Go to Post "The lowly snowflake is very fragile, but look at what they can do when they stick together" - Wayne Doenges [more]
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Go to Post You can never have enough figurative language. Travis Hoffman petek
Go to Post The Bus includes Free Wifi and 120v Power (the bare essentials for any robotics team member) Clinton Bolinger Zach O
Go to Post if we aren't here for some wisdom...what are we here for? Molten Taylor
Go to Post Arguing or defending is not how to accept feedback. Someone who shares their opinion cannot be wrong - their opinion is their opinion. DonRotolo Karibou
Go to Post knowing 'my breath stinks' has helped me far more than any thanks and praise I've ever received.. DonRotolo rsisk
Go to Post Do not interrupt, do not defend yourself - just listen. After they are done, be sure to thank them for their honest feedback, and close the books. Arguing or defending is not how to accept feedback. DonRotolo Molten
Go to Post I believe that "going home a winner" is more a matter of perception than anything else. JesseK Billfred
Go to Post The horse is dead; stop beating it please. DonRotolo Mr. Pockets
Go to Post Instead of dreading the potential alliance think of ways to impress them so they want you to be part of it! Koko Ed Alex Dinsmoor
Go to Post I didn't know that Dean Kamen had 3 arms. kevin.li.rit NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post Code doesn't break. It reacts exactly the same time every time. When something new happens that never happened before, it's because the mechanicals, electricals or drivers gave the code some new stimulus that wasn't tested before. GaryVoshol Matt Krass
Go to Post Remember. There is no controls team, no mechanical team, and no business team without The Team. Tom Line billbo911
Go to Post Who would have thought a triangular robot would fit into a triangular goal :rolleyes: Wayne Doenges JohnBoucher
Go to Post Michigan teams will eat your souls. You have been warned. MishraArtificer Alex Dinsmoor
Go to Post Yes ONE blue banner would be nice one of these days, but I've never lost focus of why we as mentors do what we do. It's about preparing the students for "defense" in life, and laugh when your robot gets scored into a goal. Chris_Elston Billfred
Go to Post You have the rest of your life to play video games. Time at an FRC tournament is precious. Use it wisely. gblake rsisk
Go to Post There's the problem!! The #1 reason to blame the programmers: They always forget to grease their code. :rolleyes: Jack Jones JBotAlan
Go to Post Let the team grow, let them fail, let them learn and always be ready to lend a helping hand. I think that's the best way to help rookie teams. Justin Montois kjolana1124
Go to Post The trick is to train the rest of the team to blame electrical instead. Al3+ Rick TYler
Go to Post Give yourself the best chance to win at the event you're at by picking the best possible alliance partners available - always. Rich Kressly Joe J.
Go to Post Why silence the rude ones and naysayers when you could have the students learn to deal with them? JackG EricH
Go to Post We want to win, but we would prefer to do so with a great partner team, not just a great partner robot. Zach Purser Siri
Go to Post I'll try to sum up the icon and compile thing quickly so as not to interrupt the design of SkyNet. Greg McKaskle EricVanWyk
Go to Post My team heard another team describe the Championships as "10,000 kids jamming the Georgia Dome for 3 days…more nerds per square foot than a Star Trek convention…and more purposefully employed " Is this true?, Because I don't think there could possibly be a more wonderful place on earth Emily3204 RyanCahoon
Go to Post Maybe it'll be a bumperless year!!! Nah...FIRST likes those things too much... Fireworks 234 Thing2_1723
Go to Post Lose lips sink... robots? (during a water game at least) Zach O Alex Dinsmoor
Go to Post "Trying to teach a nerd to be sensitive to girls is like trying to teach a dog Jamacian, and expect it to talk back" Hansen302 Wildcat
Go to Post Oh the wonders that happen in Michigan competitions... ;) delsaner Hallry
Go to Post I wouldn't mind dropping a banana peal or throwing a red turtle shell at other robots, but that's the rules! SpaceOsc Mr. Pockets
Go to Post A stack of hearing aid batteries can also read 13v, but they won't run a robot. Alan Anderson Jimmy Cao
Go to Post Right, play to win. Play to win the event or play to win one match? This year, unfortunately, they are not the same thing. Paul Copioli Alex Dinsmoor
Go to Post That little 18 amp-hour battery has a really hard life in a FIRST robot. eugenebrooks Richard Wallace
Go to Post Sometimes an aggravating season is the most educational. Al Skierkiewicz Jimmy Cao
Go to Post "FIRST is not about getting as little help as possible - In fact, it's the opposite- the goal is have to make you feel obligated to thank as many people as possible for helping you in ways that you didn't really think you needed or even considered that you could use help." boomergeek Mr. Pockets
Go to Post The teams that know how to build good robots are the same teams that know how to build good teams, and they engage the students every step of the way. Chris is me Siri
Go to Post RTM does not stop after competition. ATannahill EricH
Go to Post The greatest reward you can give your mentors is to become one. Ed Sparks Andy Baker
Go to Post I don't think that FIRST is going to get better with a top down solution alone, it is going to take a grass roots effort to strengthen teams. That starts by teams getting off their "islands", self imposed or otherwise. Fe_Will Travis Hoffman
Go to Post Congratulations! You have been successful! You got what you wished for! Now get to work. gblake dlavery
Go to Post FRC competitions are fun, people. If you honestly need a video game system to keep you interested, you're ignoring a tremendous experience. Mr. Pockets Karibou
Go to Post Being a mentor doesn't have an age requirement. As long as you are positively influencing someone you could be called a mentor and a role model. EricLeifermann jmanela
Go to Post Playing fields outdoors in the snow and the only field faults were when you ran out of gas!...ahh the old days ExTexan Radical Pi
Go to Post If FIRST is going to succeed in its goals, then we need to help it. jcatt Ken Patton
Go to Post We might not be as good as 217, or the other traditional "powerhouse" teams... but we are better because of them. Jason dtengineering PaW
Go to Post Don't get mad, learn, and get even. Eric O Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Being good people is as important as being the winners of some robotics competition! ExTexan Karibou
Go to Post Improve yourself. Try not to tear others down. Tom Line Akash Rastogi
Go to Post You earn what you work for. Akash Rastogi Billfred
Go to Post A team does not achieve "Powerhouse" status by dominating every once in a while... they achieve that status by consistently dominating every year. Jon Jack dlavery
Go to Post To the people in purple - I am so proud of what you have accomplished as individuals and as a team! Ken Patton JaneYoung

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