Go to Post For those of you that think the kit chassis is too weak... It is tough stuff. Those of you that say it is too weak, just do not know what you are talking about. - Paul Copioli [more]
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Go to Post If you are adult enough to be a participant in this program, then you are adult enough to act like an adult. Beth Sweet dlavery
Go to Post Hmmm, the Michelangelo method of robot building. Just cut away anything that doesn't look like a robot. GaryVoshol Jessica Boucher
Go to Post The only tool that will work to get our robot done in time will be a prayer rug. Rick TYler sciencenerd
Go to Post In this case, "non-thermal protected" would mean "future paper weights." Rick TYler Andrew Blair
Go to Post I am thoroughly convinced FIRST is a sport. Convince me otherwise. Bharat Nain Alex Minot
Go to Post If you don't manage weight from the beginning, weight will manage you at the end. charrisTTI Elgin Clock
Go to Post Safety captains be watchful. Al Skierkiewicz lukevanoort
Go to Post You need to stay on top of your classes or you will be back as a returning freshman on next year's team. Ian Curtis
Go to Post Don't let them fail at the end. DonRotolo RogerR
Go to Post It is a difficult balancing act - we're engineers because we like to solve problems, and to take a step back and let someone else solve it, with what may be a poorer solution, is darn hard. DonRotolo Alex Minot
Go to Post Defense is not at all anti-GP. Wetzel Travis Hoffman
Go to Post Without programmers there would only be a robotic beauty contest. mallot1243 RbtGal1351
Go to Post The most important things for a team to take to any competition are a sense of humor, a big bottle of Advil, and a camera! Rick TYler Beth Sweet
Go to Post You dont get paid based on your IQ, or how many things you have memorized, or what you can invent on your feet. You get paid for results. KenWittlief phrontist
Go to Post Through 30 years of teaching I've heard the same refrain..."I love science, I love math but I can't stand my language classes". Well enough is enough. Get over it. Mr.B nehalita
Go to Post It's not a proper FIRST season if you don't have a robo-diet before ship date! Mr MOE EricH
Go to Post Mentor: You must first learn patience... Student (impatiently): How long is that going to take? kaszeta RogerR
Go to Post Realizing your DON'T want to be an engineer is every bit as important as realizing you do Lil' Lavery Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I wish I had the blissful self-confidence of some of our students, even if it is a little delusional. It's all part of the process. John Neun KathieK
Go to Post I bet a lot of us (mentors and students) got into this line of work first because we wondered how things work, and stayed in it because we thought "I can make that work better". Thus starts a life-long battle between perfection and time. So far, time is ahead. petek Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Better is the enemy of good enough. petek RogerR
Go to Post Looks very well designed. Now where is the "export to reality" button in the CAD software? (I have been looking for it for weeks). sanddrag Billfred
Go to Post and if you don't know what i'm doing, that makes two of us. RogerR Billfred
Go to Post Overall, I thought FIRST did a great job with the rules this year - very simple and very clear for the most part. However, something is always going to fall through the cracks (and I don't mean that in a bad way - people need to know that it's practically impossible to do something perfectly). Chris Hibner Billfred
Go to Post Good engineering often comes down to knowing the difference between "better" and "good enough." dlavery Collin Fultz
Go to Post Chit Chat is frivilous but CD would be a colder place without it. Koko Ed Adam Richards
Go to Post A robot with hands would be cool! Koko Ed Michelle Celio
Go to Post I was outvoted by conservative teenagers (curse them...). Rick TYler Andrew Blair
Go to Post Honestly I'm looking forward to just seeing all my friends again, that's what FIRST is really about to me. Barry Bonzack Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Nobody wins a Regional on Thursday. Bill Moore Rick TYler
Go to Post being surgically altered to have two right hands is a big commitment, but if you wanna drive, and drive well ..... ! KenWittlief Billfred
Go to Post I truly love zipties. They're so elegant - permanent, yet disposable. Strong, yet flexible. Ubiquitous, yet somehow.... special. Kris Verdeyen Bharat Nain
Go to Post There are a maximum of 80 balls in play . If all the balls are in the goals or out of play and the human players won't throw them back in, I guess the robots might try line dancing or doing the cha-cha. Rick TYler Ian Curtis
Go to Post There is no MILSPEC standard for pool noodles. Rick TYler pez1959
Go to Post There is no MILSPEC standard for pool noodles. Rick TYler vhcook
Go to Post It goes back to what Dave said last year--you can be legal and graciously professional, but still dumb. Play smart. Billfred Ian Curtis
Go to Post Some clever fellow a few years back made a little scooter based on this principal and made so much on the idea he can afford the finest denim in the land. phrontist Eldarion
Go to Post I wouldn't mind having this day repeat itself a few times. It would give us more time to work on our robot. Mr.D Koko Ed
Go to Post i wish ours was done so i could get some sleep keagara lukevanoort
Go to Post well, our team isn't actually building a robot, we're covering our team leader in foil. NERD12345 Alex Burman
Go to Post By the way, safety glasses are so in style now, :) LightWaves1636 i_am_Doug
Go to Post NERDs...gotta collect them all! Conor Ryan Jessica Boucher
Go to Post darn design trade-offs! the game design committee does this to us every year! KenWittlief Billfred
Go to Post The most important piece of advice I can give is have someone assigned to pay attention to the batteries. You cannot imagine how many teams end up saying "I thought you were charging the batteries..." RoboMom Billfred
Go to Post I'm absolutely certain there are simpler ways of accomplish the same things. I'm simply not the best that FIRST has to offer in this regard and part of what drives me to keep going is the desire to get better at achieving an elegant solution with as few superfluous processes as possible. Madison Billfred
Go to Post Oh no, do I see a new reality TV show coming? "Dancing with the FIRST Stars"??? :ahh: KathieK Beth Sweet
Go to Post Good thing that this is FIRST and not FIRD (For inspiration & Recognition of Dancing) ... :) Jason Morrella Alex Burman
Go to Post Proof: Remove the motor from it's mechanical house of bondage and it will operate just fine Mike Betts steveg
Go to Post *gasp* robot? what robot? we were suppose to build a robot? LightWaves1636 Alex Burman
Go to Post This is just one example of why you MUST NOT make engineering decisions based on assumptions. You should check/measure your parts and make appropriate design adjustments. Stu Bloom Billfred

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