Go to Post If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck could be a very clever animatronics display created by Disney Imagineers.... Sometimes it is just a duck. - IKE [more]
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Go to Post "prepare to take flight"! I see people taking off shoes and waiting in long lines. 346CADmen Whippet
Go to Post For what it's worth, while they may or may not be legal as safety glasses, Steampunk goggles are perfectly legal as forehead protectors. Nuttyman54 frcguy
Go to Post Steampunk goggles are perfectly legal as forehead protectors. Nuttyman54 Chief Hedgehog
Go to Post Anything worth analyzing is worth over-analyzing. And anything worth over-analyzing is worth hyper-analyzing. Ready, go! Michael Hill ctt956
Go to Post Building a drone during Ri3D is going to be a challenge... Ginger Power cadandcookies
Go to Post Really, flight? That is going to feed the rumor mill... Munchskull ctt956
Go to Post Einstein 2015 was just a tryout for FIRST's next warehouse forklift operator. Jay O'Donnell ctt956
Go to Post Sometimes at work I fantasize about being a giant bulldozer operator. AdamHeard Brian Maher
Go to Post According to a 6 year old I once met at a demo, our FRC machine was not a robot because, "How can it be a robot if it doesn't have a face?" Jared Russell ctt956
Go to Post Recently my wife and I met some mentors from Michigan with their wives at Disney World. It seems that I'm not the only mentor who needs to bribe their wives with vacations before they sign up to mentor FRC for another year... Mark Holschuh ctt956
Go to Post Honestly though, having a cave would be one of the greatest places to build a robot. There's already lack of light and lots of floor space! Well, if you have a good cave sponsor, that is. Bryce Clegg frcguy
Go to Post You guys must sponsor that one team on The Fosters! Tyler Olds frcguy
Go to Post Darn elite teams and their mentor-built caves. Brian Maher ctt956
Go to Post Your team has a cave?!?!? OMG, how did you guys get that?!?! Do you have a cave sponsor? We tried talking to cave sponsors but none of them responded. You guys must be an elite team to have a cave. marshall Karibou
Go to Post FIRST really does enjoy watching us squirm with their teasers, don't they? Anupam Goli ctt956
Go to Post We found our bandsaw on Craigslist for $40. We keep looking for laser cutters and waterjets in that price range, but so far no luck. chapman1 frcguy
Go to Post Like Mom blending a carrot in a chocolate milkshake to get vegetables in the diet. Foster Chief Hedgehog
Go to Post You don't have to build a winning robot to build a team, but you won't build a great team unless they are striving to build a winning robot. Richard Wallace Darkseer54
Go to Post I found another student once at a Cross Country meet because she was wearing a team shirt. I must say, I was surprised. I should start wearing my team shirt around more often. TheBoulderite ctt956
Go to Post I'm absolutely certain that kids prefer scoring points to not scoring points AdamHeard Brian Maher
Go to Post This game is all about dealing with the unexpected and making changes on the fly. Greg Hainsworth ctt956
Go to Post It's not a rendering mistake, it's a design challenge! Eric Scheuing ctt956
Go to Post Car Nack called. He said get off his lawn. Taylor Whippet
Go to Post Tinted safety glasses and ice cream cones allowed in the pits? What else could go wrong!?! logank013 ctt956
Go to Post >wears zebra pants >calls people weird PayneTrain frcguy
Go to Post Reputation is a good thing to have. adammiller3122 Brian Maher
Go to Post Anything released in a game hint is subject to enough misinterpretation and "nah, they'll never do that" to deflect any possibility of something being actionable. EricH ctt956
Go to Post Organization is the one skill that can help make *any* workshop work. tjf ctt956
Go to Post I've now read Dolly Parton's entire wikipedia page, which was not something I expected to do WinterPoet s3529
Go to Post The imperfect COTS parts you have in your shop will perform much better on the competition field than the perfect custom parts you only have CAD drawings for. philso ctt956
Go to Post Will we finally get to play music on our robots for once!? Hitchhiker 42 ctt956
Go to Post I, being a Trekky myself, will really enjoy a Star Trek themed game if it turns out to be that. I will not enjoy programming the alcubierre warp drive. :D AveryLevin. ctt956
Go to Post Monkeys with typewriters will eventually create shakespeare, and spam bots will eventually create a thread title that fits the rumor mill. ATannahill ctt956
Go to Post It's easy to get so caught up in the intensity of build that we forget we need some down time to recharge and get a fresh head. Taking a day off will only happen if you make it a priority as important as any other team meeting. Long hours do not equate to productive hours. Greg Hainsworth ctt956
Go to Post In the end any amount of time can work, just be smart about how you use it. Jay O'Donnell ctt956
Go to Post Because, y'know, FIRST can't make it easy for us. WinterPoet ctt956
Go to Post I wouldn't want to replay Lunacy -- the Moon is a harsh mistress! Richard Wallace ctt956
Go to Post Start up the rumor mill... frcguy ctt956
Go to Post We didn't need a championship to recognize the kids on our [little league] team and we sure didn't need one to inspire them. If you want to go to the championships then work harder, don't try and lessen the value of the championships by letting everyone in. FarmerJohn ctt956
Go to Post Can you describe how you utilized your human head device on your intake? Kevin Ainsworth frcguy
Go to Post I'll wait for someone else to do it, then disagree with whatever they say. :p Jcarbon Taylor
Go to Post Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Be careful. Ether frcguy
Go to Post I challenge the status quo - it's just me. techhelpbb ctt956
Go to Post I hate having to wear official pants. Cothron Theiss ctt956
Go to Post ChiefDelphi is talking about women's clothing. What a time to be alive. Karibou frcguy
Go to Post I mean I am a pocket protector kind of guy. techhelpbb frcguy
Go to Post Were cargo shorts ever in fashion? I thought they were in the socks with sandals category. AdamHeard ratdude747
Go to Post Unlike robot design, in the clothing world there's no such thing as too much pocketing Jaci asid61
Go to Post It also annoys me that I can't get all my pants with zebra stripes marshall AlexanderLuke
Go to Post "We used to shut the robot up in a box and send it away from home. Now we just suffocate it." GaryVoshol Cothron Theiss

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