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Go to Post I've learned never to say never when it comes to FIRST teams. Karthik Ian Curtis
Go to Post Robotics = my anti drug. Queen_of_Mascot Koko Ed
Go to Post I know what "finished" means, and I know what "robot" means, but what is this "finished robot" of which you speak? Rick TYler Billfred
Go to Post I know what "finished" means, and I know what "robot" means, but what is this "finished robot" of which you speak? Rick TYler Alex Burman
Go to Post The 2006 FRC Manual: Read it. Learn it. Know it. dlavery Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I haven't been negative about any FIRST game yet, but scaling and cleaning fish in 2009 that were used in 2008 is going to stink. Literally. :P Billfred Michelle Celio
Go to Post What? No Poof balls as pillows? Phfff. Amateur. :p artdutra04 Billfred
Go to Post To me, FIRST is about having students realize that there IS an answer to the age old high school question: "when are we ever going to use this crap?" Chris Hibner Cory
Go to Post In the 2010 game, FRC and FVC robots will be working together to cut Dave's hair, mow his lawn, and serve him dinner. ;) Rich Kressly Shu Song
Go to Post Only Dave knows [if the 2010 game is designed already], and he aint tellin' but he'll happily feed you lots of red herrings. Koko Ed Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I was not looking at this as a backdoor to asking Brandon to do it (when I have impossible/unreasonable tasks I want done, I ask him straight out ;-) Joe Johnson Billfred
Go to Post It's just another design constraint that needs to be dealt with. Dave Scheck Jessica Boucher
Go to Post .. just don't try to sell/trade your freshmen or something silly like that. :) Brandon Martus Ian Curtis
Go to Post A robot that can't move isn't a robot. It's just furniture. John Neun JVN
Go to Post Woodie once said he wanted to make our brains hurt. And I *don't* think he was talking about getting beaned by 198 grams of foam.... Ken Patton Billfred
Go to Post FIRST has a 365 day season (366 on leap years)... Adam Richards Jessica Boucher
Go to Post This exercise in thanking the hand that teaches you brought to you by the Unsung FIRST Heroes Award. Have you thanked your mentor lately? Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post [this is rapidly turning into a 'how many engineers does it take....' contest :^) ] KenWittlief EricH
Go to Post Even though others have had success, I will be honest, this method sort of creeps me out. Joe Johnson Billfred
Go to Post Engineering fundamentally comes down to problem solving, and if the students can't get excited and inspired by the problem solving process because someone has spoon fed them a solution, then nobody wins. Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime. kevinw Eldarion
Go to Post But plywood is so awesome on robots...... But I guess shiny usually always wins out huh? Jon K. Jessica Boucher
Go to Post HEY! a robot that occupies 4 dimensional space is against the rules! KenWittlief Barry Bonzack
Go to Post Welcome to FIRST, the place where you can be competitive in a team. Here people can learn more in one year of FIRST than in four years of high school. dude__hi Hallry
Go to Post It is better to err on the side of caution than to put yourself in a position to have a referee or judge make a call against you. Build smart! Sean Schuff Billfred
Go to Post Actually, FIRST Is hoping the reverse, that your bot will be "Ball damage proof" Rombus Billfred
Go to Post *POP!* I suppose I'll have to change my hair style to the John V-Neun now. Billfred Amanda Morrison
Go to Post A Guru teaching batteries at Exide: "Do not draw your power from up here, by your terminals. You must reach down deep into your plates and pull the energy from your entire being! You must prove yourself worthy to be FIRST power cells!" KenWittlief Rick TYler
Go to Post ...before we ship the robot, they have to make me understand how it works. Beth Sweet dlavery
Go to Post I wish my biology class was this exciting. MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post Ultrasonic sensors will allow you to do fundamentally the same thing that the bump sensors do...so you can slow down and smoothly stop your robot just before it reaches the end wall, instead of running into it at full speed and then figuring out "ohh! there is a wall there!" dlavery Billfred
Go to Post See, the boyfriend/girlfriend IS the robot. :D sanddrag Brandon_L
Go to Post Mark McLeod, one of the resident experts on compiler weirdness Kevin Watson Matt Krass
Go to Post What can you do? The more time you waste here speculating the less time you have to work on the robot. Go! Build Robots! Now! Jessica Boucher Billfred
Go to Post Wait hold the phone. Do you mean its physically possible to not spend time on robotics during the season?!!! Too much.......for brain......to compute!...goes against.....beliefs........aaaaarrrrrrghhhhhh!!! [syntax error] BuddyB309 JBotAlan
Go to Post You could mount a small Black Hole on the top of your bot, and park it in front of the center goal - that would work...just keep your human player away from the event horizon. KenWittlief Koko Ed
Go to Post AND we had to walk uphill both ways to get to our shops! And we liked it that way! Andy A. JBotAlan
Go to Post ...because "someone on ChiefDelphi said so," doesn't fly when your robot can't pass inspection. Madison Beth Sweet
Go to Post FIRST is not a "buy it and build it kit robot" competition. sanddrag dlavery
Go to Post Be thankful for what you have, not frustrated with it because it doesn't exactly suit your needs. sanddrag dlavery
Go to Post Let's not complain when we are getting magnificent items in the kit that teams just a few years ago could only wish for. sanddrag Karthik
Go to Post I don't want a carbon copy of your wheels.. I want to improve upon your design. Tom Bottiglieri Ryan Foley
Go to Post the golden rule of robotics for the 21st century: Do unto robots as you would have them do unto you KenWittlief Barry Bonzack
Go to Post JVN, Captain Mechanical Engineer, Mr. "Software is evil", has supported the CMU camera. I'm speechless. What's next? Copioli designing in imperial? Karthik Shu Song
Go to Post Aaaah - interpersonal dynamics - the root of most problems on most teams. UCGL_Guy Bill Moore
Go to Post Unfortunately, you cannot always tell when some things are jokes on forums, because we only can rely on text and a limited number of smilies. artdutra04 Billfred
Go to Post We really are nerds, aren't we? Eria4044 Billfred
Go to Post I always thought a trained bio mechanical monkey wrapped in aluminum foil would be the best robot, but every year my team says "No Pete, go sit down." BuddyB309 Billfred
Go to Post Ok maybe you cant stop them, but you can utilize that pretty flashing LED pretty darn well! Andy Grady JVN
Go to Post Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration, which is why engineers sometimes smell really bad. Koko Ed kmcclary
Go to Post Sorry [the easy button] does not exist in robotics :D Arkorobotics Billfred

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