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Go to Post Mentors can never receive enough thanks from us students, who don't know even half of what they put into our teams. Katie_UPS sanddrag
Go to Post Another human taking a job that a robot could do... Ryan Simpson rsisk
Go to Post GP is a much longer-term investment, yet offers surprisingly high returns. Just like 401(k) plans, the important thing is to keep making contributions even when it seems there's no reward for it. ayeckley Jared Russell
Go to Post The robot is NOT a lie. Rick TYler NickE
Go to Post Just like it is not all about the robots, it is not all about winning the Chairman's Award. Paul Copioli Jared Russell
Go to Post I'm liking this. Programmers wont. But I will. :D Rion Atkinson Karibou
Go to Post you know you're going to meet someone important, so you put on your robotics team shirt. NorviewsVeteran dictionaria13
Go to Post Suggesting change is one thing, implementing it is another. JaneYoung kramarczyk
Go to Post I think all drivers will be required to wear tights! Mike Martus Karibou
Go to Post I guess this means we have to work on becoming super-flexible and always be ready for our close-ups at robotics from now on? Beth Sweet Gary.C
Go to Post Collaboration works. DO IT. Travis Hoffman Taylor
Go to Post FIRST has given me too much for me to leave without leaving a mark... Joe G. Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Pessimism and optimism are both contagious. Taylor smurfgirl
Go to Post Let's not fight, please. Discuss yes, fight no. Please. :) JaneYoung Karibou
Go to Post Don't give up on others. I believe in killing grumps with a smile! maltz1881 Steve W
Go to Post Oh great, look what you just did. The GDC will probably find ways to use this to torture teams in 2011. I hope you're happy now. synth3tk Billfred
Go to Post "Oh, I get why we have Toy Story band-aids!!! The character Woody, and then in FIRST, we have Woodie Flowers. Woody = Woodie? I get it! I GET IT! Millory Karibou
Go to Post There are times when we talk as friends and joke around about things like this, but then the most important times are when he says "I'm telling you this as a mentor," no matter what it is, those moments mean a lot. Akash Rastogi Karibou
Go to Post "There are two ways to compete in this world, you can drag your competitors down, or you can rise above them. Which is better for the world in the long run?" Karthik blaxbb
Go to Post The moral of this story: A healthy respect for the customer, dedication to your job, and a positive outlook can make even the most trivial and monotonous job into a wonderful experience. Molten kramarczyk
Go to Post The obvious solution is to only allow the real world to have negative jade induction coefficients. EricVanWyk nathanww
Go to Post When all you're holding is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. artdutra04 dbs12693x
Go to Post just watch out for the evil, robot devouring ghosts Mr. Pockets Qbranch
Go to Post I like to divide checklists like this into "stuff I have to do before applying power" and "stuff I'll find faster by watching it fail". EricVanWyk kramarczyk
Go to Post Overall I really like the idea, and don't be surprised if I borrow some of these ideas for a future robot. Greg Needel EricH
Go to Post Wow, that is awfully impressive! How can a guy in the WWF be so smart? Oh, it's LIKE the WWF...:p DonRotolo R.C.
Go to Post "The only constant is change" is a hint that probably applies to every season of FIRST. Chris is me Mr. Pockets
Go to Post Please look around the forum, I believe this clue is already under discussion and has been overly dissected. ttldomination Katie_UPS
Go to Post From a mentor perspective we get to see shy, timid high school kids become leaders in there community and that folks is where we really are winning. techtiger1 Molten
Go to Post Speculate away! IndySam biojae
Go to Post PS: Sorry for derailing this thread even further. Molten biojae
Go to Post "I'm not going to tell you all that you all are winners. At this point you are smart enough to know whether you are or you aren't." -Woodie Flowers Barry Bonzack sgreco
Go to Post It's very confusing to other people on the message boards when you make things up that are incorrect and assert them as fact. Please don't do this. Dave Flowerday EricVanWyk
Go to Post It doesn't matter what goes wrong as long as you have fun. We all thought this was one of our best trips, even though we were second to last in our divison. afowl Molten
Go to Post I always felt people get too caught up in the robot and don't see what really makes the teams function so well is the organization itself. Koko Ed smurfgirl
Go to Post 2010 game piece--- participation medals johnr Chris is me
Go to Post 10:56 p.m. EDT, July 20, 1969. dlavery NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post I'm very certain that specifics are quite interesting but all that keeps going through my mind is, "OOOOOH SHINY!" Andrew Schreiber synth3tk
Go to Post Throughout the "FIRST" experience we're all taught that if we try hard we'll achieve some level of success down the road; it hits everyone differently. nlknauss Akash Rastogi
Go to Post If I 'win' a trophy through an underhanded move, I lost. But if I 'lose' for doing the right thing, I won. Molten wendymom
Go to Post the everyone is a winner philosophy cheapens winning. Andrew Schreiber Karthik
Go to Post I don't fully buy into the 'we're all winners' concept. That is a broad statement that doesn't really say much. How did we become all winners? What did we do to become winners? Pay an expensive registration fee and participate in a robotic competition? JaneYoung Ian Curtis
Go to Post There are a lot of great teams that impress me, but four that really stand out... Our team doesn't want to beat these teams, we want to be these teams. Mark Holschuh Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Wow... no duct tape? Stormnnormn JoeyTNT280
Go to Post I would like the game to be called Sanity. Just for irony's sake. Keri Lynne JaneYoung
Go to Post If they had kids, they would be a super-breed of robot builders and drivers, and would win dozens of awards per season. smurfgirl Katie_UPS
Go to Post What about marriages ended by FIRST. I know that by Presidents Day my wife is not real happy with me :) IndySam Dan Petrovic
Go to Post I didn't get inspired watching my peers and I, I was inspired watching professionals. AdamHeard dlavery
Go to Post You should take in to consideration who you are putting on to the field, not what. NorviewsVeteran Abra Cadabra IV
Go to Post Remember success in FIRST isn't measured by the trophies. It's measured by the inspiration. camtunkpa Molten

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