Go to Post My code mentors once told me, "A good programmer can look at a library, decide he hates it, and code everything from scratch. An amazing programmer can look at a library, decide he hates it, but realize the time it will save him and learn to use it." - slavik262 [more]
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Go to Post A robot is replaced every season by the next robot, but a friend, team member, mentor, and memories will never be replaced. Jverdon Dorienne
Go to Post When our arm "spontaneously combusted in the middle of the field", your team was the first to offer assistance to help fix it. KTorak Beth Sweet
Go to Post The game starts, we learn, the game changes, we learn some more, the game changes again, we learn even more . . . Bill Moore Kyle
Go to Post By the way, if anyone happens to find my dignity lying around anywhere, please let me know. I seem to have lost it completely. dlavery Daniel Brim
Go to Post I think it's great the way people involved in FIRST always try so hard not to argue. It's a good sign that all the talk of Gracious Professionalism is working. BaldwinNYRookie AIBob
Go to Post I didn't think it was possible for Dave to be any more cryptic. I was wrong. IMDWalrus Billfred
Go to Post we can crank up the volume and let the world know that we are nerds with a pulse! dlavery Shu Song
Go to Post The bleachers at a FIRST competition should be full of people blasting energy out of every pore of their bodies. dlavery Amanda Morrison
Go to Post But if we just re-play "Triple Play" then what in the world will the Game Design Committee do with all that new-found free time? Since they wouldn't have to come up with a new game, they would have to concentrate on other things - like how to enforce the proposed "no metal on robots" rule. dlavery Daniel Brim
Go to Post Look guys, I am telling you for the fourth time - you are NEVER going to earn your official "Geek" certificates if you keep spelling "pwned" with an "O" in it! dlavery Billfred
Go to Post ...the list of the things we want to get done in the off-season has grown to such a length that I have to take off my shoes and socks to count them...and I think I may need to grow a few more toes soon. StephLee Keith Chester
Go to Post Givens do not need solutions. Al Skierkiewicz dlavery
Go to Post These awards aren't easy to get, and if a team deserves an award, they deserve to be cheered on for it. tckma StephLee
Go to Post Unfortunately, not everyone is Andy Baker. If everyone had this mindset, there would be far fewer problems. Kevin Kolodziej Joe Matt
Go to Post I applaud teams that make signs of all kinds - giant numbers, large banners, humongous heads. It's all good. Ryan Dognaux Andy Baker
Go to Post For some strange reason, people always seem to spell my last name incorrectly. I'm not really sure why. Karthik Billfred
Go to Post please take the time to kick me in the butt. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post The size of your team has nothing to do with the size of your heart. Amanda Morrison Daniel Brim
Go to Post There is no offseason. Jeff Rodriguez Hallry
Go to Post Stand up and cheer for yourselves and others. That is FIRST, don't change it. Steve W Kyle
Go to Post Maybe this is something we should put on the backs of our shirts: "beware - this person will stand up and cheer for other teams during FIRST award ceremonies". Andy Baker StephLee
Go to Post Gracious professionalism... otherwise, the program has failed. Yan Wang Billfred
Go to Post Please think before you speak. Cory Billfred
Go to Post The problem was too many penalties with too much room for judgment. dbSparx Andy Baker
Go to Post Please don't confuse energetic enthusaism with acting obnoxious. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post Either this entry is the winner or Andy needs professional help. I can't quite decide which... Rich Kressly Billfred
Go to Post This is a high-energy sporting event, not a piano recital. :) Alan Anderson Cory
Go to Post You can never go wrong by gaining height by way of a Segway. Elgin Clock Billfred
Go to Post Part of the magic of FIRST is the interaction between different teams- and that becomes clear as day as the clock starts ticking. mhayon Kyle
Go to Post Every time i look at my watch and see 3:65 o'clock I always thing, darn i gotta get a new watch... Kyle Barry Bonzack
Go to Post There is nothing cooler than engineers playing rock music. Jay Trzaskos Daniel Brim
Go to Post I'll admit that the events at Epcot were pretty nice, but they too had their problems. . . You were at the mercy of the weather, and Disney hasn't figured out how to control that yet. Kevin Sevcik Billfred
Go to Post Maybe I'm just a chicken. Not to disparage the ThunderChickens. Those guys are a whole different breed of poultry. Kevin Sevcik omutton
Go to Post The fact that although many of us disagree on specifics of how FIRST should conduct events, design a game, and facilitate as much fairness between teams as possible, in the end we still greatly enjoy each other's passion for FIRST and provide genuine respect for each other Andy Baker Steve W
Go to Post We love team 71, but playing against them is not one of our favorite things to do. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post I WANT to see teams succeed. Steve W Billfred
Go to Post a robot that is broken shows that it has survived more than a robot that doesn't even have a scratch. robot180 Billfred
Go to Post For the first time, tears of joy came to my eyes when I realized how much I love FIRST. Arefin Bari Barry Bonzack
Go to Post anything is possible with dedication. Billfred
Go to Post I can't wait for the next season to start and my anticipation has already started. But in a way, if you think about it, the season's already started. nehalita Bcahn836
Go to Post not national champ.....WORLD CHAMPION Stephen Kowski Billfred
Go to Post FIRST truly isnt about building robots, but allowing yourself to reach higher and farther than you ever could. Brandon Holley Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Battle Bots and other robot fighting competitions is to First Like McDonalds to Hamburgers They get the idea, and have the taste, but they are bad for you in the long run. Conor Ryan StephLee
Go to Post FIRST is not a destination, its not the reward, its the slingshot that will launch you from where you are, to where you can be. KenWittlief Josh Hambright
Go to Post ... it's us against all the bad-grammar-usin', "ya know"-slingin', graciously excepting, "congradulations"-totin', "nu kU ler"-spoutin' linguistic Luddites out there. We'll see who wins! :D dlavery Eric Finn
Go to Post ... you know you are a nerd when you want safety glasses for your birthday! :P Ashley Christine Arefin Bari
Go to Post And we had to walk both ways to the venue from our hotel! Uphill! Barefoot over broken glass! IMDWalrus kjohnson
Go to Post Ask not what FIRST can do for you but what you can do for FIRST. Koko Ed artdutra04
Go to Post Quitting FIRST was so hard that I felt like I needed a 12 steps program to help me through it. Ken Leung Koko Ed
Go to Post Isn't that, April showers bring Woodie Flowers? ;) jgannon Beth Sweet

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