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Go to Post Don't criticize them for what they have, learn from what they do. xSAWxBLADEx Taylor
Go to Post I just... I can't even comprehend it. Like, my brain is soup. Commas are everywhere. Sentences. Shrinking. zzzzzzzzzzzz... PayneTrain GCentola
Go to Post By the end of week six, I'm sick of looking at the robot enough that stuffing it in a bag is rather cathartic...:rolleyes: 2544HCRC Ian Curtis
Go to Post I would love access to the crystal ball granting you the insight into these changes. sdcantrell56 EricLeifermann
Go to Post It's the corollary that you pick them no matter what shape they start the event in. Pink is known for showing up at their 1st regional with the robot in an unfinished state. And somehow, magically by the end of qualifications it just works, and they win. Nuttyman54 Hallry
Go to Post "there are two types of underprivileged teams; the ones who whine about being underprivileged and the ones that work to become privileged". Undertones HansJ
Go to Post It's amazing what you'll find in the FIRST Manual :) dcarr Hallry
Go to Post I have to remind myself you guys are from Kansas when I hear the country music...I'm not even sure any Texas Teams do that ;) JohnSchneider CalTran
Go to Post They could release an update saying they were going to give every team free puppies and kittens, and many teams would vehemently complain this change was too late to budget dry kibbles into their budget. artdutra04 Kpchem
Go to Post Ya know...sometimes, design specs get changed at the last second. Or the market changes while you weren't watching. It Happens. DonRotolo Jessica Boucher
Go to Post A few years of stress is worth a lifetime of opportunity. omegasis25 dictionaria13
Go to Post We've been thinking about just declaring our smallest kid on our BOM and making her part of the robot. Qbot2640 Hallry
Go to Post You miss 100% of the shots you don't take Steven Donow Hallry
Go to Post In the end, we were successful, but the tale is one of such stupidity that it should be engraved in drool upon a failed math test. AmLameBro Richard Wallace
Go to Post Is the bottom slot just to make the whole thing look like a smiley face, or is it functional? Chris is me Calvin Hartley
Go to Post Roses are red/Violets are blue/I'll write a poem/Once build season's over. Taylor Nate Laverdure
Go to Post Every team should have a rule about not shouting "ROBOT!" when transporting a robot around the pits/arena. frasnow Alan Anderson
Go to Post Mentor: How is that held in place? CAD Lead: Go to the hardware store and buy a bag of constraints and put the constraints on the robot. Kenyow Kevin Selavko
Go to Post AndyMark has done something amazing. Sam390250 Hallry
Go to Post Bumper quality is an "attention to detail" measure. Teams that get little things right tend to do better on the big things. vhcook Billfred
Go to Post Please ask yourself..."If my robot is on fire and the pneumatics are randomly activating, is my main breaker someplace that I want to put MY hand?" Jaxom vhcook
Go to Post Teams that take care of the little things often have much less trouble with the big things! dtengineering Libby K
Go to Post I suggested it in brainstorming, but then people threw things at me. Apparently there ARE bad ideas in brainstorming. Kevin Sevcik CalTran
Go to Post Life is too short to spend 40 hours a week doing something you are not enthusiastic about. Karthik KrazyCarl92
Go to Post It will be really cool if it works, sad if if doesn't. We got our fingers crossed! falconmaster Ian Curtis
Go to Post I may be a little slow responding, I'm shoveling snow. Mark McLeod DeformedFedora
Go to Post It is crucial to keep experience and keeping collected under pressure as high points that can't be measured in a test. jnelly kwam dawg
Go to Post If my shop was snowed in and my unfinished robot was sitting in there, I'd dig it out with a plastic spoon or melt it out with a Bic lighter if I had to. Every hour counts. If there's a will, there's a way to make it happen. sanddrag Hallry
Go to Post Excuse me while I rant on your comment here a bit. Andrew Remmers BobbyVanNess
Go to Post there's no time like week 5 to learn programming :D dcarr Ether
Go to Post Gotta love the blurred robots :cool: Steven Donow Hallry
Go to Post I personally think mentors should sit behind two-way mirrors and hold a kill switch for all power tools. ;) SenorZ jwallace15
Go to Post You worry about your team. Let other people worry about their own teams. pfreivald Koko Ed
Go to Post It's a skid-steer vehicle, so it depends on the phase of the moon and yesterday's lottery numbers. Ether Calvin Hartley
Go to Post Time flies when you're freaking out. Koko Ed MisterG
Go to Post This has to be the hardest, most complicated game I've ever seen the GDC develop - that's what makes it so much fun! SteveGPage Kims Robot
Go to Post Maybe we should have some safety training before and during build instead of just having flyers at our pit. Hm... JaneYoung Billfred
Go to Post "The devil" isn't in the details... The devil is having a loud house party with lots of other devils and demons in the details. And laughing, and laughing... pfreivald IndySam
Go to Post If that many teams could do it successfully every match this year I will eat my robot. Jay O'Donnell DeformedFedora
Go to Post I hate to do say it with these words but...We're all in this together. dellagd DeformedFedora
Go to Post Magic doesn't count as a support, sorry. Neither does simply constraining in CAD... EricH Siri
Go to Post We've done that autonomous. After several years of refinement we decided to skip the information collection and just drive into the wall at the earliest opportunity. Greg Young joshsmithers
Go to Post Our robot will use sensors to collect information about its environment, then discard that information and drive into a wall. Jared Russell Hallry
Go to Post if your robot weighs 1-1/2 tons, you have bigger problems then the legality of that jack... ekapalka Micah Chetrit
Go to Post On the other hand, if the tires were marked "NOT FOR FRISBEE SHOOTER USE" I'd be worried. Ken Streeter Whippet
Go to Post Attempted to like Andrew's comment and then realized this wasn't Facebook :P afowl dictionaria13
Go to Post It's a hunch, based on engineering intuition; there are too many hard-to-quantify variables to do any accurate calculations. Looking for some experimental corroboration or refutation. Ether Ian Curtis
Go to Post My goal as a mentor is to make myself irrelevant. Is that possible? Probably not. But this is one place I am willing to aim stupidly high. Ian Curtis KrazyCarl92
Go to Post Thanks GDC for opening a can of Chuck Norris Brain Hurt Garrett.d.w DeformedFedora
Go to Post Weird. On a forum where people talk about robots, we have a robot trying to talk to people. dellagd Whippet

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