Go to Post We're thinking of using static electricity to pick up the tubes. The programmers are trying to figure out how to make the robot shuffle it's feet on the carpet. - Tom Ore [more]
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Go to Post Someone stole your stuff and then ran you over with a robot? mrnoble MikLast
Go to Post Does anyone actually sleep during build season, though? hectorcastillo Thayer McCollum
Go to Post Aren't we supposed to be talking about robots or something though or am I on the wrong forum again Brandon_L GreyingJay
Go to Post We try to reduce the exposures to random events but can't cover them all. And that's life. We learn and come back. Citrus Dad Billfred
Go to Post We're past half of the poll options already :( Hitchhiker 42 Jessica Boucher
Go to Post +1, plz help, want to watch the matches, am looking at the inside of an airship instead. Jared Russell CalTran
Go to Post It's wacky turtles all the way down. Joe Johnson thatnameistaken
Go to Post Shooting is easy. Aiming is hard. :p GreyingJay J.Rees
Go to Post Math is hard. Eugene Fang ctt956
Go to Post Let's get ugly! AdamHeard Travis Hoffman
Go to Post It is not about one robot, it is about 3 robots on one alliance against 3 robots on the other. Mastonevich Taylor
Go to Post Like all teams on the bubble, trying to make plans where we MAY be schlepping 30+ kids to St. Louis in 8 days or maybe not is difficult. Joe Johnson Billfred
Go to Post Broken stuff that still mostly works has character, you know? Andy A. ctt956
Go to Post My rewards and recognition are what my students accomplish. That's enough. Carolyn_Grace Taylor
Go to Post They don't have a "Chairman's Award Presentation" degree, so I'll be going into Computer Science instead. AndrewPospeshil cadandcookies
Go to Post I used to think that 2 Championships was a bad idea. I still do, but I used to, too. Jared Russell itsjustjon
Go to Post As a student on an FRC team, I didn't know what to say when other people said, "High school students didn't build those robots by themselves!" but now I just say "That's the point!". :) Ian Curtis tjf
Go to Post I used to blame CAD for all our problems. I still blame CAD, I just used to too. gerthworm Jamie Kalb
Go to Post Want to improve correlation between superior engineering and the results of on-field performance? Play more matches. Richard Wallace ctt956
Go to Post Steamworks looks a bit like trying to play football and baseball on the same field simultaneously. nuclearnerd GeeTwo
Go to Post I dunno, wasn't the implication from that game that littering is fine, so long as you dump it all on your neighbor's lawn? ;) Oblarg BotDesigner
Go to Post I personally prefer when my robot is on fire. It's nice and warm that way. Thayer McCollum BotDesigner
Go to Post Lunacy was "space-themed" to about the same extent that Froot Loops are "fruit-themed." Oblarg Siri
Go to Post Honestly, I'd much rather see FIRST put a little more effort getting the point values correct than the marketing theme. Brian Selle Siri
Go to Post (accidental discoveries are usually the best ones) arichman1257 ctt956
Go to Post This thread is a typical FRC Jurassic Park type argument: you were so busy thinking about whether you could, you didn't stop to think if you should. barn34 Andy A.
Go to Post Nothing like over $1000 cost in Talons, and 26 pounds of motor weight just so you can trip your main breaker faster than any other competitors robots. InFlight Billfred
Go to Post Remember, adding Lawyering to STEM and Art gets you LAMEST. Foster GreyingJay
Go to Post Remember there's no such thing as downtime, just wasted time. Why_A_Username? Billfred
Go to Post You can play FRC, or you can make up some other game and go play that. Richard Wallace marshall
Go to Post It's ok, kids, if your bumpers touch. Travis Hoffman Andrew_L
Go to Post So, I guess GP works both directions on this. They graciously let us use it, so we graciously returned it. In a perfect world, I feel like this is the best way to operate. JacobD Brian Maher
Go to Post If an LRI decided to make me sign something that looks about as legit as an email from a Nigerian prince I'd be pretty unhappy about it, too. Andy A. Valkonn
Go to Post As of now[2017], no teams exist in Italy. Go start some! TheBoulderite ctt956
Go to Post Indiana should maybe also consider playing defense. Gregor Billfred
Go to Post Confused drivers are not the ideal state for FRC success. Joe Johnson Billfred
Go to Post Trying is what makes you awesome, not knowing. DonRotolo Amanda Morrison
Go to Post I must say that Omar's manuals are among the best I've ever seen, for any product by any manufacturer. Ether marshall
Go to Post I think it didn't go over well the last time someone connected their phone to the FMS wifi. bobbysq EmileH
Go to Post You allow 500 nails to be dumped into the field of play, some robots will just assume they are supposed to be a hammer. PayneTrain Monochron
Go to Post Luck is where the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet. KrazyCarl92 JackS
Go to Post You guys' robot climbed out of its bumpers? EricH Billfred
Go to Post To me it looks like the blue alliance won the match, but lost a game of Simon Says immediately afterward. Richard Wallace Siri
Go to Post Ensuring that all of our students receive an equitable education means making investments in the students who cost the most to educate. rpaulsen Whippet
Go to Post I wish I didn't live in a world where the advancement of science and education is considered controversial and political. wajirock Whippet
Go to Post Whoa whoa whoa, don't ruin a good chief argument with facts. AdamHeard snekiam
Go to Post WHY ARE WE NO FUNDING THIS! Ronny Mohtar ctt956
Go to Post Why so large? Do you dip the entire baby in it? Please answer soon. AdamHeard gerthworm
Go to Post I must have missed the part of the manual that said "Fuel will be scored via a pseudo random number generator". Andrew Schreiber Cash4587
Go to Post One thing I have learned: If you want the impossible to become possible, just tell a student that it can't be done. JimCash daliberator

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