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Go to Post "Evaluate twice, execute once" Andrew Schreiber Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post I hate that every year people turn this competition into whining rather than winning. Akash Rastogi Andrew Schreiber
Go to Post So, if you feel your team is at a disadvantage, or the playing field isn't level.... Do something about it. AdamHeard JaneYoung
Go to Post Remember this: A true leader needs no title to make a difference. Molten Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post Mentors can always use mentoring. JaneYoung AlexD744
Go to Post If it's good enough for Star Trek, it's good enough for FRC. :) KarenH Qbranch
Go to Post But when it comes down to it, the best teams usually end up winning regardless. Cory NickE
Go to Post These folks have bigger hearts than most. I think they grow them that way in Indiana. JaneYoung Molten
Go to Post Gracious Professionalism is a compass, not a set of calipers. It should be used to guide what you do rather than to measure it. Alan Anderson Collin Fultz
Go to Post [You know you've overdosed on FIRST when...] When you discover that the cure to the swine flu is "oink oink BOOM!" Katie_UPS Blue_Mist
Go to Post Its never too early to start dreaming. Robert Cawthon Siri
Go to Post I don't see why this is an issue. Robots are immune to the N1H1 virus. JesseK smurfgirl
Go to Post "FIRST is like a pizza, we all think different toppings should be on it" Andrew Schreiber Molten
Go to Post FIRST- its a pandemic in all our schools. Akash Rastogi wendymom
Go to Post Just remember that you can get just as much inspiration from making a simple system's details work really well as you can from just making a complex system work... Rob Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post When you're in a field as deep as the Championship go offensive or go home. It's that simple. thefro526 yodameister
Go to Post In the end, people can throw all the stories at me they want, but I'm never going to let mere stories convince me physics is wrong. AdamHeard kramarczyk
Go to Post Obama's got to stop saying all of these FIRST like statements and should just give us money and show up at Championship. Chris is me Nawaid Ladak
Go to Post "We put the eek in Geek" Wayne Doenges dragonrulr288
Go to Post Wow, almost seems unfair to have that many nice people in one place. Isn't it possible to overload on cool? Molten Blue_Mist
Go to Post Nothing's more memorable than giving someone a foul mouthed clown :cool: Dave Scheck wendymom
Go to Post In other words, don't worry about the results but strive for excellence in the way you live your life and everything you do. Paul Copioli Andrew Schreiber
Go to Post The more women we have as 'rock stars' in FIRST, the more girls we'll see celebrating math and science and the doors they can open. JaneYoung kramarczyk
Go to Post The awards may or may not come...but the real trophies are the students. David Brinza James1902
Go to Post If you never takes steps to solve problems you cannot just complain that they exist. Wayne C. AndyB
Go to Post Luck *good or bad* and opportunity will always affect what happens to teams. Brian C IndySam
Go to Post robots like to give you troubles... its like they have a mind of their own. hayleybayley217 MrForbes
Go to Post When there appears to be something stupid wrong with a game (HPs outscoring robots, unreliable loading, autonomous that accomplishes nothing) I shouldn't complain about it. I should see it as a challenge to exploit! Chris is me Taylor
Go to Post ...when you hear a kid say "oink oink" and you say in your head "BOOM!" delsaner wendymom
Go to Post If you have an opinion on something, it often says more about you than it does that thing. JVN AlexD744
Go to Post Set your goals as high as your team thinks they can achieve (drafted, drafting, win awards, regional champs, world champs, etc) and go for them. Let the chips fall and have no regrets. BPetry234 Taylor
Go to Post As usual, I mistakenly look for a technical solution to a social problem. MrForbes dooey100
Go to Post Just the fact we were selected to compete in the eliminations energized the kids more than anything I had seen Taylor whlspacedude
Go to Post Smokey the Fisher Price motor says only YOU can prevent rule infractions. artdutra04 Billfred
Go to Post OPR will not get you to Einstein Paul Copioli Ken Patton
Go to Post Do you know how, say, Native American cultures were kept? They had storytellers, sages, and the like. They passed on their legends and culture to the next generation. So will we. EricH Libby K
Go to Post A year where the students learn a lot and win nothing is more rewarding than a year where the team does well and doesn't learn much. Molten Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post Oh yes - and thanks for giving us kids our dreams. DonRotolo ComradeNikolai
Go to Post Team 71: So good at Strategy they already have figured out next years game before the GDC has even met. IKE dlavery
Go to Post "So Ken Patton, Paul Copioli, and John V-Neun walk into a bar..." JVN Anna B.
Go to Post 12 is a dozen, 13 a bakers dozen...47 will be a delphi. Kimmeh smurfgirl
Go to Post I think that FIRST should just give up and officially recognize Chiefdelphi as the place to go for community and team resources. Greg Needel Katie_UPS
Go to Post The real question is not whether any teams have had metal in a speed controller, it's whether any teams haven't. EricH AlexD744
Go to Post We don't use fancy tools like that, but we might need some wood glue or something :) MrForbes dodar
Go to Post I was on the same plane as 365 returning from Atlanta to Philadelphia last year. The whole rear half of the plane was neon green. Lil' Lavery AlexD744
Go to Post they used the same random number generator we used for our autonomous drive code . . . (oops did I say that?) MrForbes JackG
Go to Post If you guys ever need anything, just let us know. Just remember you have the FIRST family behind you.<3 hayleybayley217 Akash Rastogi
Go to Post if it was up to me, id just get one of those spinning BINGO things and do it that way dodar AlexD744
Go to Post Wait is that how they got there, well how does one spotlight? AlexD744 whlspacedude
Go to Post and isn't this fun? :) CD is great :D rick.oliver Katie_UPS

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