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Go to Post Both might accomplish the same "function" or "results" (perhaps a lift of some kind), but there are clear differences in simplicity, in cost, in maintainability, extensibility, and several other "ilities" -- which are a staple of engineering evaluation criteria. msd Herodotus
Go to Post Holy Underwriters Laboratories Industrial Safety Awards Batman! AndyB Qbranch
Go to Post Since the dawn of man, martial artists have sought to master fighting styles that seamlessly blend the attributes of strength, power, quickness, grace, and speed. You've heard them all. The Tiger. The Crane. The Mantis. Now witness.......The Nerd. Travis Hoffman Akash Rastogi
Go to Post My nagging fear is that I'm a programming dinosaur, stuck in a procedural tar pit and doomed to extinction as the dataflow mammals take over. Alan Anderson AustinSchuh
Go to Post Different approaches to the same problem. Isn't it better to focus on understanding both than to be dogmatic about it? Greg McKaskle ChrisH
Go to Post PS: Please use the default font for postings, it is so much easier to read. DonRotolo rtfgnow
Go to Post The bottom line is, what works best for YOUR team is what the best solution is. EricH Michelle Celio
Go to Post They were designed that way so they would be compatible with the water-based ga.... oops, sorry, we aren't supposed to say anything about that. Never mind. dlavery whytheheckme
Go to Post Too bad MI isn't allowed to participate in FTC Cory dlavery
Go to Post Ancient doesn't necessarily mean bad, but ancient things do fall out of use, otherwise I'd be tapping this out in morse code or writing it in Latin. Greg McKaskle AdamHeard
Go to Post Engineering literature? Is that like jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, or legal brief? You know, an oxymoron? Richard Wallace rtfgnow
Go to Post We can't quite define FIRST according to past standards and traditions, because it is shaping the future and does not conform to today's model of sports. JaneYoung Alan Anderson
Go to Post Your cat-bell skills are most impressive. Andy Baker Michelle Celio
Go to Post Whoooo, just got my wheels from AM! Sometimes it's cool to live in Indiana. IndySam joshsmithers
Go to Post Basically, just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should and being savvy enough doesn't entitle you to being above the law. Greg Needel Billfred
Go to Post Sounds more like competition for Kentucky Fried Chicken - "I'll have the 3-piece dinner, a Winglet and two thighs..." Dick Linn Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Wow, I am beginning to feel like a member of the fabled "vast right-wing conspiracy" :) Jim Zondag Tristan Lall
Go to Post ... if there is no standard against which you determine success, then you can never fail. dlavery Steve W
Go to Post My advice is anytime your intuition tells you something, double check it with physics. tennispro9911 Billfred
Go to Post "Yes, I'd like to Super Size my speed controller combo and add a jumbo distribution block, please." "You want fries with that?" Travis Hoffman Karibou
Go to Post Is it weird we think speed controllers are sexy? vivek16 joshsmithers
Go to Post If all else fails - bring cookies in the shape of FIRST shapes. Cookies are always good. Eugenia Gabrielov Alex Cormier
Go to Post FIRST inspired me to become a pain in the patootie or something. :) Madison dlavery
Go to Post Maybe we can start a FIRST team on Mars. Karibou Arefin Bari
Go to Post I guess my point is, let's see how it plays out before we condemn it to failure. Chris Hibner AndyB
Go to Post At IRI you have 72 of the best teams in the country. It could literally be held in a cornfield in the middle of Indiana and nobody would care, because the competition is simply that good. Cory Herodotus
Go to Post ...your mentors are your friends. If you're not sure of something, they probably know the answer to it, and if they don't, they will point you to someone who does. Karibou kramarczyk
Go to Post Kit wheel? Someone probably has them. N-tooth IFI sprocket? You might get lucky. Part Made By A Local Company When You're Competing 800 Miles Away? Bring three. Billfred joshsmithers
Go to Post FIRST was the best thing that accidentally happened to me. Stephen Kowski Elgin Clock
Go to Post You can't expect a situation to get better if you don't make an attempt to confront it. AndyB Travis Hoffman
Go to Post but yea. people have this perception of robots as like, the terminator. you don't have to be a super genius to do this stuff. christina_omg Elgin Clock
Go to Post A dedicated team is a happy team. sgreco dlavery
Go to Post It is not brains but desire that matters. Lancer Robotics Koko Ed
Go to Post Joining a FIRST team is the beginning of "smart," not the culmination. klrswift DonRotolo
Go to Post Its not how much knowledge you have, its how much you want to learn. tennispro9911 DonRotolo
Go to Post A lot of the time in FIRST it's not what you have when you enter the program, but what you gain from being in it. Elgin Clock Dan Petrovic
Go to Post You know you've been involved with robotics too long when you see a remote-controlled traffic barrel coming up behind people and honking - and it doens't faze you. GaryVoshol Qbranch
Go to Post Even worse, you could have a "Kiss the Paul" contest. I heard he squeals when you pick him up too. AndyB Herodotus
Go to Post Andy Baker doesn't go to IRI. IRI comes to Andy Baker. tim_reiher Akash Rastogi
Go to Post "We've got more money than brains." Travis Hoffman Dowjonesbotics
Go to Post "If I had a nickel for every time our robot actually worked, I'd have one whole nickel. It was fail. Epic fail." - lol, a team at the NYC FTC tourny Akash Rastogi Dowjonesbotics
Go to Post "If you can't hurdle, you can't win." "Remember to practice your obnoxious amateurism." . dlavery Dowjonesbotics
Go to Post Seriously I didn't think that "FIRST, it's the WWF for smart people" would ever catch on. Schnabel Dowjonesbotics
Go to Post Place a corner of it on the end of a table, clamp down the other side, and have a good whack at it with a hammer (hard). If it didn't break, it was polycarbonate. vivek16 AndyB
Go to Post Dean's "All Denim" (now referred to as "Deanim") look is apparently catching on. AndyB EricVanWyk
Go to Post ... we are really in FIRST to develop a love and appreciation for Math, Science, and Technology. This is our goal. Every team can do this effectively regardless of how well they do in competitions. tennispro9911 tjf
Go to Post Stop making me want to spend money on books! I don't need any more good influences in my life!!!! FourPenguins Karibou
Go to Post You know you're overdosed on FIRST when you see the thread titled "team 228 can and bottle drive" and think "what kind of crazy drivetrain is that?" Joe G. Katie_UPS
Go to Post It's not all about the offensive "powerhouses", strategy is key. smurfgirl dlavery
Go to Post Id have to say, that is probably one of the most creative floats i have ever seen. then again, this is coming from a guy who hasn't seen many floats (disregarding the 32-bit ones). Uberbots Billfred

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