Go to Post At FIRST, our only colors are red or blue. And we are only those for two minutes! - tenfour [more]
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Go to Post 10:56 p.m. EDT, July 20, 1969. dlavery NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post I'm very certain that specifics are quite interesting but all that keeps going through my mind is, "OOOOOH SHINY!" Andrew Schreiber synth3tk
Go to Post Throughout the "FIRST" experience we're all taught that if we try hard we'll achieve some level of success down the road; it hits everyone differently. nlknauss Akash Rastogi
Go to Post If I 'win' a trophy through an underhanded move, I lost. But if I 'lose' for doing the right thing, I won. Molten wendymom
Go to Post the everyone is a winner philosophy cheapens winning. Andrew Schreiber Karthik
Go to Post I don't fully buy into the 'we're all winners' concept. That is a broad statement that doesn't really say much. How did we become all winners? What did we do to become winners? Pay an expensive registration fee and participate in a robotic competition? JaneYoung Ian Curtis
Go to Post There are a lot of great teams that impress me, but four that really stand out... Our team doesn't want to beat these teams, we want to be these teams. Mark Holschuh Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Wow... no duct tape? Stormnnormn JoeyTNT280
Go to Post I would like the game to be called Sanity. Just for irony's sake. Keri Lynne JaneYoung
Go to Post If they had kids, they would be a super-breed of robot builders and drivers, and would win dozens of awards per season. smurfgirl Katie_UPS
Go to Post What about marriages ended by FIRST. I know that by Presidents Day my wife is not real happy with me :) IndySam Dan Petrovic
Go to Post I didn't get inspired watching my peers and I, I was inspired watching professionals. AdamHeard dlavery
Go to Post You should take in to consideration who you are putting on to the field, not what. NorviewsVeteran Abra Cadabra IV
Go to Post Remember success in FIRST isn't measured by the trophies. It's measured by the inspiration. camtunkpa Molten
Go to Post So basically, the advantage of #35 is that it allows you to be sloppier in your design and fabrication. If you pay close attention to these details, you will never have a problem with #25 chain. Jim Zondag Collin Fultz
Go to Post Capability and willingness are two very different things. Anybody can dance, though you could spend your lifetime unsuccessfully trying to convince them of that. Mr. Pockets Molten
Go to Post Sometimes in discussions regarding rules or differences of opinion, the threads start feeling like a dog chasing its tail, going round and round. JaneYoung Molten
Go to Post It is much harder for someone to misuse the labor you do than it is for them to misuse of the dollar you pledge... IKE Akash Rastogi
Go to Post In real life (IE when you go to apply your engineering skills to tasks in industry) there will be constraints on all sorts of things - many of which may or may not be "fair" or even "intelligent". You must learn to either work around them or use them to your advantage - preferably a bit of both. OScubed Chris is me
Go to Post our electronics boards had begun to look like we'd planted a wire bush and it grew daltore EricVanWyk
Go to Post If you squeeze cost out hard enough, any component can become a failure point. EricVanWyk Travis Hoffman
Go to Post Kids should already be motivated to build the best robot they can, and learn as much as they can. They shouldn't need extra incentives. Matt382 Molten
Go to Post I'm probably going to make somebody feel old right now... NorviewsVeteran ATannahill
Go to Post If said device costs 10x more to manufacture than a simpler solution integrating COTS parts, and only performs 10% better, that's poor engineering. Cory kramarczyk
Go to Post The size, speed, and power of full sized FRC robots are much more sublime. People go to the zoo to see the lions and tigers, not the ants. Jared Russell kramarczyk
Go to Post If everyone else in the world is an idiot, you may need to recalibrate your idiotness scale. GaryVoshol Molten
Go to Post I won't tar and feather you, I'll disagree though. Andrew Schreiber NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post PS: When/if it gets to be too easy to build a machine that can accomplish a recent/typical FRC game, then I suspect it will be time for someone to unveil a harder game. gblake Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post Bottom line for us is this... By elevating what ANY team can do, we also push those outstanding teams to go even further. Rich Kressly AndyB
Go to Post And to think, a lot of students are planning parties and celebrations on their last day of school and you guys are recycling trash. JaneYoung Karibou
Go to Post Someone tried throwing out a perfectly good fleece blanket! It even had the quadratic formula on it! WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU THROW AWAY THE QUADRATIC FORMULA?? Karibou kramarczyk
Go to Post If time only weren't a factor, everything would be done. Schnabel Molten
Go to Post To put it simply: An adult coach impacts a team for two minutes. An adult mentor impacts a team for a lifetime. dlavery Molten
Go to Post To put it simply: An adult coach impacts a team for two minutes. An adult mentor impacts a team for a lifetime. dlavery Blue_Mist
Go to Post GP isn't just a good idea, it's mathematically optimal. Jared Russell DonRotolo
Go to Post There is beauty in pure simplicity. artdutra04 MrForbes
Go to Post By inviting engineers and mentors to be a part of your team and partnering with them...brings added value, depth, strength, expertise, and wisdom to the team and to the overall experience. JaneYoung Steve W
Go to Post I've determined that the only thing rumors are good for is putting your knickers in a twist. JaneYoung Molten
Go to Post It is possible to live without the Big sponsors, it just takes a lot of fund raising and hard work. Raumiester2010 Jay H 237
Go to Post Take what you have learned, build on it and share it. Others will do the same. Enjoy the journey. Bertman JaneYoung
Go to Post I tell my friends that the robot is the kids product and the kids are the mentors product. rwood359 Molten
Go to Post How many robotics kids does it take to turn on a light? demosthenes2k8 NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post I decided I would keep coming and it just kept getting more and more fun. By the time build season started going I couldn't have quit if I wanted to ^_^ Mr. Pockets kramarczyk
Go to Post Remember: "It's not the strongest that survive, but the most adaptable to change" Daniel_LaFleur Molten
Go to Post Noticed it and mentioned it to all of my college friends, who confirmed for me that I am still a complete nerd. Donut Billfred
Go to Post "Evaluate twice, execute once" Andrew Schreiber Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post I hate that every year people turn this competition into whining rather than winning. Akash Rastogi Andrew Schreiber
Go to Post So, if you feel your team is at a disadvantage, or the playing field isn't level.... Do something about it. AdamHeard JaneYoung
Go to Post Remember this: A true leader needs no title to make a difference. Molten Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post Mentors can always use mentoring. JaneYoung AlexD744

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