Go to Post Remember, everything you do while on the team reflects on your team. Good reputations are difficult to build and easily destroyed. - Daniel_LaFleur [more]
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Go to Post If you're doing it to win, you're doing it wrong. Teams who truly understand why they are doing what they do will win Chairman's simply as a result, an added benefit. The award isn't the goal. It's the impact you create, and the results you see. dcarr Hallry
Go to Post Remember that the reason that you do something should NEVER be for the sole purpose of winning an award. To paraphrase something said by one of the Hall of Fame teams: "You should choose to do something because it is fun and the right thing to do." tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post Yes, in human nature we like to get rewarded/recognized for things we do; however, you should not have to rely on this to be "successful". Remember the purpose of FIRST - To change our culture. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post We have seen the difference in people's lives on our team as they went through the program. There are all sorts of examples, and I am sure you (and everybody other team) have similar stories. At the end of the day, that is really all that matters; changing lives in a positive manner. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post Creatively solving problems is part of the fun. Continuous improvement and sustainment of [old] programs is also important. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post Not every team can start 200 teams in Canada or Hawaii because they are located in relatively dense region of teams already. This doesn't mean they can't impact their local and surrounding areas. This is where you have to be creative. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post I am a firm believer that there is no model that can be transplanted/copied from one team to another and have the same level of success. There just isn't a formula for it. The mindset you should have is: "I know I have made a positive impact on my community". tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post We were asked to help change a culture. If the solution was simple FIRST would have given more specific guidelines on how to do this. It is our job as teams to find unique and creative ways to help fulfill the request from FIRST. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post The best metrics are your own. Do you see the impact of your efforts in your community? Do you feel like you should/could have won Chairman's, but another team was even more deserving? That's how you know FIRST is really working. dcarr Hallry
Go to Post The point of outreach isn't to "win" a "game" so I'm not sure what you hope to achieve with such a concept. The idea of "beating" another team in terms of outreach is fundamentally flawed. dcarr Hallry
Go to Post This slow-motion intro... Canada is rubbing their match cycle efficiency in our faces :( PayneTrain Hallry
Go to Post This year may be one of the first years where there is a drastic difference in Regional level and Championship level strategies that drive robot design. tim-tim Nathan Streeter
Go to Post I'm pretty sure there is a federal sequester on the bandwidth coming out of LSR. PayneTrain DominickC
Go to Post Even in the worst times, I get a reminder of just how wonderful my big FIRST family is. 216Robochick288 Tottanka
Go to Post They hit us, we hit them, it happens. Build your robots to take a hit and it doesn't matter. Greg Needel JohnBoucher
Go to Post What I learned from week-1 is that once again my son has been inspired to the level that he came home after the BAE Systems Granite State FIRST Robotics Regional Competition with the biggest smile I have seen on his face for a long long time. I am truly grateful for that. FIRST_Parent Anupam Goli
Go to Post Why does 1114 have to be good at everything? ;) Justin Montois Hallry
Go to Post The 48 defensive DNA lies dormant in the drive train. It's impossible to forget. Koko Ed A_Reed
Go to Post What is this? PVC pirates with no visible PVC? (at least that I can see) IMPOSTORS! theawesome1730 Whippet
Go to Post Another lesson is don't post on Chief Delphi disappointed, stop and evaluate first. Emotions suck sometimes. :-) sircedric4 Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post One of my early mentors gave me wise words -- when designing a system to compile & analyze information, your first design choice should always include consideration of a stack of 3x5 file cards. Jaxom CalTran
Go to Post Nothing worse than an intolerant field :D JB987 Whippet
Go to Post Their robot moves so fast that it changes colour due to the Dopler Effect. By rapidly alternating between driving away from the viewer (Redshift) and driving toward the viewer (Blueshift), they can make the viewer see it in their traditional purple colour. philso CalTran
Go to Post Teaching students should take place in the offseason. Applying the skills learned is what the real season is for. synth3tk
Go to Post Action x (Passion + Vision) = Goal EricH IKE
Go to Post A good defense can defend against a good defense. Squeakypig Whippet
Go to Post Students... be sure to drill air holes in the crate though. Maybe toss in some cheetos for the programmers. Andrew Schreiber EricLeifermann
Go to Post Honesty and Integrity is the key to success. If I don't teach my team to be honest, I am a failure! team4384 Hallry
Go to Post Honesty and Integrity is the key to success. team4384 joelg236
Go to Post I used to be a FIRST Robotics mentor...then I took a Frisbee to the knee. Travis Hoffman CalTran
Go to Post Flattery will get you everywhere. nuggetsyl Hallry
Go to Post I think AndyMark just sold out of rabbits feet. BRAVESaj25bd8 billbo911
Go to Post Woody is wearing flippers... 2014 WATER GAME! Team23pitboss Hallry
Go to Post The imbalance and vibration is telling you something, you are not listening. Al Skierkiewicz theawesome1730
Go to Post Just because you haven't witnessed parts leaving the flywheel yet, doesn't mean it won't happen. Al Skierkiewicz theawesome1730
Go to Post DonRotolo used COMMON SENSE. ... ... FIRST/Chief Delphi Community fainted! PayneTrain Hallry
Go to Post You don't become great because of your sponsors, you become sponsored because of your greatness. Bdf809 dcarr
Go to Post This year's rules != last year's rules. GaryVoshol DeformedFedora
Go to Post Whether or not you use wheel weights, if you're running a wheel at several thousand RPM, you'd better have an effective containment system to protect the outside world in case something spontaneously disassembles itself. Alan Anderson Libby K
Go to Post I care that teams took some time to put in safe guards to prevent shrapnel hitting people because I'm selfish and I enjoy the use of all of my limbs. Andrew Schreiber DeformedFedora
Go to Post Remind me to wear my kevlar vest to any event you're at. Andrew Schreiber DeformedFedora
Go to Post Since you have to undo all the connections anyway in order to swap them, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to do some simple and straightforward troubleshooting. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post That's awesome. I sort of like the smaller venues. You get to know teams on a lot more personal level. thisOrrthat theawesome1730
Go to Post I bet if anyone took a look at the 118's Bill of Materials the only thing that would be on there is hard work and that's priceless. rcmolloy Grim Tuesday
Go to Post This brings back childhood memories of playing with erector sets... Wait. I still do. :D Whippet Hallry
Go to Post Every year, 118 inspires our team to dream for the stars, and land on mars. If 118 wasn't there we wouldn't be off the ground. Think about it every superstar has critics. Keep doing what you do 118. xSAWxBLADEx Hallry
Go to Post 118 embodies everything this entire program is supposed to be about: INSPIRATION. Respect that. Acknowledge that. Support that. barn34 Karthik
Go to Post Don't criticize them for what they have, learn from what they do. xSAWxBLADEx Taylor
Go to Post I just... I can't even comprehend it. Like, my brain is soup. Commas are everywhere. Sentences. Shrinking. zzzzzzzzzzzz... PayneTrain GCentola
Go to Post By the end of week six, I'm sick of looking at the robot enough that stuffing it in a bag is rather cathartic...:rolleyes: 2544HCRC Ian Curtis

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