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Go to Post There are laws of physics, useful rules of thumb, and cold hard economics that come into play to be sure but at it's core Engineering is Art. For these artists, there is no substute for the sound engineering judgement. Joe Johnson Karthik
Go to Post You mean nobody else has picked up on the hint about next year's game being called "Whack the Billfred"? EricH Beth Sweet
Go to Post ...too much to do... ...too little time... Joe Johnson Billfred
Go to Post Don't short change your drivers. They really need drive time. Joe Johnson Ian Curtis
Go to Post JVN, thanks for working with me. You will make a great MC anywhere. Folks, he actually loosened up and fit right in. Steve W Billfred
Go to Post While [a college FIRST competition] would be pretty fun, I think that you'll see this build season that mentoring is a heck of a lot of fun too. (except when the kids pretend to cut their fingers off to see your reaction) Beth Sweet Billfred
Go to Post trust me, confused machines aren't fun to be around. [527]phil Billfred
Go to Post Rules are after all rules. They don't have to make sense. ChrisH Billfred
Go to Post Is it January yet?? Kevin Kolodziej Jessica Boucher
Go to Post By the way, a piece of advice to all those who haven't gone to Manchester for Kickoff before: Go. It's something you have to do at least once in your time in FIRST. Billfred Ian Curtis
Go to Post When I encounter Dave at competitions and meetings, I find him to be kind, helpful, almost too nice. When I read his hints, I find him to be EVIL! Ken Loyd Billfred
Go to Post But don't forget about the little details, that can (and will) come back to haunt you. Ben Piecuch Billfred
Go to Post The only thing "an eye for an eye" has ever settled is two eyeless people. Cory Billfred
Go to Post I've found that housework is more fun with power tools. RogerR Andy Baker
Go to Post There's nothing that you can do to please everyone. You have to figure out where you stand and hold your ground. sciguy125 sanddrag
Go to Post As to "no fasteners," I have a gallon of epoxy, and I'm not afraid to spread it. Rick TYler Ian Curtis
Go to Post The only way you can be undermined is if you let yourself be undermined. DUCKIE Bharat Nain
Go to Post When it all comes down to it, it's not gonna be the medal around your neck that makes the difference, but the memories that you think about when you look back on how you got there that makes the difference. Beth Sweet Billfred
Go to Post The Chairman's award is about doing what you can to strengthen the FIRST community. It doesn't require money to simply lend tools, wise advice or a hand. Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post Engineering is NOT manufacturing. .... It is good to be able to fabricate things with your own hands, but thats not what engineers do. KenWittlief ChrisH
Go to Post We discovered this problem on the ship day (sure, when else?) Manoel Billfred
Go to Post a determined team can accomplish miracles. Wayne C. sanddrag
Go to Post Baker, you certainly are a trouble maker. :) Rich Kressly Conor Ryan
Go to Post This is proof we can change the world. Al Skierkiewicz JohnBoucher
Go to Post Gracious professionalism dictates that if you come to play, I must help you. Al Skierkiewicz Beth Sweet
Go to Post FIRST is a learning, growing and inspiring organization. We can never dictate pretty. We can however encourage and teach quality. Steve W Arefin Bari
Go to Post Pretty robots, who cares? Quality robots are another matter. Steve W Billfred
Go to Post Quality has nothing to do with desire Ė you canít wish quality. Quality has nothing to do with time, or money, or the other guyís attitude. Quality has everything to do with craftsmanship. Jack Jones RogerR
Go to Post "git er done" but do it right. CJO Billfred
Go to Post If I understand what you're saying, you don't understand very far. Alan Anderson Cory
Go to Post I actually love and am very thankful for what all these amazing engineering role models put into this program year in and year out. Bill Gold Andy Baker
Go to Post It's about compressing life into 6 weeks. It's about doing. It's about learning to fail. It's about gracious professionalism. It's about releasing the limitations that we all put on ourselves. It's about thinking outside of the box. It's about growing. JohnBoucher RogerR
Go to Post It is the team that they build that is the important accompliishment.. Wayne C. JohnBoucher
Go to Post I think a lifetime of learning properly and then teaching others and inspiring the youth is more important to myself at least than being on the news for a couple seconds during a voice over. Elgin Clock Karthik
Go to Post The point of FIRST is not to create pretty robots. It's to teach kids about science, technology, and engineering. Cory Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Alright, looks like we've sidetracked into "Off-Topic Land", an area I know I have to visit every so often but I am always happy to leave. Jessica Boucher Beth Sweet
Go to Post .....just don't hurt the programmer =) mtaman02 Billfred
Go to Post Fool me once? Shame on you... Fool me thrice? I'm just a wishful thinker :( Bill Gold
Go to Post please remember that the children we are trying to positively influence do read these forums. Amanda Morrison Billfred
Go to Post When you start new threads, keep in mind that ChiefDelphi has about 14.6 million subforums about nearly everything you can imagine in the world of FIRST. You have to be in the forum you'd like for your thread to appear in when you choose to start a new topic. Madison Billfred
Go to Post I urge teams to look beyond what you are given in the kit of parts and strive for more sanddrag Billfred
Go to Post Meanwhile, it's water over the dam, spilled milk, etc. Let's drop the subject and get on with life. I am seeing people warming up their lawyerism, which is not a good thing when we are coming up on build season. EricH Billfred
Go to Post There's more than one way to skin a cat. Al Skierkiewicz Venkatesh
Go to Post Dave: THEY'RE NOT DOLLIES THEY'RE MY FRIENDS! Dorienne nehalita
Go to Post Welcome to the imperfect world of design! Joe Johnson Billfred
Go to Post Donít forget the purpose of Chiefdelphi. It is to keep the community connected and to help each other out. Moderators have been working days and nights to keep this forum going years after years. Letís keep this place professional. Arefin Bari Ian Curtis
Go to Post Amazing how great minds think alike! Jack Jones Billfred
Go to Post Andy, you have daughters, would you buy them a Dave doll? MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post We have to have a water-based game discussion each year, because every time I try to start up a "jello-based game" thread no one takes me seriously... dlavery Conor Ryan
Go to Post WHY WON'T THESE THREADS DIE!!!!!!! Eeach and every year there are at least two discussions about water games. Rickertsen2 Conor Ryan

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