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Go to Post OK guys, the robot's overweight. You know the drill. DonRotolo ctt956
Go to Post Support an awesome scholarship fund for deserving students by buying sweet CAH expansion packs? Heck yeah. Cothron Theiss ctt956
Go to Post The point of FRC (in my opinions) is to teach the kids that might have no skills, new skills. dirtbikerxz trezelle2
Go to Post I'm unconvinced that this thread itself is not a performance art piece. DCA Fan Jessica Boucher
Go to Post kids these days, with their fancy aluminum sprockets, don't know how good they have it. AllenGregoryIV GeeTwo
Go to Post I'd like to think that I'm at least a sometimes useful mentor. artdutra04 cadandcookies
Go to Post STEM blushes, and asks if Art would like to go out for a date. Cothron Theiss Brian Maher
Go to Post You can't derail a thread that had no "rails" to begin with. bkahl Brian Maher
Go to Post The battery will be mounted at the top, correct? There can be no other way. Travis Hoffman BotDesigner
Go to Post "Who needs finesse when you have air pressure?!" neelpatel1710 ctt956
Go to Post Amazing what you can find with a quick video and the unlimited power of the internet! AveryLevin. ctt956
Go to Post our family has no borders... Greg Hainsworth ctt956
Go to Post Why did they get rid of the headphone jack though? =p sportzkrazzy cad321
Go to Post I think this post is a lot of words saying "My name is Billfred and I approve MiniBots 2017" Andrew Schreiber Logan Byers
Go to Post bump. connor.worley apache8080
Go to Post I'm hoping for a JVN action figure this year! marshall billbo911
Go to Post "Maybe if I stare at it long enough our robot will actually work" frcguy ctt956
Go to Post This tee-shirt collecting gets kind of addicting, doesn't it? Chief Hedgehog ctt956
Go to Post Swerve is hard to get right. marshall ctt956
Go to Post Physical items will be lost along the way eventually but memories will never be forgotten. Connor McBride frcguy
Go to Post A wet noodle of a chassis won't matter how much drop you have. Andrew Schreiber CalTran
Go to Post But sometimes you just wanna build something that's MFD. Andrew Schreiber Collin Fultz
Go to Post This, right here, is why I participate in FRC. Changing lives, one corndog at a time. Jared Russell Hallry
Go to Post Compact gearboxes are a wonderful thing. Cothron Theiss ctt956
Go to Post I can tell you for a fact that students don't need smartphones in order to unproductively entertain themselves in a robotics lab. remulasce cadandcookies
Go to Post My favorite game pieces are the kind exclusively sold through AndyMark. Andrew_L ctt956
Go to Post We considered naming our 2014 robot "Please Don't Point it at Me". I think the name fits. KosmicKhaos ctt956
Go to Post Multitasking is a myth. DonRotolo Whippet
Go to Post *speaks into wristwatch* We've got a non-gracious professional here, get Woodie on the phone! Ringo5tarr ctt956
Go to Post I will be happy if these die a quick and silent death. Cory pilleya
Go to Post The robot uprising is coming for your chairs first, people. bobbysq ctt956
Go to Post 2004 qualifies as vintage now? Ugh. Lil' Lavery Cothron Theiss
Go to Post ...if you say "AndyMark" three times we show up... Billfred GeeTwo
Go to Post A link to BoardGameGeek in a FRC blog post... My worlds are colliding, and it's great! rwodonnell ctt956
Go to Post When your team becomes ubiquitous with the phrase "Always a bridesmaid, never the bride" Peyton Yeung Cothron Theiss
Go to Post 2015 never happened Chris is me Brian Maher
Go to Post "Why use a CNC when you can get it done with wood, duct tape, and zipties!" gcgeobuff ctt956
Go to Post I voted to keep Stop Build Day but only for students. Mentors get to keep working on the robot. marshall ctt956
Go to Post How else can I get my polar bear sized tub of Lard? Niklas701 Brian Maher
Go to Post Welcome to The 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition: Bureaucracy Bash! Andrew Schreiber Brian Maher
Go to Post Parallax is evil. RoboChair ctt956
Go to Post You know you've made it big when people assume every imperfection is genius! araniaraniratul Cothron Theiss
Go to Post Yeah, if we didn't have robots then we could concentrate on all that outreach stuff! marshall ctt956
Go to Post Maybe FIRST could get a sponsorship from Ikea, and we all could get flat-packed field parts with pictoral assembly instructions. And then all the parts could have funny names. sanddrag Pat Fairbank
Go to Post "The rio has a boulder sized hole though it? *shrug* Just duct tape it. That doesn't let the code out, right?" Bkeeneykid ctt956
Go to Post Ahem, a climbing xerox machine. Also known as the scariest type of xerox machine this Earth has ever seen. itsjustjon ctt956
Go to Post Perfection is less about effort or skill than it is about having a clear and limited goals. SoftwareBug2.0 ctt956
Go to Post Are quadcopter rotors considered a pneumatic device? bobbysq Whippet
Go to Post I would go even further and say always hate your robot. Keep breaking, iterating, and trying to figure out how to change the robot from week one of build season to champs. saikiranra itsjustjon
Go to Post Somewhere in New Hampshire at this very moment , the GDC is redesigning the game. Whippet tjf

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