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Go to Post *be there or be triangle, circle, square PVCpirate Walter Deitzler
Go to Post I think this says it all... It's Fantasy FIRST on Chief Delphi. Zach O SamC
Go to Post And another big factor in winning. Luck. Carol SamC
Go to Post We also have a " big daddy" hand riveter. In my estimation one could have assembled the George Washington bridge with it. DonRotolo jwallace15
Go to Post You know you have FIRST Kickoff fever when you know when Kickoff is but not Christmas. Jacob.B Kevin Selavko
Go to Post (middle school age) One time I had a truly awful day at school and came home crying. My mother's response? "Do you want to go to the build session tonight? It will make you feel better.." And it did. It always does. rachelholladay CalTran
Go to Post You should always do CAD no matter how you plan on having parts made. Garret Gregor
Go to Post Re: New to programming, any tips? Join the mechanical team :) IndySam SuperS_5
Go to Post No, but you have access to the most powerful machine tool of all; a telephone. We had zero machining sponsors, now we've probably had over 30 unique shops run parts for us; All we did was ask. AdamHeard Billfred
Go to Post Canada has five regional events now. Canada. Nick Lawrence synth3tk
Go to Post We use the engines of our imagination on the robot all the time. FIRST being an engine of change after all. Mark McLeod Hallry
Go to Post Go with a Big Block. The torque is awesome and you cant beat the sound of a built Big Block with a high lift cam and some open headers. A blower would be a nice addition as well. Good luck getting past the inspector. GBK gracie.
Go to Post Building a robot to survive 2 districts, a Regional, a Region Championship, and World Championships (plus 4 - soon to be 5 - off season events) is a challenge in itself. Jared Russell Hallry
Go to Post Spoiler: There will be no plasma cutters available in FIRST Choice Jibsy Billfred
Go to Post Leave FIRST? That's an option? =) treffk Hallry
Go to Post you know your team has respect from teachers when classes start waving projects during build season saying you get full credit if the robot ships. Peck billbo911
Go to Post Snow Blower Motor? Forget the water game, how about a snow game? Gary Dillard Andy Baker
Go to Post I emailed Brandon Martus to have my username changed. It was updated within a day. Champion webmaster at work. Gregor Hallry
Go to Post We draw the line when our students are more affectionate towards the tools rather than eachother. ksafin GCentola
Go to Post We draw the line when our students are more affectionate towards the tools rather than eachother. ksafin Kevin Selavko
Go to Post Border Guard: "Anything to declare?" Team: "Oh, just these trophies!" dtengineering Walter Deitzler
Go to Post Be watchful of the "man this is so cool we should do it in build" as I've embarrassingly fallen victim to it so many times before, with varying results. Aren_Hill Jared Russell
Go to Post Take care of home and family first- then we play robots Wayne C. Billfred
Go to Post My calculations indicate that the game will involve pouring large areas of concrete and waiting for it to dry. Field reset should be interesting. DampRobot BobbyVanNess
Go to Post Our robotics lab has been closed for two days, TWO DAYS! :ahh: Kevin Selavko Hallry
Go to Post woo hoo! I rigged up brief Internet access using an old wornout robot battery. Mark McLeod MechEng83
Go to Post "Simple" is about staying within boundaries. dtengineering rsisk
Go to Post Equally possible is that we're just providing some lunch-break entertainment for the people in the GDC. wasayanwer97 synth3tk
Go to Post Toughboxes are -- wait for it -- really Tough! JesseK Taylor
Go to Post WATER GAME! Always a water game... kendra21093 Hallry
Go to Post I'm gonna laugh when the GDC numbers the first official game hint #3. Racer26 Hallry
Go to Post I find this ironic. In English class our teacher's tell us how there is symbolism and such, and we don't understand it or think its there. Then FIRSTer's get a Game Hit, and we think EVERYTHING is a symbol and has some significance. akoscielski3 Hallry
Go to Post I am always torn between running a family and running a team... I guess the difficulty is in supporting the team as a whole before the individual...or alongside the individual. MysterE CalTran
Go to Post The world has never seen a group of people who have taken such interest and delight in being rickrolled. StevenB Hallry
Go to Post What is this "off season" of which you speak? Alan Anderson Hallry
Go to Post GO OUTSIDE, OR SOMETHING. Go do something other than FIRST for a little while - after all, in January, your life is consumed! Libby K Hallry
Go to Post I think he GDC is just rick-rolling all of us. z_beeblebrox GCentola
Go to Post I'd hate to state the obvious here...but I believe that we all just got Rick-rolled... Hallry
Go to Post All screws are not created equal. Al Skierkiewicz Walter Deitzler
Go to Post So your gearbox failed, and your first course of action was to post about it CD? This is an interesting failure recovery plan. :) JVN EricH
Go to Post You never know when the GDC will slide in a rule about any robot with a laser must do a laser light show on the floor of the field or face a 50-point penalty :p. EricH Gregor
Go to Post Never allow your students to get away with an answer that amounts to "because it's better". Have them prove it to the best of their ability, and when they're wrong, ask them to figure out why they're wrong. Tom Line rsisk
Go to Post Engineering rules of thumb don't form the garbage that goes into the making of the robot. They take the garbage of the real world and turn it into more pure, if slightly diluted, data. DampRobot nightpool
Go to Post You know you've been in FIRST way too long when you can remember all those hints... even down to exact wording... and only have to look up the most recent. EricH Kpchem
Go to Post When you open of CD and you see your very own quote up top, and can't decide if it's a really awesome or "Well...this is awkward..." moment CalTran GCentola
Go to Post I am a FRC Coach/Mentor I don't know the meaning of the words "days off" or "rest". At least not from January to May. Bob Steele Hallry
Go to Post I did everything in high school... but only FIRST allowed me to be me. treffk Ekcrbe
Go to Post I love how your suggestion for MCC is one of the most elite robots of the year, and one of the World Champions. I also love that I really can't argue with you. JVN Billfred
Go to Post Wow! Shipping to Israel?!? It's exciting to have a fan from so far away :D stens987 Jay O'Donnell
Go to Post Some High School students understand safety and can follow complex instructions. DonRotolo DominickC

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