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Go to Post Thanks to everyone who made the regional possible - I know my team had a blast and I'm pretty sure most other teams did too. Steve Howland Jessica Boucher
Go to Post "You fogot the gears!!!!" The_Gman lukevanoort
Go to Post Ohh the [strike]humanity[/strike] robotity! artdutra04 Noah Kleinberg
Go to Post As a rookie team member at my first event, i had a great time, the little glitches meaning nothing. Gluedtothefloor Elgin Clock
Go to Post One team at the UTC regional scored over 2100 points in autonomous alone. I was highly impressed. Greg Marra Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I think we need to take away your hammer privileges. Katy Michelle Celio
Go to Post we were sick and tired of compromises: "speed or torque", "traction or maneuverability", etc.; bump that, we want it all. all we had to compromise was simplicity. RogerR Billfred
Go to Post Here, and in general, avoid jumping to conclusions without research. This will serve you well in life. DonRotolo Jay H 237
Go to Post The person that I would, without a doubt, would like to meet the most is my sanity. lukevanoort Michelle Celio
Go to Post kids under stress + poor eating habits + even worse food+ walking around a cold ice rink all day + contact with 100s of kids from all over the world = robo flu. Maybe the virus going around is the real "FIRST fever" Wayne C. Bharat Nain
Go to Post its not that I cant spell, I'm just being international. . . . I like it Stuart lukevanoort
Go to Post I guess that we will just have to live with it, EH!!! :D Steve W Ian Curtis
Go to Post Something is subtly different about the competition environment that makes everything worse. kaszeta Rick TYler
Go to Post Don't Canadians spell it that way? Someone should cheque on that.... Travis Hoffman RogerR
Go to Post If you are playing foozball and your ball bounces back out of the goal, do you expect the table's manufacturer to fix it? No - you groan and keep playing! Nothing's different here. Like Dave said, it's part of the challenge of playing the game. petek Billfred
Go to Post Side effect include: Hearing loss, splinters, blisters, extreme sprit, uncontrollable urges to scream "GO MOE", and bright green fashion sense The Lucas Jessica Boucher
Go to Post So perhaps those that are so eager to complain might realize that if they spent a little less time complaining and a little more time analyzing the problem and developing solutions, then they might have a little less to complain about. dlavery RogerR
Go to Post you can't eat a poof ball. its filled with magic smoke. it'd kill you quicker than a robot rampaging in autonomous mode, when you have the green light strapped to your face. efoote868 coastertux
Go to Post Football has been a school institution for over 100 years--we can't expect FIRST to show the same potential in a 10th of that. Petey Billfred
Go to Post While science and technology can solve difficult problems, it is people and interaction that make it all work. DonRotolo Bill Moore
Go to Post Inside Dave's Head (which is a place I'd like to go someday, but I'm not entirely sure what I'd find)... Ian Curtis Billfred
Go to Post Actually there are several Wayne Cokeleys circulating around. We cloned him in 2001. This is his evil twin Mordechai responding.....-WC 3 Wayne C. Rohith Surampudi
Go to Post Who wants to see your robot get their butt handed to them? Joe_Widen StephLee
Go to Post Life is unfair. Learn to deal with it or be unhappy. Joe Johnson StephLee
Go to Post OUR CNC machine is named Joe, and he has this week of school off. He eats candy instead of electricity. Not so accurate or repeatable, but very easy to re-program. Not2B Joe J.
Go to Post No matter what happens to the robot we learned our lesson and we had fun. That's what matters. David Guzman techtiger1
Go to Post Fire and smoke are great if you're into Battlebots, but we like to avoid them in FIRST competitions. Elgin Clock
Go to Post May your shirts be full of buttons, yours inspiration be plentiful, and your error messages be few. Barry Bonzack Jaine Perotti
Go to Post May the road accelerate in the +Z direction, and the wind always be from -Y (modernized Irish blessing). KenWittlief Jaine Perotti
Go to Post hmmm... big open space between arena and pits... thousands of poof balls...thousands of high school kids hopped up on sugar and robotics.... sounds a little dangerous. Courtneyb1023 Billfred
Go to Post Don't you know anything about programming? It's a black box; you don't need to know how it works. Chriszuma Billfred
Go to Post oooh tight leather bumpers...sexy! Nuttyman54 Michelle Celio
Go to Post Yes, I think we can all agree that bad people suck. Joe Johnson Tristan Lall
Go to Post Since our team is in possession of the school, we have no restrictions on how late we can be there. So our teams are often practicing into the wee hours of the morning. Also, the school board uses "the breeze" for storage of high jump mats, so it's a great place to nap. :) Karthik Ian Curtis
Go to Post I give props to your programmers and programming mentors. Sgraff_SRHS06 Kristian Calhoun
Go to Post Inspectors are your friends and are there to make sure you are safe and legal to compete. Al Skierkiewicz Andy Baker
Go to Post your bot brings all the boys to the yard. looneylin Andy Baker
Go to Post No offense, but telling the Killer Bees they should do something is like telling Micheal Jordan how to dunk a basketball (or Lebron James for you young'ens who don't know who Michael Jordan is)... Don Wright Eric Yahrmatter
Go to Post The students that I have known in FIRST over my 8 years of involvement have been far more inspired by the competition and some of the jaw dropping creations of "elite" teams than by anything that we made ourselves. MattB703 Karthik
Go to Post These are the moments you will bring with you the rest of your life, enjoy them! KathieK Jon K.
Go to Post Now, our team did meet, but there wasn't much inspiring going on. Unless you call pegging me with more darn poof balls exciting. Paul Copioli Billfred
Go to Post And trust me, the very last thing you want to see is me with time on my hands and access to power tools. dlavery ForgottenSalad
Go to Post I almost forgot the biggest advantage of all! Three times as many people get to hear me and Karthik sing at 2 am! Derek Bessette Beth Sweet
Go to Post I don't care if students, engineers, my aging grandmother, or a pack of monkeys builds the robot...as long as at least one student walks away inspired then the goal of FIRST has been reached. Andy Grady Andy Baker
Go to Post You can make unfounded guesses, but chances are you'll come off looking like a moron. Let's try and avoid that. Karthik RogerR
Go to Post Are we really that close-minded that we have to insult other teams that deviate from what we percieve to be right? Giving an opinion and insulting someone are far from each other. Amanda Morrison Karthik
Go to Post FIRST competitions are a microcosm of real world engineering projects. KenWittlief Cody Carey
Go to Post Real projects have good and bad aspects, problems that must be dealt with, and lots of things that dont make any sense from your side of the fence. KenWittlief Cody Carey
Go to Post I respect each member of any FIRST team that is truly trying to help students…how they choose to do so is up to them. Jason Kixmiller Stu Bloom
Go to Post Just because a robot looks good and just because it is very well made does not mean that students were not involved in creating it. Ryan Dognaux Karthik

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