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Go to Post I would ask for Florida to take a vote on best team, but my fear of "Hanging Chad" in close decisions has not fully subsided. IKE ATannahill
Go to Post So is this how cRIOs are made? pSYeNCe nighterfighter
Go to Post Some call those dreams- others nightmares Wayne C. 548swimmer
Go to Post I haven't invented anything for an hour or two. I need to get back to work. MrForbes EricVanWyk
Go to Post While there are reasons to keep a float charge on your batteries, it may be like giving your son a flu shot when he has the measles. ATannahill 548swimmer
Go to Post However, the skill of calculating things by hand and sketching by hand is something that we should continue to teach the youth (until my netbook can run Inventor :D) Zach O 548swimmer
Go to Post My code mentors once told me, "A good programmer can look at a library, decide he hates it, and code everything from scratch. An amazing programmer can look at a library, decide he hates it, but realize the time it will save him and learn to use it." slavik262 Alan Anderson
Go to Post All the gangstas in FRC have solid gold CRios. It's called "blingage". If you don't have a solid gold CRio, you're not a straight-up G. :D Jamie Kalb biojae
Go to Post Building things from scratch builds character. davidthefat Ken Patton
Go to Post Eliminate the scavenger hunt, stop updating the software every two seconds, and make sure your examples and tutorials work. That will help a majority of the people I feel. sircedric4 kamocat
Go to Post Sometimes you have to eat your vegetables, do your homework, and get some sleep. Otherwise you may get sick, have bad grades, and or fall asleep during the championship. IKE Joe Ross
Go to Post When motors stall, bad things happen. Rob Stehlik Rick TYler
Go to Post And whether or not we are awarded in the course of the season, at its end our team will look back, and we’ll look at one another, and we will wonder how we were able to accomplish what we did. John Wanninger Siri
Go to Post I'm in it for the challenge, winning is just a side effect... davidthefat Alan Anderson
Go to Post That sounds like PONG. For you youngsters, that was the first video game available for the public to play. Robert Cawthon Karibou
Go to Post Life can be painfully short and you never know how things could change in an instant. It never hurts to say thank you. Karthik Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Unconventional isn't necessarily innovation. AdamHeard Karthik
Go to Post Physics is not a religion. Jack Jones Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Common sense goes a long way. Akash Rastogi Karthik
Go to Post It takes a village to raise a robotics student... Bob Steele Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post It would be interesting to be able to take robots from multiple years and invent new games they can play together (Calvin Ball). Mark McLeod Jamie Kalb
Go to Post Look at the problem and find the simplest solution. Don't look at a solution and try to find a problem to solve with it. apalrd billbo911
Go to Post The events are not just a competition, but a celebration of 6 weeks of hard work. ChristinaR Collin Fultz
Go to Post If you want to have other teams cheer for you all day long at competition, name your team "Robot Coming Through". Gary Dillard kjolana1124
Go to Post (Respecting a decision) != (Agreeing with it) dtengineering Collin Fultz
Go to Post I'm basically only posting this so that future Shaker Robotics kids will see it and tell themselves "never again"... Chris is me kjolana1124
Go to Post Continuous improvement turns good to great. Continuous tinkering can lead to inconsistent behavior and headaches. IKE Ken Streeter
Go to Post changing some 0 to 1s was a lot lighter and cheaper than most of the clutches I found. IKE apalrd
Go to Post Anyone else think we're (including me) a little obsessed? The seasons over and were already onto the next one. Bjenks548 kjolana1124
Go to Post If I was a balding man, and Dean Kamen signed MY head, I'd immediately make my way to the nearest tattoo parlor and have them make it a permanent fixture. I wouldn't have washed it off! Just saying. Carolyn_Grace kjolana1124
Go to Post I believe the only cure... is more cowbell? :D The Megan 2207 kjolana1124
Go to Post But their robot puts its wheels on one at a time just like ours, so we can be a HOF winner too! Foster DonRotolo
Go to Post Admitted to MIT '14. FIRST is good stuff. sparrowkc Jamie Kalb
Go to Post And the rest of the team helped them, encouraged them, and made a big deal about how awesome it was that we were competing for the Chairman's Award. Carolyn_Grace JaneYoung
Go to Post Dean's never ending fountain of denim. kjolana1124 DonRotolo
Go to Post Do I think the bar is too high? I think impossible dreams and lofty goals are a key part of FIRST; the "top" being extremely far away only pushes people farther. Chris is me Jamie Kalb
Go to Post So the bar is set insanely high. Probably unachievably high for some of us. But what a shame it would be to lower it. pfreivald Taylor
Go to Post Off season? More like on season, our season is always on. joeweber kjolana1124
Go to Post Congratulations to team 341, your work is nothing short of what I want to do when I grow up. kjolana1124 Vikesrock
Go to Post Kids don't just decide they want to build robots then build the next Einstein champion the next year. kjolana1124 Katie_UPS
Go to Post There can be a fine line between intimidation and inspiration when it come to the elite in FIRST. Those teams who have committed to setting the bar for excellence in ways that change the culture, help to draw that line and deepen it. JaneYoung kjolana1124
Go to Post this thread made crave bacon so badly that I am now, as I write this, cooking 2 pounds of it. :o gvarndell Barry Bonzack
Go to Post It's not about a team having lots of money to spend to travel the world to share FIRST but how the team draws the world into their FIRST experience. Steve W Travis Hoffman
Go to Post Even our greatest idols make mistakes. The good ones, move on and continue to do great things. Al Skierkiewicz Akash Rastogi
Go to Post During the day on Thursday, I had to change costumes a few times, being "Andy the inspector", to "Andy the green power ranger drive coach", to "Andy the President of AndyMark, meeting with companies". I am sure some people in the guys' bathroom were wondering what I was up to. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post There's nothing like getting your butt kicked by the best! :D Jared Russell Chris is me
Go to Post We have tried doing the cha-cha slide on the airplane, but that went away very quickly - it seems that the pilots don't like all the movement in the plane. Carol Ian Curtis
Go to Post A coin flip is a wonderful thing. Not because it makes the decision for you, but because when the coin is in the air, you realize what you really want. ATannahill Akash Rastogi
Go to Post I don't know how you can blame a robot getting stuck in the goal on the GDC. The field drawings showed all of the dimensions of the goals. If a team doesn't want to risk getting stuck then they need to plan around it. JamesBrown Billfred
Go to Post Manual labor experience with engineering training is a powerful combination. N7UJJ JaneYoung

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