Go to Post The difference between a Tinkerer and an Engineer is that the Engineer will be able to tell you the results before you start. - DonRotolo [more]
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Go to Post If you can't be bothered to read the Q&A, why are you spending thousands of dollars competing? Ian Curtis dlavery
Go to Post I feel like we should get karma points for "Inspiration via Q&A". JVN JaneYoung
Go to Post Hurricane season would be torture, at least in snow you can lock the doors and know the robot is safe. ATannahill Enigma's puzzle
Go to Post Lexan $20.... Stock Aluminum $30.... Having a OI that is heavier than the robot PRICELESS.... GBIT vhcook
Go to Post If you're in Israel, it might be a long flight to the nearest Walmart MrForbes Beth Sweet
Go to Post *sigh* Anything else we can do to get this thing to work? domoarigato jshkish
Go to Post If you're destroying game pieces left and right, you're doin' it wrong. Ian Curtis jgannon
Go to Post The difference between a Tinkerer and an Engineer is that the Engineer will be able to tell you the results before you start. DonRotolo JVN
Go to Post but eventually it seems that we realize that there's an I in FIRST, and the I stands for Inspiration, not for "me" MrForbes TheOtherGuy
Go to Post "And we will transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a new age. All this we can do. And all this we will do." OScubed synth3tk
Go to Post We're basically using a two step process: 1. Smoke 2. Mirrors Tom Bottiglieri Anna B.
Go to Post Tinkerer + math = engineer MikeE Brian C
Go to Post Trust your data! eugenebrooks Richard Wallace
Go to Post You definitely know you've overdosed on first when you wash the aluminum shavings off your hands AFTER you eat dinner. Maxpower57 jwallace15
Go to Post Overall... the secret is PROTOTYPING! Design is an iterative process. Do some basic design in your head. Build it. Test it. Improve it. Repeat until satisfied. JVN sanddrag
Go to Post Driving without the trailer was quite fun, but driving with the trailer was just painful. Paul Copioli JaneYoung
Go to Post Well, there goes my strategy of blowing out the opponent and then committing flagrant safety and sportsmanship violations to keep the margin close :D Jared Russell Alan Anderson
Go to Post if you do make a marshmallow robot, that would be pretty sweet. smurfgirl Elgin Clock
Go to Post However, the best responses come with patience. It might be a couple of days before you get a good answer or it could be 10 minutes. Molten NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post We are just helping to keep Home Depot from going Bankrupt :D . E. Wood Anna B.
Go to Post I'd say it is somewhat addicting. But I think that is a good thing. It proves that knowledge can be addicting. How cool is that? Now, if we could just get everyone addicted to knowledge, just think of what we can accomplish.:D Molten Kyle
Go to Post Please excuse his spelling/grammar, he's an engineering student. MrForbes Billfred
Go to Post Don't just assume that because you can modify an existing design that you are an engineer. Daniel_LaFleur dlavery
Go to Post its kind of a bad idea to implement traction control when you have no traction in the first place. Uberbots sanddrag
Go to Post ...the great teams in FRC will probably continue to be great teams. That is because they have great people who embrace the challenge rather than whine about it. dtengineering Karthik
Go to Post ...And thank goodness there are powerhouse teams out there... they set a great example and inspire the rest of us to greater heights. dtengineering Karthik
Go to Post Just think outside the box but inside the 28" X 38" X 60" rectangular prism and you may come up with a solution. Pavan Dave Taylor
Go to Post While you look at it as punishment, I look at it as a challenge. Daniel_LaFleur dlavery
Go to Post Holy Orbit ball Batman!!!!!!!!!!:yikes: yodameister Anna B.
Go to Post I think rovers on Mars are way cool but you won't get a crowd of enthusiastic participants cheering as they trudge 150 meters a day. Andrew Schuetze jgannon
Go to Post Last I checked the Mars Rovers don't play any defense either and that's pretty cool stuff. Rich Kressly jgannon
Go to Post Not all creativity is visible or mechanical! dtengineering Kristian Calhoun
Go to Post Crushing the box makes it much easier to think outside the box. :D Matt C Jaine Perotti
Go to Post My fondest memory was asking questions about Spirit and Opportunity to a NASA scientist while dressed up in a lion suit. Adam Y. Zach Purser
Go to Post This could be interesting...rednecks of FIRST unite for duct tape amos229 Koko Ed
Go to Post They just kind of sit there chilling, like "Hey I'm a trailer, where's my robot?" artdutra04 Kimmeh
Go to Post Please try to apply GP to situations where it makes some sense, as otherwise you're just diluting the meaning. Kevin Sevcik jgannon
Go to Post Crazy is relative dtengineering Beth Sweet
Go to Post These people however realize WHEN to screw around and have fun, and when to be serious and have fun. Enigma's puzzle Jack Murphy
Go to Post Wait, I thought 2009 started on January 3rd... ComradeNikolai Michelle Celio
Go to Post Who said you'll WANT to avoid other robots in auto mode this year?:yikes: (Look at, say, 2006, 2007, 2004, 2003...) EricH Blue_Mist
Go to Post It's hilarious to watch this conversation about a box which probably has a 95% chance of being robot batteries turn into all kinds of bowling ball conspiracies. artdutra04 Anna B.
Go to Post If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck could be a very clever animatronics display created by Disney Imagineers.... Sometimes it is just a duck. IKE RoboDesigners
Go to Post If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck could be a very clever animatronics display created by Disney Imagineers.... Sometimes it is just a duck. IKE vigkvagkv2
Go to Post Because the new control system weights as much as a fully-loaded M1 Abrams Tank. artdutra04 FIRST Rocks
Go to Post I'm somewhat fond of saying, if your robot dosen't weigh 119.99 pounds, you forgot something. Francis-134 The Megan 2207
Go to Post GP is a measurement that can only apply to yourself. To apply it to another is unfair to that person/group. Andrew Schreiber Akash Rastogi
Go to Post The first was a fish, all silver and spotted. “An opah?” I asked. “Yes,” my friend nodded. I knew not what it meant as I sat there and stared, But I appreciated the thoughts that the posters had shared. Robotics692 samir13k
Go to Post The toughest regional is always the one you are competing in! AcesPease Rick TYler
Go to Post There are zillions more volunteers than paid staff. We are FIRST. Rick TYler Kyle

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