Go to Post It is not about one robot, it is about 3 robots on one alliance against 3 robots on the other. - Mastonevich [more]
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Go to Post Don't feel intimidated, we don't bite =). nehalita Ian Curtis
Go to Post - Only think of Gracious Professionalism as a standard to work toward personally. - Never use it as a gauge to point out someone elseís shortcomings. Rich Kressly Mark McLeod
Go to Post Only think of Gracious Professionalism as a standard to work toward personally. Never use it as a gauge to point out someone elseís shortcomings. Rich Kressly Josh Hambright
Go to Post Itís impossible to know whoís life you will change forever. Donít miss an opportunity. Iím an optimist. Have a great season. This is the year. Rich Kressly ~Cory~
Go to Post If you speak three languages, you're trilingual. If you speak two languages, you're bilingual. And if you speak one language, you're American. Hieb Alex Burman
Go to Post I think the answer you will get will be the same we have been saying since post #2 on page 1. KenWittlief Ian Curtis
Go to Post Travel is a LOT less expensive when you pack the grown ups in the crate. Rich Kressly Billfred
Go to Post so this is going to sound really dumb but remember that i am a mechanical guy. Greg Needel Billfred
Go to Post You people are online way too early in the morning... Beth Sweet Billfred
Go to Post These are threads, and they are what hold the community together...so CD must be a threaded fastener right? Andrew Blair petek
Go to Post It's rather simple: you start with a block of solid and remove material until you just have the robot left. Kind of like making a sandcastle. Only harder. petek dlavery
Go to Post however, if i tried it i would probably end up setting my hair on fire Henry_Mareck lukevanoort
Go to Post I urge them to build the kitbot and repeateadly smash it into a concrete wall in order to sate their anger. It will soon wane when they manage to do more damage to the wall than to the kitbot. That is honestly the reason that we ended up using the kitframe this year. Andrew Blair JVN
Go to Post Maybe we won't get any motors at all! Rotary Pneumatics, here we come! Tom Bottiglieri Billfred
Go to Post If it's the loss of American lives that concerns the nation, why not campaign aggressively against smoking, or improve automobile safety? At least then, the benefits will be tangible, and substantially more significant to the well being of the locals. Tristan Lall Stu Bloom
Go to Post Go fish, dude. Bill Gold Madison
Go to Post Brandon Martus, making CD readers' lives easier since May 2001/Fall 98 Beth Sweet Billfred
Go to Post Now if you'll excuse me, I need to develop the edible transistor. sciguy125 EricH
Go to Post Because you know what they say, the new year doesn't begin until Dean, Dave, and Woodie drop the big one. Jay Trzaskos Billfred
Go to Post "One man's trash is our robotics team's fundraiser" (We have an aluminum can drive to raise money) bombadier337 Ian Curtis
Go to Post Anyway, everyone, PLEASE READ THE MANUAL VERY CAREFULLY and ask around for the answers before going directly to FIRST. :) AmyPrib Ian Curtis
Go to Post We don't want "The Flame Heard 'Round the World"... Andrew Blair Billfred
Go to Post Have you hugged a Martian today? (Dave, don't answer that.) Billfred Ian Curtis
Go to Post Now THAT's the way FIRST is supposed to work :) ! Stu Bloom Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post NEMO is a virtual organization with a virtual headquarters and virtual bank account. KathieK Beth Sweet
Go to Post For a good time, call 1-800-GOFIRST Wayne Doenges Lisa Rodriguez
Go to Post Way to steal my thunder, Billfred! :p Koko Ed Ian Curtis
Go to Post know what else would be great? with each new + rep point you get 10 airline miles on your Visa or MasterCard KenWittlief Conor Ryan
Go to Post Breathe in and out.... *altoids mint* breathes in more... *looks at countdown until kickoff*...30 DAYS!!! *competition anxiety disorder* Conor Ryan Michelle Celio
Go to Post There are so much more things to be worked on and are more beneficial to FIRST and FIRSTers than green dots by someone's name. tiffany34990 Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post Yippee! Someone else that can have their every word over-analyzed, mis-read, inverted, converted, perverted, misinterpreted, reverted, and garbled besides just me! dlavery RogerR
Go to Post I am not short, I am just conveniently packaged. kio_chan176
Go to Post If you smack the bear with a stick, you'd better be ready for a mauling. sciguy125 Collin Fultz
Go to Post I don't mean to sound harsh, but I do not want you to get your hopes up. There are deadlines in FIRST. RoboMom Billfred
Go to Post If people really want to see "better" refereeing, they should see what they can do to help FIRST make better. petek Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post You play your best, the refs do their best, and at the end of the day we are FIRST, collectively. KenWittlief Alan Anderson
Go to Post Reffing a FIRST event is unlike being an ump or a ref at any other event. Where else is a game invented each year and over 1000 teams play this game within 3 months of its birth? Andy Baker Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post Hey that was easy, we settled the argument on CD in one post! :^) KenWittlief Hallry
Go to Post Oh, the magic smoke will just make make it seem a bit more like Christmas. CJO Billfred
Go to Post Aha I just noticed you're from my team. --Petey Petey lukevanoort
Go to Post If you cannot complete relatively simple tasks, why would anyone assign you something more challenging?? Chris Fultz Collin Fultz
Go to Post Hey, I'm not my dad, I dont know anything! Lil' Lavery Billfred
Go to Post * FIOTWOD -pronounced "FI ot wood", the first two syllables rhyme with "riot" -stands for: FIRST-is-the-only-topic-worthy-of-discussion Joe Johnson Ian Curtis
Go to Post We're college students. We appreciate free. Billfred DCA Fan
Go to Post Best way to get the word out for FIRST is Demo, Demo, Demo. There's no reason anyone in your community shouldn't know what you folks are doing. Martinez Billfred
Go to Post Although it took me a little while to find my niche in the program, every moment spent has been one great memory after another. Amanda Morrison Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post But seriously? White paper.. CD.. upload.. You get what I'm sayin'! :) Elgin Clock Ian Curtis
Go to Post If I had a dollar for every time I thought we'd get a legitimate hint....Well, I might have a few dollars... Andrew Blair Billfred
Go to Post srawls: Look, all I did was say "Hi, my name is John V-Neun" and it just happened... dlavery Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post OK, I have officially been dragged into the 21st century (screaming and kicking the whole way). KenWittlief Billfred

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