Go to Post It is the team that they build that is the important accompliishment.. - Wayne C. [more]
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Go to Post Start up the rumor mill... frcguy ctt956
Go to Post We didn't need a championship to recognize the kids on our [little league] team and we sure didn't need one to inspire them. If you want to go to the championships then work harder, don't try and lessen the value of the championships by letting everyone in. FarmerJohn ctt956
Go to Post Can you describe how you utilized your human head device on your intake? Kevin Ainsworth frcguy
Go to Post I'll wait for someone else to do it, then disagree with whatever they say. :p Jcarbon Taylor
Go to Post Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Be careful. Ether frcguy
Go to Post I challenge the status quo - it's just me. techhelpbb ctt956
Go to Post I hate having to wear official pants. Cothron Theiss ctt956
Go to Post ChiefDelphi is talking about women's clothing. What a time to be alive. Karibou frcguy
Go to Post I mean I am a pocket protector kind of guy. techhelpbb frcguy
Go to Post Were cargo shorts ever in fashion? I thought they were in the socks with sandals category. AdamHeard ratdude747
Go to Post Unlike robot design, in the clothing world there's no such thing as too much pocketing Jaci asid61
Go to Post It also annoys me that I can't get all my pants with zebra stripes marshall AlexanderLuke
Go to Post "We used to shut the robot up in a box and send it away from home. Now we just suffocate it." GaryVoshol Cothron Theiss
Go to Post The kit of parts is a hundred yards of denim. StuartV. Gravity
Go to Post Because of the silly "What's the best 254 team" thread I recently found there is an Electric Sheep! 2546. TBA also says 2505 is The Electric Sheep But which team is the one androids dream of? Katie_UPS Billfred
Go to Post Who wouldn't love to see a circular FRC field, on the backs of four elephants, all riding on a gigantic turtle? Taylor Koko Ed
Go to Post Cue all the jokes about natural selection in the Darwin division TDav540 Golfer4646
Go to Post No. This is CD, take the threads and their topics seriously. pwnageNick Golfer4646
Go to Post Throw the programmers (or freshmen with duct tape depending on the state of your robot) in the trailer with the robot for the ride between events. Problem solved. :D ASD20 Golfer4646
Go to Post I see you've one-upped me in the stripped gear game. I commend you. frcguy ctt956
Go to Post Grease your gearboxes folks! Gears need grease, otherwise they kerplode. s_forbes ctt956
Go to Post I have learned so much from this program and am forever changed by FIRST and its community. You have made me a better person in so many ways. Thank you. Jessica Boucher ctt956
Go to Post Neat! I like when things break, it's educational! s_forbes Karibou
Go to Post Now, everyone, say it with me: "It's just a TV show and FRC is just a robotics program. My life is a lot bigger than both of those things." Once you say this, I swear most of the arguments here would fade into oblivion. itsjustjon Brian Maher
Go to Post make sure you are having fun and developing yourself, not just learning gixxy GeeTwo
Go to Post ...if you don't ask, you won't get. Billfred ctt956
Go to Post The best teams have students who genuinely enjoy scouting and the alliance selection process. Jay O'Donnell Brian Maher
Go to Post Is this where I get to say "Mama I made it on TV?" Pauline Tasci ctt956
Go to Post Wow. Just wow. Never did I think the mentor built robot debate would make it on to a tv show. ASD20 frcguy
Go to Post This is one case where I really wish Andymark didn't listen to their customers so well. ASD20 Billfred
Go to Post This year should be an unusual object game. You know what an unusual object is? Water. TheBoulderite Billfred
Go to Post AndyMark is proud to announce that we will now be offering banana same-day shipping during build season for those food-deprived students on your team. Hitchhiker 42 rockinthespecs
Go to Post Off season is a good way to go outside the district. 346CADmen ctt956
Go to Post Even in the eighties, driver practice won competitions. Brian Maher ctt956
Go to Post I hope that 50 years from now, FIRST is no longer required. Lil' Lavery Whippet
Go to Post 50 years from now, the FRC will still be waiting and hoping for a water game. That's my prediction. TheBoulderite ctt956
Go to Post Don't you people have jobs? Koko Ed plnyyanks
Go to Post ...remember RAID 0 is a trap. Sperkowsky ctt956
Go to Post The game is leaking? That can only mean... GeeTwo frcguy
Go to Post I'm not the only one confused. Perfect. MikLast ctt956
Go to Post I tried, but our freshmen lost enthusiasm about filing the blocks of aluminum I gave them into Andymark Performance Wheels after only a few hours! Greg Woelki Billfred
Go to Post I'm not sure I like this: corn dogs, cheesecake and lard. Tom Ore Harrison.Smith
Go to Post I have also emailed Dean Kamen for more information regarding our team and its future, as I may have confused myself a bit. ExcuseBoy bobbysq
Go to Post Do you think Pizton's Lard would want to be a FIRST supplier and give every team some lard in the KoP? We could grease our gearboxes with it and every finals match could smell like bacon. Ty Tremblay frcguy
Go to Post It's nice to see how patient people will be on here even with people who are 99.9999% trolling. Something something GP. Chris is me ctt956
Go to Post This has to be the strangest trolling/spam/anything I've seen on CD, ever. frcguy ctt956
Go to Post Transparency is the sign of BAD LARD! ExcuseBoy Ernst
Go to Post Any team that started with a random word generator can't be bad. Sperkowsky ctt956
Go to Post I think that this clearly indicates that 2017 will be the year we finally see 3.63 robots per alliance. Caleb Sykes BotDesigner
Go to Post Oh, please, please, GDC! Give us a corn game! Richard Wallace ctt956

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