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Go to Post As of now[2017], no teams exist in Italy. Go start some! TheBoulderite ctt956
Go to Post Indiana should maybe also consider playing defense. Gregor Billfred
Go to Post Confused drivers are not the ideal state for FRC success. Joe Johnson Billfred
Go to Post Trying is what makes you awesome, not knowing. DonRotolo Amanda Morrison
Go to Post I must say that Omar's manuals are among the best I've ever seen, for any product by any manufacturer. Ether marshall
Go to Post I think it didn't go over well the last time someone connected their phone to the FMS wifi. bobbysq EmileH
Go to Post You allow 500 nails to be dumped into the field of play, some robots will just assume they are supposed to be a hammer. PayneTrain Monochron
Go to Post Luck is where the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet. KrazyCarl92 JackS
Go to Post You guys' robot climbed out of its bumpers? EricH Billfred
Go to Post To me it looks like the blue alliance won the match, but lost a game of Simon Says immediately afterward. Richard Wallace Siri
Go to Post Ensuring that all of our students receive an equitable education means making investments in the students who cost the most to educate. rpaulsen Whippet
Go to Post I wish I didn't live in a world where the advancement of science and education is considered controversial and political. wajirock Whippet
Go to Post Whoa whoa whoa, don't ruin a good chief argument with facts. AdamHeard snekiam
Go to Post WHY ARE WE NO FUNDING THIS! Ronny Mohtar ctt956
Go to Post Why so large? Do you dip the entire baby in it? Please answer soon. AdamHeard gerthworm
Go to Post I must have missed the part of the manual that said "Fuel will be scored via a pseudo random number generator". Andrew Schreiber Cash4587
Go to Post One thing I have learned: If you want the impossible to become possible, just tell a student that it can't be done. JimCash daliberator
Go to Post The field was like a week one Robot. Functional, but requires iteration. MooreteP tjf
Go to Post We had 99 problems but triggering the hopper wasn't one. BJC John Bottenberg
Go to Post "The only way this battery can hurt you is if I hit you on the head with it" Chak Joy4201
Go to Post bold prediction: we might have a working robot PayneTrain Brian Maher
Go to Post Historically, the most successful week 1 strategy is to finish your robot on time. Jared Russell wesleyac
Go to Post Historically, the most successful week 1 strategy is to finish your robot on time. Jared Russell Hackerman
Go to Post FIRST Mission Control seems like a place I'd like to work at some point in my life. CalTran ctt956
Go to Post You don't even need to program the mecanum if you are using teleport. Just beam the entire robot to the desired location. Ether Jonathan L.
Go to Post You can't retire a fixture plate until it has at least two broken #6-32 taps in it. artdutra04 Hitchhiker 42
Go to Post Don't complain about problems, fix them. Taylor Billfred
Go to Post I knew all games involving ball shooters would have pokey sticks. Lil' Lavery ctt956
Go to Post In keeping with this years' theme, I hereby declare that the volunteer who unjams the boiler shall be referred to as the chimneysweep. Jared Russell ctt956
Go to Post Teaching is an amazingly powerful tool for learning. RoboChair Jeremy Germita
Go to Post If there's something strange on the field carpet Who you gonna call? Field Reset! AustinShalit ctt956
Go to Post And my girlfriend wonders why robotics gives me anxiety. Munchskull ctt956
Go to Post I'm not sure that disassembling your robot would meet the definition of "accessible". EricH CalTran
Go to Post You don't need to get on the hype train if you never leave it. RoboChair Billfred
Go to Post Week 0 scrimmages tell us about the field, field crew, match flow, and dynamics of robots interacting with field parts, game pieces, and each other. Week 0 scrimmages tell us almost nothing about effective strategies later in the season. Jared Russell Billfred
Go to Post it's better to try to help and be trolled than to write off a team that needs help. engunneer ctt956
Go to Post If any of my students are reading this, you still don't have permission to turn in uncommented code. jgerstein Brian Maher
Go to Post It is silly to bring a baby buggy to a demolition derby. ;) Richard Wallace GeeTwo
Go to Post The pneumatic system must hold its air until the VIP has used up all of his. Richard Wallace Cothron Theiss
Go to Post This is why I love the laws of physics. Everyone has to obey them all the time. They don't care who has been elected police commissioner, president, or dogcatcher. Richard Wallace Bkeeneykid
Go to Post You're gonna get out what you put into this program. Andrew Schreiber Holtzman
Go to Post At 300 miles per hour, nobody'll tell the difference. Hitchhiker 42 ctt956
Go to Post Elite teams are elite because of what they do in the off season not what they do during the build season. EricLeifermann aryker
Go to Post Spend more time building a robot that plays effectively and undoubtedly better than your opponents, and less time tying to exploit inter-alliance game mechanics to inflate match scores. NShep98 Ekcrbe
Go to Post I think you can apply the Cheesy Poof rule here: 254 uses closed loop velocity control on the Talons, so you can too. gbear605 lucas.alvarez96
Go to Post You don't just click and drag the "Swerve drive go roundy roundy" VIs from the palette onto the canvas? marshall Billfred
Go to Post My guess is that soon, everyone will see the merit of a 4-axis self-controlled robot arm on their robot. JohnSchneider Brian Maher
Go to Post Yum. ABS pineapples. ollien Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post Try not to fall into the trap of choosing a material because it had the most supportive comments on CD. Ty Tremblay CalTran
Go to Post Welcome to a Chief Delphi poll, where the responses are made up and the numbers don't matter. JohnSchneider Bkeeneykid

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