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Go to Post I'd say start working on other forms of wireless communication. Scout using Morse Code, hand signals, light flashes (LOST anybody?)... Paper cups and string are cheap too... AndyB synth3tk
Go to Post If we can transform our culture to the point where girls swoon over guys as they pull their dremel off their belt and carve some speed holes in a smooth fluid motion, I think FIRST is half way to its goal. When we get the guys to swoon over the girls for their hot moves on the 5-axis, we have won. EricVanWyk Elgin Clock
Go to Post Are we really at the point where the only useful thing we can discuss is Dean's choice in timekeeping apparel? The man has a watch. He uses it to tell time. Do we really care how much it is worth, or who made it? I would be much more interested in what he does, not what he wears. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post You can't stop trying to look for other ways to do things, or that really defeats the whole purpose of inovation. AmoryG EricH
Go to Post at what point does gracious professionalism turn into cut throat competition? aepstein Morgan Gillespie
Go to Post It would be a lot easier if students would quit being so magnificent. Really. JaneYoung dlavery
Go to Post If you are content with where you are, you have celebrated the right things. If not, perhaps it is time to reconsider... what’s most important to you. StephLee kramarczyk
Go to Post Sometimes our greatest failures lay the foundations for our greatest success. =Martin=Taylor= Billfred
Go to Post Our team's worst moment was the 13 years of FIRST's existence in which it did not exist. Joe G. Blue_Mist
Go to Post ...if the penalties were not significant and match-deciding then there would not be much incentive to pay attention to them, would there? dtengineering Alan Anderson
Go to Post Maybe FIRST will just take 148's Tumbleweed and use it as the game piece for next year. AndyB Arefin Bari
Go to Post If I run into some of your team's student coaches/drivers on the field of battle someday, I still might ask 'em what they're doing after high school. :) Ken Patton Lil' Lavery
Go to Post This is one area where you want an old hand in the room to show you how to work on this thing. .... If you survive it, electricity hurts really bad. ebarker Billfred
Go to Post P.S. While I doubt Karthik's "Delgado" jersey would go for $500,000... it would be much cooler to see Carlos Degado wearing a "Kanagasabapathy" jersey. THAT I might pay for! dtengineering Libby K
Go to Post FIRST may very well be the healthiest drug on the market. Herodotus ChristinaR
Go to Post FIRST may very well be the healthiest drug on the market. Herodotus Dhananjay T.
Go to Post The bulk of the hardest fun you'll ever have is opening up that box in early january, and the six week of chaos that that box of parts puts you through. Joe G. Blue_Mist
Go to Post Actually, please don't put any limits on your ideas or creativity at this point. Brainstorm, innovate, and contemplate whatever ideas you might like to consider. dlavery nathanww
Go to Post its like the championship being ice cream, its pretty awesome IRI is like adding toppings, making it even more awesome Aren_Hill SSMike
Go to Post Power tools don't hurt people. Poorly instructed people hurt themselves, using power tools. sanddrag Arefin Bari
Go to Post I think with 1114 & 217 as our partners we could have won with my refrigerator on the field. JVN Billfred
Go to Post but you can rest assured: I have restored the balance by letting the GDC know that I know that they know that you know they have a pattern. -Leav Leav wendymom
Go to Post I always say find what works best for your team, for your given situation. Why should we rely on someone else to tell me what will work best for our situation? JVN Billfred
Go to Post Adult coaches are the "rock stars" of our program, and I know on Simbotics the kids really do look up to and aspire to be a great as these coaches. Karthik joshsmithers
Go to Post Our rookie drivers generally get their first "real match" experience at the Florida Regional which is usually a week 2 or week 3 event. That is a much easier "practice event" than IRI. Kit Gerhart Billfred
Go to Post Unfortunately our team missed out on a great opportunity to "learn from the pros" because we did student-centric things like insisting on having a student field coach. Tom Bottiglieri Jeff Rodriguez
Go to Post Although I'm 2-0 against 217 when Paul coaches, I'm 0-2 against them when he doesn't....hmmm.... :rolleyes: Lil' Lavery dlavery
Go to Post There is no right or wrong way to do this. nuggetsyl dlavery
Go to Post I am really glad that FIRST gives teams the choice to use either students or adults in this role. dtengineering dlavery
Go to Post When I'm asked the question, "What is the most important computer language to learn to prepare me for a programming career?"; my answer is, "Your second one." Greg McKaskle Alan Anderson
Go to Post Tell someone familiar with FIRST that you won a regional and they will congratulate you, tell them you won a chairmans award and they will celebrate you. Brandon Holley dlavery
Go to Post I suppose this would be a bad time to reveal that Q and LookingForward are the same robot person hybrid thing... EricVanWyk Qbranch
Go to Post A solution will present itself, all you have to do is be ready to take advantage of it when it does. James1902 JaneYoung
Go to Post We fail to present a coherent picture of what we are if we aren't vigilant about our self-image. Alan Anderson Joe Matt
Go to Post My lasting impression of 217 (for years now) has been based on how their robot looks, dynamically. It is poultry in motion. :) Richard Wallace Taylor
Go to Post (If Dean still says 'Nationals', how can you ridicule a rookie team for it? Come on.) Amanda Morrison Sean Schuff
Go to Post Different strokes for different folks. Madison Blue_Mist
Go to Post Never underestimate the ability of a team of high school students and engineers to break expensive things. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post I was cheering like mad during the last match on Einstein - I think the rest of my team thought I was crazy...or crazier than they thought I was before! Sean Schuff Billfred
Go to Post I have to wrap my brain about a robotics team named Dudettes. I can get there but ... I need coffee. JaneYoung Billfred
Go to Post I know I will never be part of an alliance this incredible, ever again (my apologies to all future partners, but you've got BIG shoes to fill.) JVN Billfred
Go to Post When we stop asking ourselves the hard questions, whether as team leaders or in life, then we are failing. Al Skierkiewicz DonRotolo
Go to Post I even have a t-shirt that says "Actually, I -am- a rocket scientist" :) dlavery Billfred
Go to Post In my line of work, we affectionately refer to this approach as "Seagull Engineering". Why? Because we swoop in, flap around making a lot of noise and commotion, leave a big mess of "stuff" behind and then fly off. billbo911 AustinSchuh
Go to Post On a team, saying "it's not my job" is simply not acceptable. dlavery Pavan Dave
Go to Post I am just very happy that I have never been responsible for the spelling of Karthik's last name on a name tag. Seriously. JaneYoung Billfred
Go to Post Wins = Attention Attention = Sponsors Sponsors = Money Money= being able to do more. a vicious cycle...but it is what it is Protronie Morgan Gillespie
Go to Post I've got much more out of FIRST ever since I stopped and realized I can gain so much more from trying to improve my current team's situation rather than complain about teams who have more. AdamHeard Bongle
Go to Post We need to all remember we are no better than our fellow man, no matter what job we all hold, what socio-economic status that's involved, or anything. Plain and simple, we're all fellow travelers on this pale blue dot called Earth. trobots.com Cory
Go to Post I firmly believe that it's within your power to aspire instead of lament. Alan Anderson Billfred

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