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Go to Post The function of that part is to keep one student occupied playing with it during the entire build season. It doesn't have to be the same student all the time, they can take turns. MrForbes Molten
Go to Post Not even close to ready...can we delay it till like...January 2010? Cory synth3tk
Go to Post Or Dave could be messing with your head. Daniel_LaFleur synth3tk
Go to Post Rule 1. Never take Dave's hint's seriously. Rule 2. Watergame. AndyB Libby K
Go to Post It's always better to figure out why a design actually works and the best ways to implement it than to just assume upgrading to a "better" material will make everything work. Cory Billfred
Go to Post Oh, for the days of 30-page rulebooks! EricH EricVanWyk
Go to Post If they need a place where they can get a chance to learn interpersonal skills (like a team), it might just help them to become well-adjusted adults, as opposed to pathologically antisocial engineers (who got good grades). Tristan Lall synth3tk
Go to Post I, for one, am perfect and therefore make no mistakes. (Unless you count all the times that I completely screw up) Molten kamocat
Go to Post The answer the last 3 years would be any regional that 1114 attends. Cory AustinSchuh
Go to Post So go out and start thinking outside of the KOP. ChrisH JaneYoung
Go to Post The Tekin's used to constantly suffer from spontaneous combustion, it was extremely frustrating how often they would go. Kingofl337 Samuel H.
Go to Post We try to limit ourselves only by physics. As the first person on the planet to communicate over a quantum encrypted AOL instant messenger session, I try to ignore those limits as well. EricVanWyk Billfred
Go to Post The fact that it is easy doesn't mean that it is smart. JVN dlavery
Go to Post Remember to ALWAYS use physics in engineering discussions. There is really no room for "feelings" in this sort of thing. JVN Herodotus
Go to Post I've come to the conclusion that the only way Pat's awesomeness can be explained is.... Pat Fairbank is a cookie. Jonathan Norris kramarczyk
Go to Post All tools are powered by magic angry noise. artdutra04 JYang
Go to Post Indeed, the more ways you fail, the more ways you know something doesn't work.:) Steven Sigley JYang
Go to Post Learning by failure is quite common. Gdeaver s_forbes
Go to Post My crotchety old person opinion is that it should be illegal to try to win the award. Do things because you like doing them or because it helps others. Don't do things to win awards. Madison Travis Hoffman
Go to Post I thought of this at least a couple of years ago, but I didn't post because I didn't want to give Dave any fiendish ideas. He has enough without our help. ChrisH Karibou
Go to Post BTW - using any Lavery clue to figure anything out could be equally impossible. Raul EricH
Go to Post I'd like to welcome all the rookie teams to FIRST. Hang on tight! It is a wild, crazy and fun ride that will impact your lives for decades to come. Sayrah Michelle Celio
Go to Post (Just remember to pack extra warm--when they say the state motto is Live, Freeze, or Die, they're not joking.) Billfred EricVanWyk
Go to Post We'll defintely be working on both the balancing 2 wheel robot, the 6 legged robot, and the wood chassis 8 wheel drive robot ideas this fall. MrForbes synth3tk
Go to Post Don't let what you think you can do get in the way of what you can do. Daniel_LaFleur JaneYoung
Go to Post Only on CD would people debate calculus problems involving time and team numbers... artdutra04 Michelle Celio
Go to Post Geekier than me? That's a goal you can shoot for. You might make it, too -- in twenty years or so. :cool: Richard Wallace Qbranch
Go to Post Isn't that sort of like asking "is that an African or European swallow?" dlavery synth3tk
Go to Post WAIT WAIT, I GOT IT!!!! What if.... it's just a picture of a fish. Libby K synth3tk
Go to Post We don't have to reinvent the wheel every year. (We have AndyMark to do that for us.) GaryVoshol Anna B.
Go to Post Only two letters and one punctuation mark can describe my feelings about this... NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :( Qbranch EricVanWyk
Go to Post Blowing out the transmission on your mini-van while hauling a trailer 700 miles from home is not fun. Trust me on this. dlavery Jherbie53
Go to Post Why not go the safer route? Use the robots to play Magic the Gathering. kamocat synth3tk
Go to Post When FIRST teams are as numerous and as well supported as basketball teams, we will know that our culture is preparing young people to compete in the 21 st century and we are spending our 2 million minutes wisely. N7UJJ MrForbes
Go to Post It's a good things we're engineers who regularly squeeze out 'miracles' with a severely limited budget, eh? I think that's an important aspect that we as mentors need to show the students from time to time, and this year is a perfect opportunity. JesseK EricH
Go to Post A very important thing that I learned is how to think, not what to think. Anna B. JaneYoung
Go to Post Some of your terminology is also a little confusing. Nothing that some massaging can't fix. JVN joshsmithers
Go to Post One wouldn't want to keep the red herring in hand, that gets kind of stinky. GaryVoshol Anna B.
Go to Post It is a wise tutor/mentor who knows when to ask for help. JaneYoung Taylor
Go to Post I hope that all of our new members are as helpful as the one above. We will be in for an amazing season if that is the case. Greg Needel AustinSchuh
Go to Post maybe I'm just easily amused. JVN Billfred
Go to Post If I had a mul-let then I'd look like Andy Baker used to and that would be ba-ad, really ba-ad. JaneYoung Joe G.
Go to Post Both might accomplish the same "function" or "results" (perhaps a lift of some kind), but there are clear differences in simplicity, in cost, in maintainability, extensibility, and several other "ilities" -- which are a staple of engineering evaluation criteria. msd Herodotus
Go to Post Holy Underwriters Laboratories Industrial Safety Awards Batman! AndyB Qbranch
Go to Post Since the dawn of man, martial artists have sought to master fighting styles that seamlessly blend the attributes of strength, power, quickness, grace, and speed. You've heard them all. The Tiger. The Crane. The Mantis. Now witness.......The Nerd. Travis Hoffman Akash Rastogi
Go to Post My nagging fear is that I'm a programming dinosaur, stuck in a procedural tar pit and doomed to extinction as the dataflow mammals take over. Alan Anderson AustinSchuh
Go to Post Different approaches to the same problem. Isn't it better to focus on understanding both than to be dogmatic about it? Greg McKaskle ChrisH
Go to Post PS: Please use the default font for postings, it is so much easier to read. DonRotolo rtfgnow
Go to Post The bottom line is, what works best for YOUR team is what the best solution is. EricH Michelle Celio
Go to Post They were designed that way so they would be compatible with the water-based ga.... oops, sorry, we aren't supposed to say anything about that. Never mind. dlavery whytheheckme

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