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Go to Post If the GDC can actually top Rebound Rumble, I might cry at the reveal. PayneTrain Taylor
Go to Post I just... I can't even comprehend it. Like, my brain is soup. Commas are everywhere. Sentences. Shrinking. zzzzzzzzzzzz... PayneTrain GCentola
Go to Post DonRotolo used COMMON SENSE. ... ... FIRST/Chief Delphi Community fainted! PayneTrain Hallry
Go to Post I'm pretty sure there is a federal sequester on the bandwidth coming out of LSR. PayneTrain DominickC
Go to Post This slow-motion intro... Canada is rubbing their match cycle efficiency in our faces :( PayneTrain Hallry
Go to Post I personally find the time I spend developing FIRST teams and FIRST as a whole the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life. PayneTrain vikesrock777
Go to Post The hardest resource to come by in FRC is the one you can't buy: a well-trained, experienced, well-intentioned, dedicated mentor. PayneTrain Anupam Goli
Go to Post The championship event is a meta-game of inches. People will complain about unbalanced/unequal divisions, whether you think it's silly or not. PayneTrain Hallry
Go to Post Big scoop for everyone here: All divisions are stacked with talented teams. It's like this is a really big event or something. PayneTrain Micah Chetrit
Go to Post Scout team, assemble! (preliminarily) PayneTrain Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Analyze, adjust, anticipate. Don't panic. PayneTrain plnyyanks
Go to Post Of course I'm not an admin, so this opinion is worth about as much as a disco record or AOL Free Trail CD. PayneTrain Calvin Hartley
Go to Post Don't rely on the field staff to get every ball to work with your machine....engineer a robot that makes the change not matter. PayneTrain MrForbes
Go to Post We want people to exercise Gracious Professionalism® and play at their best, but also not really because we find this archaic rule to satisfy something related to inspiring students to pursue careers in science and technology.™ PayneTrain DampRobot
Go to Post What am I going to do with all of these torches and pitchforks now? PayneTrain Whippet
Go to Post Inertia is one cruel mother. PayneTrain Whippet
Go to Post We were just going to drive our robot into the alliance station wall until the match ended, but now we might be changing up how we approach the teleop period. PayneTrain bduddy
Go to Post Most of the people who fit the profile of long tenured FIRST mentor are either already on a team or locked up in an institution where they belong... PayneTrain Billfred
Go to Post [This year's game manual contains] 46 new pages of pictures displaying how to attach bumpers, assuring at least 15% of teams almost get it right this time. PayneTrain Whippet
Go to Post Our team has one goal: be ourselves. PayneTrain Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Minnesota could pioneer the idea of suspending a field 20 feet above the other field and have true double decker events. PayneTrain cadandcookies
Go to Post Mark McLeod, spreadsheet whisperer PayneTrain plnyyanks
Go to Post 1 alliance wins a given tournament but all teams teams have a chance to define, chart, and create their own success. PayneTrain Lil' Lavery
Go to Post Looks like I'm late, but in the grand tradition of Chief Delphi, I'll butt in and beat the dead horse anyway! PayneTrain Collin Fultz
Go to Post I hope there are people in this world who love you too much to let you mentor while you are in college PayneTrain cadandcookies
Go to Post >wears zebra pants >calls people weird PayneTrain frcguy
Go to Post Your primary job is not to build the most technically advanced robot, but build the best possible team. PayneTrain Karibou
Go to Post I like this thread because it means I don't have to leave my house to find something to complain about! PayneTrain Brian Maher
Go to Post This is not an engineering design challenge, this is a project management and common sense challenge with engineering elements. Don't go out of your way to screw yourself. PayneTrain Billfred
Go to Post bold prediction: we might have a working robot PayneTrain Brian Maher
Go to Post You allow 500 nails to be dumped into the field of play, some robots will just assume they are supposed to be a hammer. PayneTrain Monochron
Go to Post There is no way forward if we think backwards from our predetermined conclusions and try to justify the reasoning later. PayneTrain Chris is me
Go to Post The postseason exhibitions in Houston and Detroit feel less and less like an opportunity for teams to enjoy FIRST and more and more like an opportunity for FIRST's donors to enjoy FIRST. PayneTrain ctt956
Go to Post you know your team has respect from teachers when classes start waving projects during build season saying you get full credit if the robot ships. Peck billbo911
Go to Post Think Tolerant. petek dlavery
Go to Post If people really want to see "better" refereeing, they should see what they can do to help FIRST make better. petek Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post It's rather simple: you start with a block of solid and remove material until you just have the robot left. Kind of like making a sandcastle. Only harder. petek dlavery
Go to Post I bet a lot of us (mentors and students) got into this line of work first because we wondered how things work, and stayed in it because we thought "I can make that work better". Thus starts a life-long battle between perfection and time. So far, time is ahead. petek Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Better is the enemy of good enough. petek RogerR
Go to Post Gotta love those free-range robots! Yum! petek StephLee
Go to Post If you are playing foozball and your ball bounces back out of the goal, do you expect the table's manufacturer to fix it? No - you groan and keep playing! Nothing's different here. Like Dave said, it's part of the challenge of playing the game. petek Billfred
Go to Post For me, FIRST is inspiration with a positive feedback loop - it just keeps getting better. I wonder where it will go from here... petek Billfred
Go to Post I have postulated a theory that it is due to a resonance between gravity waves and the color purple. petek Rohith Surampudi
Go to Post So I guess this is just another case of someone reinventing the leg? petek Richard Wallace
Go to Post I say: Chutes & Ladders in FRC 2008! petek Rohith Surampudi
Go to Post I can't claim to be an expert in the stess analysis field - I just play one on TV, er CD, er - okay, so call me a poser! petek Billfred
Go to Post Now, almost a day later, no one has begun interpreting, dissecting, attaching synonyms, re-interpreting or otherwise mangling Dave's wise words in an effort to find the hidden key to the game. I smell a conspiracy! petek Billfred
Go to Post Seriously! I expect to follow what I understand to be the intent of (allow teams more time to work with their control systems) and just look out for anyone trying to bring in greater than half a robot. Or a kitchen sink. petek Billfred
Go to Post So does this mean we can use the FP as bumpers? :D Peter Matteson CmptrGk
Go to Post Does this mean it's too late to ask for a flux capacitor? Peter Matteson Alex Burman

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