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Go to Post HOLY MOLY CANOLI THIS LOOKS LEGIT MasterEric jimbo493
Go to Post Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. RoboChair Bkeeneykid
Go to Post Regardless of whether the max allowed weight is 10 pounds or 1,000 pounds, everyone is going to need at least one ounce more. gblake Billfred
Go to Post Wait - a single message outlining the vast majority of where to find controls stuff? Goodness. What will they think of next. Tom Line ctt956
Go to Post They can build a robot in 6 hours, so they don't need to start meeting for months... Karthik Billfred
Go to Post Oh... and congratulations FIRST, for launching the biggest shinny object of distraction just days before FRC kick-off. ;) Michael Sperber Koko Ed
Go to Post Us, as adults, find ways to help the kids to make it happen. aspiece Billfred
Go to Post Hype levels are reaching critical levels... wjd13 ctt956
Go to Post Never thought I would have a world championship type event within a 15 minute drive of my house. Jay O'Donnell ctt956
Go to Post Every single person on the team, read the manual, cover to cover, NO skimming. Do not give the task of knowing the rules to a few people. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, READ THE MANUAL. RoboChair Bkeeneykid
Go to Post I miss the years when game speculation was based on an actual hint released in the form of unintelligible strings of numbers tcallan ctt956
Go to Post The robots are just vehicles taking kids on a ride to STEMville. FTC5110 Cothron Theiss
Go to Post Publishing your code and designs = good. MrRoboSteve ctt956
Go to Post I don't know about you but i would love to have a grilled cheese maker in the workshop. CMBrandon Golfer4646
Go to Post The longer you play robots, the more you realize that it's not about the robots. dtengineering GeeTwo
Go to Post FIRST builds bridges, and absolutely should not build walls. Jacob Bendicksen GeeTwo
Go to Post You wake up at 2:54 am and aren't even mad bc robots fargus111111111 Pooja Anil
Go to Post So.... football pizza water game with minibots and megabots? euhlmann ctt956
Go to Post Thank goodness there are people in this world who refuse to let physics and calculus ruin a good story. Richard Wallace Billfred
Go to Post Thanks for giving up your holiday for Science! Foster Cothron Theiss
Go to Post Man, what's the point of teaser videos if nobody looks closely at them. Knufire ctt956
Go to Post As my boy Macklemore once said, "The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint, the greats were great because they paint a lot". Andrew_L frcguy
Go to Post I don't actually have any hex shaft stock in my house (I live in an unusual household). ollien frcguy
Go to Post FRANK, YOU'RE THE MAN. Libby K b.arci
Go to Post One of the many things I love about CD is how knowledgeable and passionate everyone is. CMBrandon ctt956
Go to Post Aww, but I ENJOY getting all up in arms about something that's ultimately inconsequential! Cothron Theiss frcguy
Go to Post While youth is wasted on the young, in FRC knowledge can be wasted on those a bit older. IKE Billfred
Go to Post Large areas of ice in south Georgia is some what of an oxymoron. The best place for ice in south Georgia is in tea. FrankJ Billfred
Go to Post To go a step further, to be "steam punk", electrics would need to be powered from a steam turbine operated dynamo but electric wiring would still be required to follow all rules as they would apply. Al Skierkiewicz Billfred
Go to Post I don't like to tempt the gods of inspection on items like this. MrRoboSteve tjf
Go to Post If this thread isn't a sign that CD is going through some serious withdrawals, I don't know what is. Ty Tremblay ctt956
Go to Post The extra button could also just be a spare, but that's far less interesting than other possibilities, so let's keep speculating. Caleb Sykes ctt956
Go to Post Ah, free slave labor. One of the many benefits of being a mentor AriMB asid61
Go to Post You never really graduate out of FIRST.... Gnomegirl ctt956
Go to Post I came home from pre-season today and sat down to some homework. after about an hour my mom asked why I was still wearing my safety glasses. The Ginger maxnz
Go to Post Don't let my students know I skimmed that blog and didn't read it thoroughly. rlance Billfred
Go to Post Thanks for the heads up on the elevator game. Andrew_L ctt956
Go to Post This is not an engineering design challenge, this is a project management and common sense challenge with engineering elements. Don't go out of your way to screw yourself. PayneTrain Billfred
Go to Post OK guys, the robot's overweight. You know the drill. DonRotolo ctt956
Go to Post Support an awesome scholarship fund for deserving students by buying sweet CAH expansion packs? Heck yeah. Cothron Theiss ctt956
Go to Post The point of FRC (in my opinions) is to teach the kids that might have no skills, new skills. dirtbikerxz trezelle2
Go to Post I'm unconvinced that this thread itself is not a performance art piece. DCA Fan Jessica Boucher
Go to Post kids these days, with their fancy aluminum sprockets, don't know how good they have it. AllenGregoryIV GeeTwo
Go to Post I'd like to think that I'm at least a sometimes useful mentor. artdutra04 cadandcookies
Go to Post STEM blushes, and asks if Art would like to go out for a date. Cothron Theiss Brian Maher
Go to Post You can't derail a thread that had no "rails" to begin with. bkahl Brian Maher
Go to Post The battery will be mounted at the top, correct? There can be no other way. Travis Hoffman BotDesigner
Go to Post "Who needs finesse when you have air pressure?!" neelpatel1710 ctt956
Go to Post Amazing what you can find with a quick video and the unlimited power of the internet! AveryLevin. ctt956
Go to Post our family has no borders... Greg Hainsworth ctt956

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