand.... Justin Bieber. Akash Rastogi AlexD744
Go to Post Don't fight bureaucratic morons... embrace them! Humour and publicity will take care of the rest. dtengineering Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Give us the e-mail address of these folks to send them a barrage of support letters for your students? sanddrag DominickC
Go to Post To quote Harrison Ford: "Never tell me the odds". GCentola
Go to Post Six robots no one has ever heard of playing the finals on Einstein field. That's my dream matchup. Tetraman Boe
Go to Post I hate mini-bots. Gdeaver davepowers
Go to Post [I] [/I]I think this may be some kind of record. We got through 9 entire posts before someone mangled the spelling of mecanum. [I] [/I] Ether Ultimatum
Go to Post Little kids playing soccer....or a typical Lunacy match. Ah, memories. :cool: Travis Hoffman Littleboy
Go to Post Volunteers are in short supply and we always need more. Koko Ed dag0620
Go to Post Unfortunately, there's no special type of transmission that will magically get you past defense. The best way to deal with defense is to practice, regardless of gearing. connor.worley rsisk
Go to Post I feel like watching match videos from 2003 could be considered a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Cory Hallry
Go to Post #TeamFrank Libby K rachelholladay
Go to Post I love this man. Justin Montois dag0620
Go to Post Leaders are those whom inspire people; a good mentor inspires students. Jeffy CalTran
Go to Post ...When you use ";"s instead of "."s; darn Java; machman-2823 Kevin Selavko
Go to Post Maybe it just seemed like five hours...I had freshmen in my vehicle! Qbot2640 Billfred
Go to Post We got spirit yes we do! What? You don't have spirit? What's wrong with you? Koko Ed dictionaria13
Go to Post We moved-ish mostly, in a direction or two. Siri Kimmeh
Go to Post Analyze, adjust, anticipate. Don't panic. PayneTrain plnyyanks
Go to Post The most important deisgn criteria is always performance in any of the parts / systems we design. But we do try to abide by the saying -- if it doesn't look good (right), it probably isn't good (right). Adam Freeman Basel A
Go to Post One of the most important resources of all: [URL="http://frc-manual.usfirst.org/"]The Manual[/URL] lorem3k Calvin Hartley
Go to Post See what you don't understand about us students is that we don't know when to stop. ehfeinberg Taylor
Go to Post So, we should have respect for each other regardless of whether we are building our robot with a Waterjet or a Hacksaw. Construction methods will vary widely, but honoring your competitors should be universal. OZ_341 Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post Dean Kamen is a pretty smart dude. If he wants to talk to me, I want to listen. Taylor rsisk
Go to Post FRC did a lot for me in high school. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help it do the same for others. Oblarg Taylor

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