Go to Post I'm a drive team coach, they don't eat lunch during competition. - Rick [more]
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Go to Post With CD down... I wasn't sure what to do with my free time. I almost had a reality check and thought I might go outside. Barry Bonzack Billfred
Go to Post FIRST has stated time and again that the program is not about teaching (they always refer to the I and R in FIRST) Dave Flowerday Karthik
Go to Post No caffine for you! Koko Ed Ian Curtis
Go to Post Sloppy thinking leads to sloppy designs... Joe Johnson JVN
Go to Post the hardest task this year is the same as every other year: getting the engineers out of the crate so you can close it up and the FedEx guy can haul it away! KenWittlief Billfred
Go to Post Once this competition is over, we should donate all of these Poof balls to daycares, elementary schools, neighbors; all the little kids. It would make us look good like, "Here's our Toys for Toddlers gift from us upstanding citizens. And we build robots." atomikitten Jessica Boucher
Go to Post wait a minute...Dave posted a hint here yesterday. but no one has tried to analyze it word by word. has something changed since the kickoff??? jerry w Billfred
Go to Post My brain is about as full as the ChiefDelphi servers have been lately with all the info from the past few days jammed in there. Elgin Clock Shu Song
Go to Post 5:20 - Lots of discussion about how FIRST pretty much wipes out the world of at least one object every year. Andy Grady dragonrulr288
Go to Post My wife got mad at me when I told her I wanted to name our daughter Lotus. "What you mean the software?" she squawked. "No I mean the flower." I said. geeks, I swear.... Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post While at kickoff I asked Woodie if there were any concerns about missed shots at the center goal hitting the operators or the controls. He handed me a ball and told me to throw it at him as hard as I could... How many times does an opportunity like that come up? Barry Bonzack Billfred
Go to Post All I know is that last year in Philadelphi, our camera locked dead onto MOE (Team 365) and their flourescent green shirts during the matches. They might want to consider what would happen if they get pelted with balls during the autonomous period! :ahh: Greg Marra Ian Curtis
Go to Post What's this about a robot that they speak of? Are we supposed to build one???? ryan_f Cyberguy34000
Go to Post Our team is using a video camera with frame-by-frame analysis to figure out all the characteristics of the foam ball. If the Boeing engineer says it's possible, I'm going to believe him. sciencenerd Billfred
Go to Post I guess I should read the manual. r_towle Billfred
Go to Post I have a feeling that we're about to deprive the world of Poof balls for a while. DCA Fan Michelle Celio
Go to Post Real engineers don't need sleep... Just ask our bosses! Mike Betts David Guzman
Go to Post I think this can be cleared up easily...one of the New Hampshire teams needs to go dumpster diving at FIRST HQ and look for an invoice. Vaillancourt88 Billfred
Go to Post Finally I wish everyone here on ChiefDelphi good luck and more importantly a fun build season. mechanicalbrain
Go to Post Sleep? What is sleep? artdutra04 Billfred
Go to Post Wow! Can I be wrong too? Please! dlavery Joe J.
Go to Post this is a TEAM effort...teach them something. Who knows, with a little luck, you might just learn something yourself! Nuttyman54 Elgin Clock
Go to Post quick everyone find everything in the whole world that sells for $125 so we can get an edge on our building 2 days before kick off.....ready...go! Greg Needel Alex Burman
Go to Post Legend has it that Brandon installs the server in a bulletproof case shortly before Kickoff. That way, when the server explodes, the damage to surrounding things is minimal. Billfred RogerR
Go to Post Legend has it that Brandon installs the server in a bulletproof case shortly before Kickoff. That way, when the server explodes, the damage to surrounding things is minimal. ;) Billfred Josh Hambright
Go to Post I would hate for you to get the impression that the Northeast is one big unending snowglobe during the winter months. Elgin Clock Jessica Boucher
Go to Post You are all analyzing the words of a 300 pound fuzzy Pooh Bear with a penchant for squeezing other human beings for fun. Saturday is coming fast. Go see a movie. Rich Kressly Billfred
Go to Post Skill in software engineering is all about algorithmic understanding and intuition. Implemenation is an important, but ultimately secondary, concern. Programming languages are more or less arbitrary. phrontist Karthik
Go to Post After all of this is said and done, think about how much more you all will know about the lovely state of Montana and other things not related to robotics. :) Madison EddieMcD
Go to Post "Rookie" just means you are new to the game, not that your team isn't as skilled as many already in the competition. Bill Moore Billfred
Go to Post Dean looks rather debonaire in a tux. Like some sort of engineer super hero. The tuxedo is like his Clark Kent costume under which lies his amazing denim suit, to be whipped out at a moments notice in the face of uninspired youth and problems unconquered. phrontist Billfred
Go to Post (pfft, kid... I sound like I'm Baker's age) Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post Woo for speculation! Eugenia Gabrielov Billfred
Go to Post well yeah, but we can dream, can't we? Nuttyman54 Billfred
Go to Post OMG I'm a nerd! :ahh: JBotAlan Billfred
Go to Post I keep on accidently seeing (and pronouncing) it as Chef Deli. JJG13 Conor Ryan
Go to Post Brandon, your amazing! CD media will rock my socks off more then DS&K! :p Ok, maybe I won't go that far. Kyle Love Billfred
Go to Post Just remember to never take the "Us vs Them" mentality and you should come out all right. Ian Curtis Billfred
Go to Post I sure hope kickoff comes soon. Otherwise, you're all getting sent for therapy ;) Rich Kressly Billfred
Go to Post Sometimes it's not what you know going into a battle, but who you know. Elgin Clock RogerR
Go to Post All this community stuff is actually pretty fun! :) JBotAlan Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I love pushing buttons!!! Michelle Celio Billfred
Go to Post Now why did it take 24 pages for someone to think of that?? It's so obvious it's painful. Nuttyman54 Jay H 237
Go to Post If only all this food for thought happening in this thread could somehow be funneled into solving world hunger... artdutra04 Pat Fairbank
Go to Post I read every darn page of this thread. Paul Copioli Ian Curtis
Go to Post I'm sure an inflatable Dean Kamen action figure would be quite the sight around the home. lol Elgin Clock Alex Burman
Go to Post Maybe between Art, skimoose, and some of the other intelligent folks on CD (most of us), we can force a redesign of the game.... EricH Ian Curtis
Go to Post I'm impressed and incredibly amused that you found so many of Dave's evildoings, though granted, they aren't that hard to search out. DCA Fan Billfred
Go to Post p.s. It's 10:20 PM. Santa hasn't come yet, but Dave Lavery and the GDC brought me a headache for Christmas! Petey Alex Burman

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