Go to Post What should the lesson of FIRST be? Work within your resources to build the most effective machine that you can--and, at the same time, work to increase those resources. - Billfred [more]
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Go to Post Please try to apply GP to situations where it makes some sense, as otherwise you're just diluting the meaning. Kevin Sevcik jgannon
Go to Post Crazy is relative dtengineering Beth Sweet
Go to Post These people however realize WHEN to screw around and have fun, and when to be serious and have fun. Enigma's puzzle Jack Murphy
Go to Post Wait, I thought 2009 started on January 3rd... ComradeNikolai Michelle Celio
Go to Post Who said you'll WANT to avoid other robots in auto mode this year?:yikes: (Look at, say, 2006, 2007, 2004, 2003...) EricH Blue_Mist
Go to Post It's hilarious to watch this conversation about a box which probably has a 95% chance of being robot batteries turn into all kinds of bowling ball conspiracies. artdutra04 Anna B.
Go to Post If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck could be a very clever animatronics display created by Disney Imagineers.... Sometimes it is just a duck. IKE RoboDesigners
Go to Post If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck could be a very clever animatronics display created by Disney Imagineers.... Sometimes it is just a duck. IKE vigkvagkv2
Go to Post Because the new control system weights as much as a fully-loaded M1 Abrams Tank. artdutra04 FIRST Rocks
Go to Post I'm somewhat fond of saying, if your robot dosen't weigh 119.99 pounds, you forgot something. Francis-134 The Megan 2207
Go to Post GP is a measurement that can only apply to yourself. To apply it to another is unfair to that person/group. Andrew Schreiber Akash Rastogi
Go to Post The first was a fish, all silver and spotted. “An opah?” I asked. “Yes,” my friend nodded. I knew not what it meant as I sat there and stared, But I appreciated the thoughts that the posters had shared. Robotics692 samir13k
Go to Post The toughest regional is always the one you are competing in! AcesPease Rick TYler
Go to Post There are zillions more volunteers than paid staff. We are FIRST. Rick TYler Kyle
Go to Post FIRST... (is) just as human as we are. (except now in game hint season when they are big meanies) Tetraman Blue_Mist
Go to Post If you can't make them fit on the robot, then those features don't really add much value. Cory NickE
Go to Post Did our Jaguar swallow a chipmunk, or is something else going on? Tom Line Karibou
Go to Post All I can say is - we are such geeks! Raul dlavery
Go to Post what hint? Electricia 1599 Anna B.
Go to Post The great thing about liking someone in your robotics team is that they've already seen you at your worst, and you cant shock them with ANYTHING anymore :D SCROSSLEY-GCEC Cow Bell Solo
Go to Post It only takes micro-seconds to release the magic smoke and empty the teams' budget. Jim E NickE
Go to Post "I would love to change the world but no one will give me the source code" programmr jshkish
Go to Post The short answer is there is no shortcut. JDNovak DonRotolo
Go to Post Wisdom is knowing the difference between "the way to do things" and "the right way to do things." Just because an action may be physically possible does not mean that it is smart to do. dlavery billbo911
Go to Post Our robot name is currently "Subject to Change". JesseK Jessica Boucher
Go to Post FIRST is an organization where you leave lasting impressions on people you don't even know. rtfgnow DonRotolo
Go to Post Once again, the GDC is pure evil. (Dave, Aidan, and Bill get the "pure evil genius" rating which is slightly worse.) EricH Karibou
Go to Post The most important part of successfully solving the problem is to understand what the problem is. Elegance in engineering comes from "optimizing" your solution, not solving problems that don't really exist. Fulfill your requirements, meet your goals... JVN joshsmithers
Go to Post No! I will not be an enabler for this madness. Go outside. See a movie. Read a book. LIVE!!!! Herodotus Katie_UPS
Go to Post I told myself I'd stay out of the obsession this year, but I couldn't resist... Grant Cox joshsmithers
Go to Post How is it that so many team representatives have the time to run up the post count to astronomical levels in a game hint thread, while so few seem to have the time to say thank you for a $6K gift that funds the ability to play the game? Rich Kressly Katie_UPS
Go to Post yes, we've gone over every possible idea multiple times. No, we're not going to stop. Welcome to FIRST. logicalyrandom dlavery
Go to Post Ohhh Chiefdelphi how I love you and your 700 posts about a picture of a fish. Boydean Rohith Surampudi
Go to Post We are all insane aren't we? I just want to build a robot now. :P Lowfategg Elgin Clock
Go to Post I highly doubt the game has anything to do with water... rotolomi DonRotolo
Go to Post 90% of innovation is inspiration. martin417 Akash Rastogi
Go to Post You've got to love the great connection between FIRST teams, and their members. zakk Jonathan Norris
Go to Post Everyone is reading way too much into this. The game piece is clearly a bunch of Opahs this year. Problem solved, case closed. Start designing your fish handling robots now. Ryan Dognaux synth3tk
Go to Post No really though, a robot game with rules similar to Risk. This would combine FIRST, Battlebots, and US Government... Betty_Krocker synth3tk
Go to Post I personally hope they change the terrain of the playing field ... if only to "level" the playing field. Daniel_LaFleur Alan Anderson
Go to Post FRC isn't all of FIRST. Rich Kressly Rick TYler
Go to Post Values aren't really dictated, they are created by everyone involved. Herodotus Joe G.
Go to Post "This is the year that everyone on CD is going to learn to spell." "This is the year that everyone on CD will make a serious effort to write grammatically correct sentences." "This is the year that everyone on CD will think BEFORE they post." ... nah. dlavery joshsmithers
Go to Post What good will it do to have 10,000 teams who barely have a clue and are just scraping by versus 2,000 teams that are actually sustainable? Cory Billfred
Go to Post Robotics competitions take place in the same "perfect" environment that basic physics equations take place in. :rolleyes: Branden Ghena Kristian Calhoun
Go to Post Remember, everything you do while on the team reflects on your team. Good reputations are difficult to build and easily destroyed. Daniel_LaFleur AndyB
Go to Post Don't just build a robot; build up your community. Pat Arnold Arefin Bari
Go to Post Im ready for Christmas, then second Christmas!!!! Raumiester2010 GaryVoshol
Go to Post "Wow, smells like... physics" Anna B. Blue_Mist
Go to Post I haven't been this excited since I was 12 years old and it was x-mas eve. wilsonmw04 AustinSchuh

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