Go to Post It is not for any other team to say what is beyond a person's or a team's capabilities. That's why they have mentors :-) - preussrobotics [more]
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Go to Post It's just a game. artdutra04 Billfred
Go to Post If all you've seen of an event is the three days of the competition, you've missed 99% of the work that made it happen. Madison Elgin Clock
Go to Post Just think of it as a FIRST weekend sleep schedule.. 3 hours is more than enough. :p Elgin Clock Conor Ryan
Go to Post We want to go out and build something right away. But it is better to think a little bit first. ChrisH Billfred
Go to Post The JVN/Karthik segment should have more than enough spontaneity for everyone Matt Krass Billfred
Go to Post ...and that is exactly why Dave is the coolest nerd I know. Rich Kressly Beth Sweet
Go to Post If they want my business, then they should act accordingly. If they don't, I am quite happy to take my business (and that of my $16.5 billion organization) elsewhere. dlavery Ian Curtis
Go to Post Dedication to FIRST gets more challenging as life gets more complicated but the rewards are SOOOOO worth it! Sean Schuff Ian Curtis
Go to Post Adaptability is the key folks. Your job will not be the same 10 years from now (when I retire), or 20 years or 30 years from now. The tools and systems you use will change, and you must be able to adapt along with them. Bill Moore Billfred
Go to Post But, ya never know, Dave's out to mess with our heads... Kyle Love Billfred
Go to Post Stupid rules are not meant to be broken; they're meant to be changed. Unless and until they are changed, breaking them is wrong. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post Yes, a good driver can effectively be the element that closes the loop, but only when there is a driver at the controls. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post quite simply, not putting our best foot forward leaves us open to shooting ourselves in the foot. Jessica Boucher Billfred
Go to Post Please understand that teams run things differently for specific and very valid reasons. And, this is OK as long as the students are inspired. Alexander McGee Karthik
Go to Post These two options can both be used effectively to create a wonderful experience for the students, but limiting them to one area is like taking a globe, slicing it in half, and saying, "You can only explore this half." Alex Golec Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post FIRST is not advanced shop class KenWittlief Karthik
Go to Post Now please, go have some meaningful discussions that will inspire us all. Ken Leung Billfred
Go to Post I can't wait until Kick Off! Simultaneously across the country there will be one loud cry of "Doh!", followed by the sound of smacking foreheads with the palm of a hand, then "Why didn't I figure that out? I saw the hint". Indeed, hind sight is 20/20. billbo911 Ian Curtis
Go to Post Stop it with the "break the rules, just don't let anyone know" already! Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post Humility tends to take people places, pompous boasts tend to get people left at home by themselves. Karthik Bharat Nain
Go to Post We should all just be humble, courteous, and act like gentlemen (or ladies) on these forums, and not fill it with yakking about who's drive train is better. Veselin Kolev Karthik
Go to Post every year presents new challenges. What worked well last year might well be a clunker-bot this year. keep an open mind! KenWittlief Billfred
Go to Post But please, don't attempt to subvert the rules. It almost invariably becomes more trouble than it's worth. Billfred Karthik
Go to Post You might even learn something! Tom Bottiglieri Billfred
Go to Post award or no award, you're still smelly. :D AndrewMorrison Andy Baker
Go to Post hmm..."give the gift of ChiefDelphi"? "This holiday season, send some Pontiac cheer to someone you love"? "Don't forget to put The Chief under your tree!" The possibilities are endless. Jessica Boucher Billfred
Go to Post ... so I have to ask: ... Are you nuts? - I hope you are - as crazy as Dean :^) KenWittlief Stu Bloom
Go to Post So go out and learn something new, even if it is old. Co-operate in this and you'll get much more out of it. Cheat and you are only cheating yourself. ChrisH Billfred
Go to Post I wonder if Radio Shacks all over should prepare for VEX robots dropping by for spare parts just like people going to a medical clinic... Wayne C. Ian Curtis
Go to Post FIRST kids never cease to amaze me. Wayne C. Billfred
Go to Post Thanks Autodesk! Al Skierkiewicz Billfred
Go to Post I once started to build a time machine. But then I went back in time and told myself that it wouldn't work, so I gave up on it. -dave dlavery Matt Krass
Go to Post Remember, however, that such software limitations in no way approximate the functionality of a multiple-speed, mechanical transmission. They're simply a convenient way of limiting your students' lead feet. Madison Billfred
Go to Post any robot that can hold and transport its team has found its purpose and can be considered complete Nitroxextreme kjohnson
Go to Post If you're a spectator that's going to complain about a "bad" call, you darn well better know for a FACT that the call was "bad". AmyPrib Billfred
Go to Post If everyone spent half as much time reading and understanding the rules as they do complaining, arguing, and disagreeing about rules, we might not even be having this discussion. AmyPrib Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post we used to walk barefoot through five feet of snow to get to school, uphill both ways, with just barbed wire for mittens, and we liked it! dlavery Denman
Go to Post You do realize that you all started jumping to conclusions without asking first which JVN he was talking about. Jay H 237 Billfred
Go to Post FIRST is difficult and it is challenging, but you arenít necessarily required to go off and build an 8 motor drivetrain and 4 motor / 8 pneumatic piston arm mechanism for the heck of it when a 2 motor non-shifting drivetrain and 2 motor arm does just as good a job. Bill Gold Karthik
Go to Post What Iím trying to say is that you should not necessarily be looking to build the next ďcoolĒ thing, unless thatís your teamís goal and youíve got the resources to finish it by ship date. Bill Gold Karthik
Go to Post The teams who have the best chance at success are the ones who know where they can save time and money on machining by using or using part of some premade equivalent. Bill Gold Karthik
Go to Post So remember, no matter what the odds, your wildest dreams can come true with science and technology. Ian Curtis artdutra04
Go to Post Gracious Professionalism at its finest - Competing like CRAZY on the field, then working together like professionals off the field to make these events the best they can be for everyone involved. Stu Bloom Ian Curtis
Go to Post If winning that individual match is more important to you than being there in the first place, then I believe you've got your priorities in the wrong spot. Tom Bottiglieri dlavery
Go to Post We are different, on purpose, for a reason. No one in FIRST should EVER forget that. Rich Kressly JohnBoucher
Go to Post FIRST does have instant replay. Its called the off season. Wayne C. dlavery
Go to Post Replay/video isnt a BAD idea, its just not a GOOD idea for FIRST. Ashley Christine Steve W
Go to Post Let's see some love for these fine people. Let's give it up for the refs. Andy Baker Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post This is high school robotics for fun and education. Let's try and keep it that way. Rod RogerR
Go to Post Instant Replay??? AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!! Bill Moore Ian Curtis

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