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Go to Post No offense, but telling the Killer Bees they should do something is like telling Micheal Jordan how to dunk a basketball (or Lebron James for you young'ens who don't know who Michael Jordan is)... Don Wright Eric Yahrmatter
Go to Post The students that I have known in FIRST over my 8 years of involvement have been far more inspired by the competition and some of the jaw dropping creations of "elite" teams than by anything that we made ourselves. MattB703 Karthik
Go to Post These are the moments you will bring with you the rest of your life, enjoy them! KathieK Jon K.
Go to Post Now, our team did meet, but there wasn't much inspiring going on. Unless you call pegging me with more darn poof balls exciting. Paul Copioli Billfred
Go to Post And trust me, the very last thing you want to see is me with time on my hands and access to power tools. dlavery ForgottenSalad
Go to Post I almost forgot the biggest advantage of all! Three times as many people get to hear me and Karthik sing at 2 am! Derek Bessette Beth Sweet
Go to Post I don't care if students, engineers, my aging grandmother, or a pack of monkeys builds the robot...as long as at least one student walks away inspired then the goal of FIRST has been reached. Andy Grady Andy Baker
Go to Post You can make unfounded guesses, but chances are you'll come off looking like a moron. Let's try and avoid that. Karthik RogerR
Go to Post Are we really that close-minded that we have to insult other teams that deviate from what we percieve to be right? Giving an opinion and insulting someone are far from each other. Amanda Morrison Karthik
Go to Post FIRST competitions are a microcosm of real world engineering projects. KenWittlief Cody Carey
Go to Post Real projects have good and bad aspects, problems that must be dealt with, and lots of things that dont make any sense from your side of the fence. KenWittlief Cody Carey
Go to Post I respect each member of any FIRST team that is truly trying to help students…how they choose to do so is up to them. Jason Kixmiller Stu Bloom
Go to Post Just because a robot looks good and just because it is very well made does not mean that students were not involved in creating it. Ryan Dognaux Karthik
Go to Post Without the game, there is no FIRST ... period. Paul Copioli Jack Jones
Go to Post So Love your robot, and it will love you. Not2B Joe J.
Go to Post You have accomplished and learned more in the past six weeks than...a majority of people in the country. Be proud of your machine. Don't kick it to the gutter. Stand behind it. Believe in it. Give it your all. Take pride in your robot. :) sanddrag Madison
Go to Post We want to be a positive force in our community, and maybe to encourage our country’s best and brightest to go to work for the ones who’ve put themselves in harm’s way. Jack Jones Billfred
Go to Post The rules are the rules, but if the rules get so ridiculous some of us may choose not to play anymore and that is the bigger shame. Paul Copioli Karthik
Go to Post Look at the success of the Banebot's gearboxes this year. Cheap, light, small, and a lot of people are using them, even though their quality may be a bit questionable... Make a similar gearbox for a drivetrain (with a bit more robustness) and I think you've got a winner. Ben Piecuch AdamHeard
Go to Post I have no defined complaints, and I have no solution. I simply have mixed feelings. Andrew Blair Rick TYler
Go to Post The amount of sense this rule makes is irrelevant. It is still the rule, and breaking this rule violates something that i'm sure all of you have heard of. Does gracious professionalism ring a bell? Kate00 Karthik
Go to Post The gearbox can be anything, just as long as it weighs less than 0 lbs, and yes, I'm talking about negative weight here. NoodleKnight Veselin Kolev
Go to Post Use the mentor to lay down the law. They're not there to be your friends they're there to keep the kids focused on the job at hand. Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post It really is up to us to stand up for these principles so when we sell it to the general public we're not just feeding them some line because if we don't believe it, why should they? Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post I think it's important to keep FIRST's most important award as the top point getter [in Fantasy FIRST]. It's help reinforce that the Chairman's award, Engineering Inspiration and Woodie Flowers award are actually important and FIRST is about more than just the robots. Koko Ed Levin571
Go to Post A well-working FIRST robot can be charismatic. People are attracted to it. Teams rally behind it. Little kids stare with wide eyes. Relatives say to their friends "look at what my niece helped invent". This is an awesome thing. Andy Baker Karthik
Go to Post Joe is a great sport and this was a good moral booster after a grueling weekend. How many opportunities do you get to play William Tell with a Regional WFA Winner? :) The Lucas Billfred
Go to Post CAD is the oxygen for engineering. Bharat Nain Daniel Brim
Go to Post "It's not a bug, it's an unlisted feature." Barry Craig CmptrGk
Go to Post "It's not a bug, it's an unlisted feature." Barry Craig jon-s
Go to Post "It's not a bug, it's an unlisted feature." Barry Craig GMeyer
Go to Post Call it confidence, call it ego, call it what you want, but the fact of the matter is you need to be humble or someone will humble you. Dan Richardson Ian Curtis
Go to Post Yes, I have lost it! Alan Anderson Kyle Love
Go to Post I know the code works, I wrote it! It must be a hardware problem. buss Michelle Celio
Go to Post Every thing is a hammer except for the screw driver which is a chisel. BradL trezelle2
Go to Post TIME is the one commodity you cannot buy more of. Andy Brockway Jaine Perotti
Go to Post "The audience will be making three sounds this year: oos, aahs, and oh my God, watch out!" nate234 Andy Baker
Go to Post If all goes well (cross fingers) we'll have a joystick for driving and one - count it, one - button: FIRE DonRotolo irishninja
Go to Post "It is a guaranteed fact that at least one rookie team will name their robot 'Chuck Norris'." Tim Arnold synth3tk
Go to Post "We're too close for missiles, switching to Poof balls!" "Just one more day on the driving code, then I'll switch to autonomous." Rick TYler Steve S.
Go to Post It's cool to see that Shaun White is an active team member (6th person from top left). That guy must be amazing, as he can win a gold medal in snowboarding while also being active on a FIRST Robotics team. Andy Baker Conor Ryan
Go to Post I'm going to get kicked out of the mentor club for this one... Not2B Joe J.
Go to Post By seeing other robot designs, teams can plan before hand on how to defend or defeat it. Don Wright Beth Sweet
Go to Post No, nothing secret unless you include the following: will it work?, can it be driven and will it release the balls. twolf Billfred
Go to Post Seniors, do you realize this is your last robot season?! atomikitten David Guzman
Go to Post IF teams did NOT READ THE FIRST MANUAL AND Q&A SITE, it is not FIRST's fault, it is the TEAM'S fault sburro Billfred
Go to Post Now that the robot is shipped, maybe I can get to bed before the alarm clock goes off =] DarMagi Michelle Celio
Go to Post It's 9:00 Do you know where your bott is? Michelle Celio DarMagi
Go to Post My Worst Decision of the Week?? Reading this thread!! :) :) :cool: :cool: BobC Alex Burman
Go to Post Me: Hi, Honey - I'm home! Wife: Must have shipped the robot today, huh? meaubry Billfred

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