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Go to Post Wins = Attention Attention = Sponsors Sponsors = Money Money= being able to do more. a vicious cycle...but it is what it is Protronie Morgan Gillespie
Go to Post I've got much more out of FIRST ever since I stopped and realized I can gain so much more from trying to improve my current team's situation rather than complain about teams who have more. AdamHeard Bongle
Go to Post We need to all remember we are no better than our fellow man, no matter what job we all hold, what socio-economic status that's involved, or anything. Plain and simple, we're all fellow travelers on this pale blue dot called Earth. trobots.com Cory
Go to Post I firmly believe that it's within your power to aspire instead of lament. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post FIRST isn't for wimps. It never has been. JaneYoung Jack Murphy
Go to Post When the going gets tough, the smart keep their GP. Libby K Mike M.
Go to Post Our behavior both good and bad is contagious. Set a good example, behave in a mature, reasoned, professional manner and we will find that others around us will too. dlavery Steve W
Go to Post FIRST is the only high-school sport where everyone can become a pro David Brinza Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post FIRST's awesomeness cannot be described in numbers. Shinglei whlspacedude
Go to Post Who knew a single variable could be so deadly? 3DWolf Qbranch
Go to Post You don't have to beat stronger teams to get better... to get better is to be forced to push the envelope against stronger teams. Shankar M Mr. Lim
Go to Post Embrace the challenge, dont shoot it down. waialua359 Billfred
Go to Post If there are no top tier teams, then who do we look up to for inspiration? artdutra04 Amanda Morrison
Go to Post "Well-resourced" teams with "deep pockets" don't just spring up, they are usually the result of a lot of hard work. artdutra04 Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Also, the judges don't give out awards for money. They give out awards for hard work and effort. BigJ Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Life? What's a life? I mean, outside of [I]FIRST[/I], that is. Blue_Mist Karibou
Go to Post I'm not suffering from my FIRST "addiction". I enjoy every minute of it. Katie_UPS Karibou
Go to Post :D NASCAR is way harder than we thought. SL8 Protronie
Go to Post I'm not overdosed, I'm not even addicted. I just choose to never, ever, ever leave FIRST. SL8 Samuel H.
Go to Post Don't like the predictions? Go out there and prove me wrong! Looking Forward Billfred
Go to Post 27 ft/s? They must really "Rush" around the field Michael Corsetto Blue_Mist
Go to Post And now I'll just take a moment and say that you've all gone completely insane. That is all. galewind lukevanoort
Go to Post I know I exaggerated a bit, but NASA put a man on the moon with less processing than some FRC bots. Think about that for a minute. JesseK Gregor
Go to Post Life has its Ups and Downs, you can stay down or push yourself. Mike Schroeder Herodotus
Go to Post Well, I know that I could crash the robot into a large object with even greater precision... but if you mean what could the kids do with it... yeah, they'd probably accomplish something creative and useful! dtengineering joshsmithers
Go to Post FIRST isn't about money or robots... it is about people. Take care of that and the rest will follow. dtengineering Joohoo
Go to Post As an adult who has spent years working with youth in Boy Scouts and FIRST, and on behalf of all other adults at the event: deodorant. Rick TYler Protronie
Go to Post I blame FIRST for everything good that has happened to me. Herodotus Arefin Bari
Go to Post "Only YOU can prevent G22 infractions." Qbranch synth3tk
Go to Post Such is life in the fast-paced, laugh-in-the-face-of-adversity, never-let-them-see-you-sweat, sometimes-you're-the-windshield-sometimes-you're-the-bug world of FIRST Robotics! Sean Schuff Blue_Mist
Go to Post I love FIRST... jess523s Blue_Mist
Go to Post At championship, as we do at every regional, we'll be counting every point scored (or lost) by each robot. Nothing beats numbers. Derek Bessette Billfred
Go to Post It's not GP, its not un-GP, its just a strategy. AndyB dlavery
Go to Post Silly, Silly, don't you realize there are no borders in FIRST:) HW wendymom
Go to Post It is a little known fact that Team 1114 is actually "General Motors Canada and Hogwarts Academy" The whole Niagara FIRST thing is just a cover to keep the magic arts concealed from us muggles. dtengineering JackN
Go to Post They're pigs, Barry, pigs. And they can fly... JaneYoung petek
Go to Post I <3 statistics. Barry Bonzack lukevanoort
Go to Post There are 1,450 schools in my district. Needless to say not all of them have teams..yet. Scott Carpman Billfred
Go to Post ...your stress reliever is a ziptie with the end cut off so you can pull it straight through. It really works! Storcky Blue_Mist
Go to Post FIRST itself is simply a mechanism, not the real goal. msd SL8
Go to Post Drive yourself, ride Amtrak or Greyhound bus, or bend space-time to the point of singularity and you'll just poof into existence in Atlanta. artdutra04 Qbranch
Go to Post ...playing hard and impressing teams is way more valuable than trying to play god with the rankings. JamesBrown Alan Anderson
Go to Post I think we all should strive to be better than what is expected of us. :) Madison
Go to Post Engineers talk with math first, and grammar second. It is a fact of life. Molten lasereyes
Go to Post Yes, I try to win matches, but you don't want to disrespect opponents......just get on their nerves an awful lot! :D Josh Goodman Billfred
Go to Post Things that get said on the field should stay on the field. Bongle Rick TYler
Go to Post you should be putting forth you best effort every time you enter the field. Protronie lukevanoort
Go to Post Strategy is rarely static, and how you design your robot isn't always the best way to win the game. Bill Moore Shadow503
Go to Post Engineering is a balance between best performance, best cost, and best use of time. GeorgeTheEng Billfred
Go to Post Never quit, never give up, never say die! Cascade Blue_Mist

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