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Go to Post Just once I'd love to see a team come out to the field and say " Team xxxx rejects our reality and accepts yours!" Koko Ed DampRobot
Go to Post I see all these people complaining about the FIRST game having perverse penalties for playing defense...then we play without defense, and still people complain. MrForbes z_beeblebrox
Go to Post Coopertition™ can take many forms. MrForbes Brian C
Go to Post Invest our time in enhancing the process of conceiving, designing, testing and deploying the game billylo Sparkyshires
Go to Post This is what happens when Engineers try to design a sport. Jim Zondag Kevin Leonard
Go to Post I am the person I am because I have come to accept the mistakes I have made, not because I try to change them. IronicDeadBird Whippet
Go to Post But please take into account that each year, the GDC has to come up with a rule book that will spend the next three months being picked apart by 40,000 of the brightest, most creative minds on the planet. I think they do an outstanding job of it. dtengineering Whippet
Go to Post As they say... I'd rather be lucky than good any day (especially Saturdays). :) JVN Amanda Morrison
Go to Post I watch students push themselves beyond their limits every year only to realize they have yet to find their true limits. JesseK dictionaria13
Go to Post Being the GDC is not an easy job, anything can happen. Lunacy happened ::rtm:: Conor Ryan SamC
Go to Post No Firsting way! Tytus Gerrish Whippet
Go to Post We want people to exercise Gracious Professionalism® and play at their best, but also not really because we find this archaic rule to satisfy something related to inspiring students to pursue careers in science and technology.™ PayneTrain DampRobot
Go to Post If you think life is fair, you are sadly mistaken. R.C. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post It seems ironic to me that a robotics competition would come down to human error, which is precisely what the field of robotics attempts to prevent. David8696 Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Don't test your autonomous on the comp field. There's a practice field for a reason. DampRobot Whippet
Go to Post If you want to use the don't ask, don't tell logic about asking then you know it is wrong. Steve W ATannahill
Go to Post There will always be a point in your FIRST experience when you realize you can get away with something that is against the rules. It is at that point when you have a choice to make about your own personal ethics, and what sort of example you will set for your students. ToddF Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post You don't see teams plastering the arena with signs saying "Show your spirit!" or "Be creative in your robot design!" or "Be sure to be innovative in your control!" Mr. Van Whippet
Go to Post Defense is a good thing! Kevin Sheridan Mark Sheridan
Go to Post An awesome unveiling video is not necessarily an indicator of onfield performance. ToddF Travis Hoffman
Go to Post "Mentors Only Work When Being Calibrated". Calvin Hartley Whippet
Go to Post Robot shoots forward across field and jams itself into opposing alliance bridge. It was, however, the fastest our robot ever went. PandaHatMan Kevin Selavko
Go to Post There is nothing that compares to the smell of burning flesh, especially when it is your own. Al Skierkiewicz Invictus3593
Go to Post “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford dtrailin joelg236
Go to Post FRC is about giving students the best experience possible. MikeE Pault
Go to Post Focus on solving the problem, not on being deliberately creative. If you effectively solve the problem, creativity is naturally leveraged as part of finding a great solution. Jim Zondag rsisk
Go to Post Our Digital Sidecar can attract metal chips from distant planets. electroken Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post How about we make parts in America that are so amazing that everyone will want to buy them. rsisk Bochek
Go to Post Anyway, it's a global program and a global world. Christopher149 Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Life isn't fair. There's always luck involved. Welcome to the real world. :) Exla357 aryker
Go to Post OK, repeat after me "FIRST is not about the robot". Foster aryker
Go to Post When you build a practice robot, you're literally buying time. sanddrag Jared Russell
Go to Post FRC is a big tent. There's room for everybody. Ether
Go to Post A chop saw may cut aluminum, a knife can also be used to eat ice cream. fox46 Conor Ryan
Go to Post There are no rules specifically prohibiting the use of cryogenically preserved legumes on the robot. dtengineering Rynocorn
Go to Post [I]'Twas the night before ship day, And all through the shop, Not a creature was stirring, Not even[/I] -- Naah, they'll never believe that. GaryVoshol eli2410
Go to Post Needless to say, lots of smoke came out, and I debated using its terrible smell as a deterrent. Snapshot Kevin Selavko
Go to Post Also, I'm tired of the "FIRST is a simulation of the real world"-- it isn't. If the real world was like FIRST, there wouldn't be any need for this organization. cadandcookies
Go to Post I normally prefer my speed controllers to brake, rather then break. Joe Ross Whippet
Go to Post I'll not deprive you of the practice in reading the manual; you'll need it if you want to be an effective part of an FRC team. Alan Anderson cadandcookies
Go to Post If your logo is your team number in a font 4" tall in 1/2" stroke, colored/outlined in white, then yes. Otherwise, no. cadandcookies EricH
Go to Post Anything that moves sideways is a waste of time. Tom Bottiglieri RogerR
Go to Post So we can bring 6x more to the Lunar Regional than all other regionals? no fair to those not going! BBray_T1296 Whippet
Go to Post While grandmothers are pretty cool, I would be hesitant in letting them determine what is and is not a robot. Kellen Hill Whippet
Go to Post Inaccurate data is not data. It's guessing. George1902 Taylor
Go to Post Defense will be everybody's part time job, not their career. Wayne TenBrink Richard Wallace
Go to Post You enjoy your pepperoni pizza, I'll enjoy my cheese and peppers, and we can both agree that people that like pineapple on their pizza, while strange... are completely entitled to their opinions. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post Meh, that's nothing a freshman with a drill press and a dremel can't fix... Chad987 Whippet
Go to Post And yes. The Super Bowl is on, and I'm replying to a thread on Chief Delphi... BobbyVanNess Whippet
Go to Post Dr. Doom becomes Dr. Awesome! Nick Lawrence Whippet

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