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Go to Post The MER designers had many challenges, but bumper rules were not among them. Richard Wallace Billfred
Go to Post Guys I think we're spending way to much time trying to decide if we should do it and not enough time saying "Screw it!" and doing it anyway. Jalerre nickbrickmaster
Go to Post I'm not calling it idiot-proof, because then someone starts working on a better idiot. Billfred AriMB
Go to Post What do you lose by trying something new? I say go for it. protoserge ctt956
Go to Post I learned something, which was awesome. AustinSchuh Billfred
Go to Post The biggest problem would be that the Cheesy Poofs would become the Soggy Poofs, and no one wants a soggy poof! wajirock KaranY
Go to Post The problem with the water game will be the water. And the game. Probably just the entire water game. Hitchhiker 42 ctt956
Go to Post Electrocution could be a concern. Koko Ed arichman1257
Go to Post Robo- is a fairly popular prefix in team names. -botics is a fairly popular suffix in team names. It's only a matter of time before we get Robobotics. Jeremy Germita BrennanB
Go to Post They were using Victor 888s because they were lying around and forgot to plug in one of the fan wires. In their defense, it was only a small fire, no one got hurt, it went out when they killed the power, and because of the previous things it was kinda funny. arichman1257 Hess1113
Go to Post In their defense, it was only a small fire arichman1257 DonRotolo
Go to Post 67% of all statistics are made up ... just like this one. Daniel_LaFleur ctt956
Go to Post You know what they say, H-Drive is the most GP drive train there is, because other people can tell you where to go (by pushing your bot). messer5740 aryker
Go to Post I for one don't like seeing fires at events. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No -A Haiku about that idea T.Krauter PallasPense
Go to Post I think their point was that this is FRC, we can't trust people not to do something stupid. AriMB Billfred
Go to Post Getting assigned a penalty doesn't make up for the fact that some poor rookie team's whole event just got ruined because their frame caved in. Lil' Lavery Whippet
Go to Post I plugged all the points and dimensions into Solidworks, nothing is defined so my answer is: Unsolvable! (99% sure I did something wrong) Brian M ctt956
Go to Post They built these gyms in the 50's-70's in order to temporarily appease the requirements of high school basketball. However, the Indiana superintendents' plans were to really make these arenas ideal for FRC off-season and district events. It's true. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post winning a world championship gives you at least several days of guilt free gloating. he earned it! Chris is me Billfred
Go to Post #howyougonnaliftoffwithnofuel SenorZ Thayer McCollum
Go to Post "It doesn't really feel like a world championship, there's not a lot of teams from around the world here" -A first-year Gear it Forward student I was talking to. Couldn't have said it better. evanperryg ctt956
Go to Post This year's game was very much like basketball would be, if every shot was worth 1/3 of one point, there was no backboard, you had to play with a wiffle ball, and you could score 40 points by carrying a sandwich plate across the court to your buddy six times. mrnoble Jared Russell
Go to Post Watching the field crew build a tarp out of a roll of plastic and some ethernet cables was one of the most fascinating things I've seen at a Championship. Jared Russell ctt956
Go to Post Sometimes I roll a 20 on Persuasion and a 1 on Strategy and we end up with a ramp on a robot that should never have a ramp on it. Kevin Sevcik Kevin Leonard
Go to Post The practice fields usually aren't 'nam. There are rules. Andrew Schreiber Thayer McCollum
Go to Post "It wouldn't be robotics if it worked right the first time" TedG ctt956
Go to Post I've said it before, I'll say it again, don't use GP-ness as a weapon, it's a goal not a tool to beat people into submission with. Andrew Schreiber Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Someone stole your stuff and then ran you over with a robot? mrnoble MikLast
Go to Post Does anyone actually sleep during build season, though? hectorcastillo Thayer McCollum
Go to Post Aren't we supposed to be talking about robots or something though or am I on the wrong forum again Brandon_L GreyingJay
Go to Post We try to reduce the exposures to random events but can't cover them all. And that's life. We learn and come back. Citrus Dad Billfred
Go to Post We're past half of the poll options already :( Hitchhiker 42 Jessica Boucher
Go to Post +1, plz help, want to watch the matches, am looking at the inside of an airship instead. Jared Russell CalTran
Go to Post It's wacky turtles all the way down. Joe Johnson thatnameistaken
Go to Post Shooting is easy. Aiming is hard. :p GreyingJay J.Rees
Go to Post Math is hard. Eugene Fang ctt956
Go to Post Let's get ugly! AdamHeard Travis Hoffman
Go to Post It is not about one robot, it is about 3 robots on one alliance against 3 robots on the other. Mastonevich Taylor
Go to Post Like all teams on the bubble, trying to make plans where we MAY be schlepping 30+ kids to St. Louis in 8 days or maybe not is difficult. Joe Johnson Billfred
Go to Post Broken stuff that still mostly works has character, you know? Andy A. ctt956
Go to Post My rewards and recognition are what my students accomplish. That's enough. Carolyn_Grace Taylor
Go to Post They don't have a "Chairman's Award Presentation" degree, so I'll be going into Computer Science instead. AndrewPospeshil cadandcookies
Go to Post I used to think that 2 Championships was a bad idea. I still do, but I used to, too. Jared Russell itsjustjon
Go to Post As a student on an FRC team, I didn't know what to say when other people said, "High school students didn't build those robots by themselves!" but now I just say "That's the point!". :) Ian Curtis tjf
Go to Post I used to blame CAD for all our problems. I still blame CAD, I just used to too. gerthworm Jamie Kalb
Go to Post Want to improve correlation between superior engineering and the results of on-field performance? Play more matches. Richard Wallace ctt956
Go to Post Steamworks looks a bit like trying to play football and baseball on the same field simultaneously. nuclearnerd GeeTwo
Go to Post I dunno, wasn't the implication from that game that littering is fine, so long as you dump it all on your neighbor's lawn? ;) Oblarg BotDesigner
Go to Post I personally prefer when my robot is on fire. It's nice and warm that way. Thayer McCollum BotDesigner

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