Go to Post Just a note, there are 2,534 teams registered and competing in FRC this year. That means that there are 2,533 teams being run in a manner entirely different than your own. - Jay Trzaskos [more]
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Go to Post I include these trivial facts for the sole purpose of confusing people. :p KarenH Billfred
Go to Post It's important to know that it isn't always best to have biggest machine out there. Quatitos Billfred
Go to Post This pic became proof that engineers should never give up thier day jobs! :p Jay H 237 Daniel Brim
Go to Post only here would you find someone calling a motor cute.... Denman Billfred
Go to Post Who says girls can't be cute, fun AND SMART?!? Marisa Russo Winged Wonder
Go to Post Word of advice:Don't eat a whole box of nutrigrain bars that are loaded with fiber in one sitting...Yeah.. Bad thing. Elgin Clock Josh Hambright
Go to Post You can never have enough teamwork. Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post it doesn't matter so much why i joined [FIRST], but that i stayed :D sure_smile Winged Wonder
Go to Post I got dragged into FIRST against my will, and it was the best thing that's ever happened to me. Liz C dubious elise
Go to Post It's always FIRST season. Foss@Team176 Mike
Go to Post you might want to consider the Edu-Robo-Whatevertheheckitscalled RC Matt Krass Billfred
Go to Post I'm excited. Probably too much, but eh, I'm a big geek. Brandon Martus Andy Baker
Go to Post "You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." - unknown rufu5 Daniel Brim
Go to Post Even better than any [book] is simply becoming an active member of the Chief Delphi forums. Where do you think I got everything I know? sanddrag Billfred
Go to Post Kyle from team 45 said "Dude, I still have 2 years left in FIRST ahahaha.." My response to that was... "Kyle, I have till the day I die." Arefin Bari Jaine Perotti
Go to Post FIRST has a funny way of connecting people... Jaine Perotti Liz C
Go to Post An innovative strategy based off of good scouting beats a #1 alliance any day. rufu5 Billfred
Go to Post I think the only way I'd die from posting on CD is from my wife killing me. Koko Ed Conor Ryan
Go to Post if the school doesn't have a team - just start one. Pattie Barry Bonzack
Go to Post I have gone and confused myself again. Why does this happen every time? Jay Trzaskos Billfred
Go to Post Of course this should be your decision- not the FIRST community's. Take charge of your destiny. Wayne C. Daniel Brim
Go to Post Warning: You have entered an it's-so-crazy-that-it-might-just-work zone Natchez Matt Krass
Go to Post We have donut eating contests to see who has the best legs. We paint our pigs. We argue about which time zone we are in. About 400,000 of us gather together to watch cars go around in a circle. We also build robots.Yep, our cultural norm is a bit different. Andy Baker RogerR
Go to Post I love the smell of burning silicon in the morning. Al Skierkiewicz Joe Ross
Go to Post We all need to keep things in perspective. When you look back at the entire 2005 FIRST season, is your entire experience defined by the presence of a little cloth flag on the play field? dlavery Mike Schroeder
Go to Post If Amanda is 'old', I am beginning to feel like a fossil.... Chris Fultz nehalita
Go to Post The competition is about MUCH more than just the robot. If kids are glued to the robot all of the time, then they miss the rest of it... the other fun stuff, what makes FIRST, FIRST. Kims Robot RogerR
Go to Post Donít choose your hero because they will just teach you with their abilities, but also because they will also teach you with their mistakes. Ken Leung Arefin Bari
Go to Post Donít choose to aim for the stars because they mark the peak of our abilities, donít choose to aim for the stars because it is easy, choose to aim for the stars because it shows the depth of our potential; choose to aim for the stars because it is hard! Ken Leung RogerR
Go to Post To me, being in FIRST is the biggest learning experience anyone can have. I want to give that experience to everyone I can, be it now or thirty years down the line. BandChick Dorienne
Go to Post A robot is replaced every season by the next robot, but a friend, team member, mentor, and memories will never be replaced. Jverdon Dorienne
Go to Post When our arm "spontaneously combusted in the middle of the field", your team was the first to offer assistance to help fix it. KTorak Beth Sweet
Go to Post The game starts, we learn, the game changes, we learn some more, the game changes again, we learn even more . . . Bill Moore Kyle
Go to Post By the way, if anyone happens to find my dignity lying around anywhere, please let me know. I seem to have lost it completely. dlavery Daniel Brim
Go to Post I think it's great the way people involved in FIRST always try so hard not to argue. It's a good sign that all the talk of Gracious Professionalism is working. BaldwinNYRookie AIBob
Go to Post I didn't think it was possible for Dave to be any more cryptic. I was wrong. IMDWalrus Billfred
Go to Post we can crank up the volume and let the world know that we are nerds with a pulse! dlavery Shu Song
Go to Post The bleachers at a FIRST competition should be full of people blasting energy out of every pore of their bodies. dlavery Amanda Morrison
Go to Post But if we just re-play "Triple Play" then what in the world will the Game Design Committee do with all that new-found free time? Since they wouldn't have to come up with a new game, they would have to concentrate on other things - like how to enforce the proposed "no metal on robots" rule. dlavery Daniel Brim
Go to Post Look guys, I am telling you for the fourth time - you are NEVER going to earn your official "Geek" certificates if you keep spelling "pwned" with an "O" in it! dlavery Billfred
Go to Post ...the list of the things we want to get done in the off-season has grown to such a length that I have to take off my shoes and socks to count them...and I think I may need to grow a few more toes soon. StephLee Keith Chester
Go to Post Givens do not need solutions. Al Skierkiewicz dlavery
Go to Post These awards aren't easy to get, and if a team deserves an award, they deserve to be cheered on for it. tckma StephLee
Go to Post Unfortunately, not everyone is Andy Baker. If everyone had this mindset, there would be far fewer problems. Kevin Kolodziej Joe Matt
Go to Post I applaud teams that make signs of all kinds - giant numbers, large banners, humongous heads. It's all good. Ryan Dognaux Andy Baker
Go to Post For some strange reason, people always seem to spell my last name incorrectly. I'm not really sure why. Karthik Billfred
Go to Post please take the time to kick me in the butt. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post The size of your team has nothing to do with the size of your heart. Amanda Morrison Daniel Brim
Go to Post There is no offseason. Jeff Rodriguez Hallry
Go to Post Stand up and cheer for yourselves and others. That is FIRST, don't change it. Steve W Kyle

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