Go to Post If you ever find yourself thinking that you are the most brilliant person in a situation, you are doing something wrong. - EricVanWyk [more]
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Go to Post Woah woah, what about fingers? The programmers have to use something to type with? dellagd synth3tk
Go to Post Because nothing says safety like carrying a 150lb robot across a field covered in golf balls. Kevin Sevcik Alex2614
Go to Post I looked at it and originally thought it was a crazy idea... then I looked at it again and it still sounds like a crazy idea. Yipyapper toastnbacon
Go to Post I looked at it and originally thought it was a crazy idea... then I looked at it again and it still sounds like a crazy idea. But crazy ideas tend to produce some excellent results. Yipyapper Alex2614
Go to Post I looked at it and originally thought it was a crazy idea... then I looked at it again and it still sounds like a crazy idea. But crazy ideas tend to produce some excellent results. Yipyapper Alex2614
Go to Post Engineering is a big, big type of fishing to teach. Inspiring kids to study it in college might be more practical. connor.worley Akash Rastogi
Go to Post I still have 3 good ligaments left and 2 events, so I should be fine :rolleyes: esquared plnyyanks
Go to Post What a great organization! HoltDan rsisk
Go to Post If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the robot is never truly finished. Joseph Smith Grim Tuesday
Go to Post I personally find the time I spend developing FIRST teams and FIRST as a whole the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life. PayneTrain vikesrock777
Go to Post "Why even bother building a robot if we're not gonna win?". The answer? To learn and grow. MrBydlon DonRotolo
Go to Post ...Well also I'm just hooked on FIRST. (I swear, I can quit whenever I want!) CENTURION MechEng83
Go to Post While the Banners initiate the outreach, eventually, the outreach becomes the Banner. MysterE synth3tk
Go to Post So is it important to try? Without a doubt. Does it become frustrating to not win? Most certainly. Should you stop trying? Never! Al Skierkiewicz avanboekel
Go to Post Conspire to Inspire despite what may transpire ! Bill_B ks_mumupsi
Go to Post A Strong FRC Team Should... have a clear vision and an understanding of how to achieve it within their means. Justin Foss Kims Robot
Go to Post Here is more data, Because we all love data. Bochek Calvin Hartley
Go to Post The practical experience that students learn by working with the mentors on a real life problem -- with real life constraints -- helps produce people who are good at those professions. MechEng83 Ian Curtis
Go to Post Losing, like criticism, is the only thing that makes you improve. MooreteP Steven Donow
Go to Post Winning just makes your ego smile. MooreteP Steven Donow
Go to Post Losing is important. In some cases, more so than winning. JackS Steven Donow
Go to Post If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room Ian Curtis Brandon_L
Go to Post If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room! Ian Curtis IKE
Go to Post FIRST for me is getting to opportunity to learn from the smartest people I know, the mentors. faust1706 MechEng83
Go to Post If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be asking why and how, I'd be playing LoL. Now, I do both XD faust1706 Calvin Hartley
Go to Post Mentoring is HARD. Akash Rastogi Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Winning is important. Learning is important. Inspiring students is important. Teaching Students is important. Figuring out how to do all of these at the same time, in my opinion, is the meaning of FIRST. Justin Montois Anupam Goli
Go to Post Just a note, there are 2,534 teams registered and competing in FRC this year. That means that there are 2,533 teams being run in a manner entirely different than your own. Jay Trzaskos EricH
Go to Post Being inspired is a lot like learning, not everybody does it the same way. Jay Trzaskos Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Inspiration and recognition does not equal "advanced shop class". What's better for your team is not better for all teams. Remember that. DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post Exactly matching weight at two different regionals is an indicator of something fishy. :p Alan Anderson JohnBoucher
Go to Post This is a benefit of the district model. It brings the events back into the schools. ezygmont708 PVCpirate
Go to Post I pumped my fist to cheer - but since I was a ref at the time it looked like I signaled a red foul... Tom Ore CalTran
Go to Post If you thought two alliances racing to tip the bridge in auto was exciting, wait until they play autonomous chicken on the center line. :D Alpha Beta Kims Robot
Go to Post ...these guys have taken it to a new level. (I want to be part of a team like that.) Tetraman Nate Laverdure
Go to Post Point is, there is no definite answer. This is FIRST, Whatever works well with your team is the best. NelsonMichael Nuttyman54
Go to Post I realize that I've been drawn into the trap of thinking that this is about robots and scores and winning. Reboot. Remember why we do what we do. Mr. Van Mr. Pockets
Go to Post This isn't an engineering fair and demonstration, it's FRC. Defense is part of the game. You can't expect a good FRC team to just sit there and get clobbered by a full-court shooter; they're going to engineer a solution to the problem. Kevin Sevcik nightpool
Go to Post The FIRST community will always step up in times of need. nikeairmancurry Hallry
Go to Post We learned that no matter the outcome when you don't give up you will always win. Koko Ed Hallry
Go to Post Chairman's Award is not about building the robot. Every team builds a robot. Retired Starman protoserge
Go to Post If you're doing it to win, you're doing it wrong. Teams who truly understand why they are doing what they do will win Chairman's simply as a result, an added benefit. The award isn't the goal. It's the impact you create, and the results you see. dcarr Hallry
Go to Post Remember that the reason that you do something should NEVER be for the sole purpose of winning an award. To paraphrase something said by one of the Hall of Fame teams: "You should choose to do something because it is fun and the right thing to do." tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post Yes, in human nature we like to get rewarded/recognized for things we do; however, you should not have to rely on this to be "successful". Remember the purpose of FIRST - To change our culture. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post We have seen the difference in people's lives on our team as they went through the program. There are all sorts of examples, and I am sure you (and everybody other team) have similar stories. At the end of the day, that is really all that matters; changing lives in a positive manner. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post Creatively solving problems is part of the fun. Continuous improvement and sustainment of [old] programs is also important. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post Not every team can start 200 teams in Canada or Hawaii because they are located in relatively dense region of teams already. This doesn't mean they can't impact their local and surrounding areas. This is where you have to be creative. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post I am a firm believer that there is no model that can be transplanted/copied from one team to another and have the same level of success. There just isn't a formula for it. The mindset you should have is: "I know I have made a positive impact on my community". tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post We were asked to help change a culture. If the solution was simple FIRST would have given more specific guidelines on how to do this. It is our job as teams to find unique and creative ways to help fulfill the request from FIRST. tim-tim Hallry
Go to Post The best metrics are your own. Do you see the impact of your efforts in your community? Do you feel like you should/could have won Chairman's, but another team was even more deserving? That's how you know FIRST is really working. dcarr Hallry

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