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Go to Post "But from a real life standpoint, that looks like something the evil villains in a superhero movie would use to get around in" Reading the phrases "real life" and "evil villains in a superhero movie" in the same sentence makes me giggle. Alan Anderson hallk
Go to Post Im very proud of my kids, and my whole team, the passion and emotion here is what FIRST is all about :) Kims Robot BandChick
Go to Post Don't fight success. Al Skierkiewicz dlavery
Go to Post You won't find anything in school that says you have to share ideas or strategy with your football rivals. Al Skierkiewicz Molten
Go to Post Its always good to read the rules yourself rather than listen to "word of mouth" rules. Killraine EricH
Go to Post heh...do the math! MrForbes Billfred
Go to Post I don't care what the team numbers said, on Friday there were no rookies there. Taylor Alan Anderson
Go to Post Then you might have a 1902 (oink oink BOOM) which could result in a 418 (Purple Haze). JaneYoung Karibou
Go to Post When you score a Supercell on your own alliance it has a tendency to sway a match... EricLeifermann Qbranch
Go to Post If you spend the money on a new stadium, you might make a profit. If you spend the money on upgrading school lab facilities, you might inspire someone to make a vaccine for HIV. nathanww Katie_UPS
Go to Post "In theory it will work" Fuller Cody Michl 2811
Go to Post Seating is limited. Be sure to apply deodorant and brush your teeth. Wayne TenBrink Alex Golec
Go to Post If you're in the Chairman's Award just to win the Chairman's Award, you're doing it for all the wrong reasons. The award is there as a goal to strive for, but it shouldn't be the reason why you conduct yourself and reach out to your community and beyond the way you do. Lil' Lavery Katie_UPS
Go to Post Surprise! There is no ideal alliance. As soon as you think you have a winning strategy, someone WILL figure out how to beat it. Tom Bottiglieri hipsterjr
Go to Post I trust my life to a 3650 pound rolling chunk of metal every day that, if some silicon failed in just the right (wrong?) way, would splat me pretty quickly, but I have faith in engineering. On the other hand, it doesn't turn me upside down. DonRotolo Herodotus
Go to Post Count up all the white space in your code sometime and calculate how much weight it adds. ChuckDickerson Blue_Mist
Go to Post Robotics is really preparing us for jobs at NASA. Look. We're past deadline, overweight, overbudget, and our project doesn't even work! Oblarg nathanww
Go to Post To put it simply, its clearly become this. The teams that can score a lot, do well. Rather shocking, isn't it? It doesn't matter if you're a shooter, dumper, power dumper, gravity dumper, spitter, flinger, dunker, shumper, barfer, dropper, or whatchamacallit. Points are points. Looking Forward Billfred
Go to Post That's one of the saddest stories I've ever heard. When your green isn't neon enough, you are in big trouble in FIRST. JaneYoung GaryVoshol
Go to Post in other words, "always have something to do that will change up your life" Nawaid Ladak NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post We have a little saying on our team. "Don't worry, we'll fix it in software." klrswift Jimmy Cao
Go to Post This reminds me of a sports bar where there's a bunch of games on different TV's. Only this is better because it's FIRST. :D JackG Diriye
Go to Post Many people read ChiefDelphi, not just members of FRC teams. JaneYoung Michelle Celio
Go to Post The strength of an alliance is not defined strictly by the sum of its parts. Jared Russell billbo911
Go to Post the programmers are -- um, well, doing what programmers do: drinking more Mt Dew. Roger lukevanoort
Go to Post Maybe we'll see some awesome Game change like.... CARPET! thefro526 Michelle Celio
Go to Post The GDC has spoken, we have listened and will follow their ruling. ChuckDickerson Molten
Go to Post Thank you from the bottom of our IFI controllers, The Robonauts. Natchez Qbranch
Go to Post Thou shalt becometh pinned in eliminations. JesseK Jimmy Cao
Go to Post You know you have bad field problems if both Dean and Woodie come out to try to fix them... :) tim_reiher Anna B.
Go to Post I think this is as close as we'll come to getting that water game we've been waiting for. Jeff Rodriguez KathieK
Go to Post You can learn just as much from building a small robot as you can from a large bot because all of the key concepts are the same. Greg Needel Rick TYler
Go to Post Adding an ounce or two of shields is way easier than filling out the mountains of paperwork for that one impatient person to stick their arm into the robot reaching for who knows what only to have their fingers meet up close and personal with a gearbox. artdutra04 Billfred
Go to Post Angry Teams will not get the field going any quicker trust me on that! mtaman02 petek
Go to Post Everyone better enjoy the broadcast, Dave had to cancel a shuttle launch to make it happen :D The Lucas Michelle Celio
Go to Post If we miss in autonomous, the team blames the programmer, If we miss in teleop, the team blames the drivers Jared Russell Jessica Boucher
Go to Post A thread already exists (and boy, does it exist!) on the topic: Billfred IndySam
Go to Post I firmly believe that - those [GDC] committee members I have met, even briefly, certainly have a passion for what they are doing and want to give teams and students the best possible experiences. GaryVoshol BandChick
Go to Post Last I looked, FIRST wasn't an acronym for inspiration and recognition of robots. It was and is an acronym for inspiration and recognition of science and technology. JaneYoung NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post If you aren't sure, Q&A. Now. EricH Michelle Celio
Go to Post I still say animation is the illegitimate child of the FIRST family locked away in the attic and never spoken about. Koko Ed cbale2000
Go to Post Seriously! I expect to follow what I understand to be the intent of (allow teams more time to work with their control systems) and just look out for anyone trying to bring in greater than half a robot. Or a kitchen sink. petek Billfred
Go to Post At the Chesapeake Regional, we will be weighing any team that brings in a kitchen sink (or other major appliances) or an extra robot... RoboMom Blue_Mist
Go to Post Safety is everyone's job. Wetzel JaneYoung
Go to Post The robot is never 'done' there is always something that can be done to improve it. Jonathan Norris Karthik
Go to Post When teams work together to design things rather than going it alone, you can really come up with magnificent machines. JesseK Rick TYler
Go to Post Would all you teams please stop! My chin will be bruised for weeks from dropping on the floor so much. GaryVoshol Billfred
Go to Post [*]"Dewtoxification" is a real plague among teenagers. JesseK wendymom
Go to Post The thing about working hard, is you can always work harder. The thing about being great is you can always be greater. JVN NickE
Go to Post you don't need a fancy workshop to build a good robot, just determined people. pacoliketaco EricH

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