Go to Post If it looks like an appendage, quacks like an appendage and moves like an appendage...it is an appendage... - Bob Steele [more]
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Go to Post Also, there are times when the folks who run this ice cream store don't have the flavors I like. Can you believe that?!!! Although this really frustrates me, I get over this treachery and I still order something. After all, it is ice cream. I like ice cream. Andy Baker davepowers
Go to Post Why assume a full trophy case and spreading the message of FIRST (mentoring rookies) are mutually exclusive? Team 16 supported 6 rookies this season and earned 5 banners - I am equally proud of both. Meredith Novak Billfred
Go to Post A robot is never "complete" Hallry
Go to Post Yeah, you build robots, so what. But you also build students, and that's what it's about! DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post There were no heroes on the team, just everyone doing their part. nuggetsyl Kristian Calhoun
Go to Post Every robot is a key element to each victory, no matter how much or how little they help. JosephC Hallry
Go to Post Don't take my questions negatively, I just hold drive trains to a ridiculous standard. AdamHeard Gregor
Go to Post And, if you don't know what something means, say so, we'll be happy to explain. DonRotolo Grim Tuesday
Go to Post Just got our robot crate back. The FedEx driver told me he was watching the robotics competition online and asked how our team did. He knew about Team 27 and 469. We must be doing a great job in Michigan promoting FIRST if a FedEx driver watch FRC matches online and was excited talking about it. Ed Law Hallry
Go to Post Your students are my idols. Al Skierkiewicz Taylor
Go to Post The entire season, when someone yelled "Robot" I would yell back "Human" and stand my ground. DonRotolo Matt Krass
Go to Post There should be no teams yelling "robot". RoboMom Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post If the GDC can actually top Rebound Rumble, I might cry at the reveal. PayneTrain Taylor
Go to Post Give a group of engineers the choice of three options, and they'll pick choice number seven. Taylor EricH
Go to Post Next year they should make Roombas the game piece. They're not very effective at vacuuming the rug that's for sure. Koko Ed Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Isn't that the name of the game... Roomba Rumble? Mr. Van kjohnson
Go to Post Would FIRST be as amazing if not for CD? I mean it would still be this amazing place for students and mentors to be but the explosion of innovation and gathering of people together across communities has to have been greatly effected by CD. dodar Hallry
Go to Post "It's not child labor if they wear a team shirt!" Vermeulen Peck
Go to Post And like Woodie told us in his talk, all the bad stuff we anguished over will be replaced by the memories of the achievements and good time we had this year. Wayne C. Billfred
Go to Post My team is graduating yet another class of great kids who will go into the world capable and focused. And after a decade and a half of FIRST robotics those memories are as treasured as any trophies. Wayne C. Billfred
Go to Post I do this for the people...the kids, the mentors, and especially, with all my heart, the volunteers. Thank you for all you do. Andy Grady Koko Ed
Go to Post Yup, looks like FIRST is infiltrating the American sports culture. And that's the long and the short of it. Taylor Hallry
Go to Post This makes me want to squeal like the teenage girl I am. ZipTie3182 Hallry
Go to Post We’ve been chasing perfection since 2003 in the hopes of catching excellence. Karthik JaneYoung
Go to Post I'm wondering just what you think the people who DID set this system up actually do for a living instead? Sheep farmers? DonRotolo Tanis
Go to Post Find what your team is good at, and use it in any way you can. karomata Hallry
Go to Post I continue in FIRST because I'm not looked down upon for not knowing how to do something, but held up because I want to learn. LemmingBot Sean Raia
Go to Post FIRST is a big family and we‘ll get through this together. Gary Dillard JaneYoung
Go to Post We're engineers. We fix problems, not complain about them. plnyyanks
Go to Post OMFG! Sanity prevails! It's unprecedented! Kevin Sevcik plnyyanks
Go to Post Honestly, I'd volunteer my team to be on that alliance. It'd be an honor to touch bumpers with those bots. ttldomination Conor Ryan
Go to Post Hopefully LMFAO will cross paths with FRC71. They've been shufflin' since 2002. Taylor Jeff Rodriguez
Go to Post Redfoo is actually a really awesome guy. He discussed the future of engineering and talked about C++ programming with our software team. SM987 Taylor
Go to Post For guys, is the appropriate term "manpris". ? Chris Fultz dictionaria13
Go to Post *referring to Team Titanium's 2012 robot* If only it could play guitar hero at the same time. sigh. rsisk
Go to Post However, I am a firm believer in the theory that if you are pushing with a mecanum wheeled robot you are doing it wrong. Andrew Schreiber
Go to Post Team Titanium's trying Teeter Totter Talons tying the terrain traversal tandoming Twin Tucking Tabs to try triples. CalTran
Go to Post Awesome doesn't even scratch the surface here folks. DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post So if you were a rookie team in this division what would you do? Watch.Experience.Learn. dodar Hallry
Go to Post "When you lose you don't say anything. When you win you say even less." Clinton Bolinger Peter Matteson
Go to Post Maybe my brain fog factor has expanded after wading through 1114's competition data sheet, so I cannot see the forest for the trees. Bill_B Hallry
Go to Post It is easy to be righteous on Chief Delphi, and harder to implement in life. DonRotolo kramarczyk
Go to Post To borrow a slogan from the last place KC Royals "It's Our Time" The curse will be broken! ;) Alpha Beta CalTran
Go to Post Hey Don, if the [Woody Flowers] award doesn't impress the non-FIRST friends and family, just tell them you have your own "inter-web thread" - tell them you are like a Chuck Norris on the internet!!! ebarker Hallry
Go to Post thanks CD for being a one-stop, inspiration shop! Michael Corsetto rsisk
Go to Post However I do wish to reassure people that the judges did not just fall off the back of a turnip truck... dtengineering rsisk
Go to Post We are behind you 100% (more if needed)! Clem1640 rsisk
Go to Post (puts on his asbestos underwear, because these threads always get heated) Billfred andreboos
Go to Post In my 30+ year career, one thing I have learned is that if you truly enjoy your work, you'll be good at it. DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post How many of the team's current students were even alive when those awards were earned? :) Alan Anderson CalTran

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