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Go to Post Students... be sure to drill air holes in the crate though. Maybe toss in some cheetos for the programmers. Andrew Schreiber EricLeifermann
Go to Post Remind me to wear my kevlar vest to any event you're at. Andrew Schreiber DeformedFedora
Go to Post I care that teams took some time to put in safe guards to prevent shrapnel hitting people because I'm selfish and I enjoy the use of all of my limbs. Andrew Schreiber DeformedFedora
Go to Post Glitter… lots of glitter. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post Wait, crap... totally forgot that I needed to build an intake. :eek: Andrew Schreiber cmrnpizzo14
Go to Post You enjoy your pepperoni pizza, I'll enjoy my cheese and peppers, and we can both agree that people that like pineapple on their pizza, while strange... are completely entitled to their opinions. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post There is a really bad trap most people fall into, when presented with data they tend to trust it. This is dangerous. Andrew Schreiber cadandcookies
Go to Post You mean how many Edible Data Analysis Metrics and Aggregated Measurable Entities (EDAMAME)? Andrew Schreiber Billfred
Go to Post When I'm hiring an intern "Award Winning VRC Notebook" isn't applicable. But "Award winning technical documentation" sure is. Andrew Schreiber gblake
Go to Post You can't observe things that aren't seen or reported. Andrew Schreiber dubiousSwain
Go to Post Want the TL;DR of it? Keep it simple, effective, and easy to use. Andrew Schreiber cadandcookies
Go to Post CIMs are NEAR indestructible and I <3 them for it. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post CD is a forum provided by a group of people. You use it with their permission. Don't like it? Don't use it. Andrew Schreiber techtiger1
Go to Post You inspire your way. I'll inspire my way. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post There's 2 things that are really hard in CS - naming things, cache invalidation, and off by one errors. Andrew Schreiber MikLast
Go to Post Physics is weird sometimes, this is why we prototype. Andrew Schreiber GreyingJay
Go to Post If this doesn't show up in spotlight at some point I'm almost going to be sad. Andrew Schreiber PayneTrain
Go to Post it's possible, based on his widespread approval, that Frank is in fact a collection of kittens in a human suit Andrew Schreiber ATannahill
Go to Post You can take my blocker... but you can never take my cheesecake! Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post Blue shirts are ALWAYS watching. And they have spies everywhere. Always be on your best behavior, and be polite to every volunteer at the event. Andrew Schreiber aryker
Go to Post Last I checked, this was a competition... just checked again, yup still has Competition in the name. Andrew Schreiber ATannahill
Go to Post Welcome to The 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition: Bureaucracy Bash! Andrew Schreiber Brian Maher
Go to Post A wet noodle of a chassis won't matter how much drop you have. Andrew Schreiber CalTran
Go to Post But sometimes you just wanna build something that's MFD. Andrew Schreiber Collin Fultz
Go to Post I think this post is a lot of words saying "My name is Billfred and I approve MiniBots 2017" Andrew Schreiber Logan Byers
Go to Post You're gonna get out what you put into this program. Andrew Schreiber Holtzman
Go to Post I must have missed the part of the manual that said "Fuel will be scored via a pseudo random number generator". Andrew Schreiber Cash4587
Go to Post I've said it before, I'll say it again, don't use GP-ness as a weapon, it's a goal not a tool to beat people into submission with. Andrew Schreiber Jessica Boucher
Go to Post The practice fields usually aren't 'nam. There are rules. Andrew Schreiber Thayer McCollum
Go to Post I for one don't like seeing fires at events. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post Life is an iterative process. Never be afraid to screw up and have to rebuild because otherwise you won't accomplish anything of any value. Andrew Schreiber cadandcookies
Go to Post In short, I'm mentoring, I swear! Andrew Schreiber Justin Foss
Go to Post All of the best teams are partnerships where everyone learns together. Andrew Schreiber KrazyCarl92
Go to Post I think rovers on Mars are way cool but you won't get a crowd of enthusiastic participants cheering as they trudge 150 meters a day. Andrew Schuetze jgannon
Go to Post The world isn't changed by people playing it safe. Andrew Y. Beaker
Go to Post award or no award, you're still smelly. :D AndrewMorrison Andy Baker
Go to Post I wonder how many games we could come up with that are not the one for FRC 2008. AndrewN Daniel Bathgate
Go to Post They don't have a "Chairman's Award Presentation" degree, so I'll be going into Computer Science instead. AndrewPospeshil cadandcookies
Go to Post My favorite game pieces are the kind exclusively sold through AndyMark. Andrew_L ctt956
Go to Post Thanks for the heads up on the elevator game. Andrew_L ctt956
Go to Post As my boy Macklemore once said, "The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint, the greats were great because they paint a lot". Andrew_L frcguy
Go to Post While others have listed lots of good alternatives, if it came down to it, I'd rather have true champs than two champs.... Andrew_L Karibou
Go to Post Making a part look pretty even after it is functionaly done can be a very good thing, espically when the part gets cut from the bot and you get to keep it as a trophey. Take pride in your work. Andy A.
Go to Post I guess it's true, 'There is no replacement for displacement'. Andy A.
Go to Post Between Andy B. and Andy G. being Andy A. has some unspoken expectations put on it. Andy A. Alex Pelan
Go to Post Sometimes, you just have to beat something (someone?) into submission. Yes, you can use your head, but its a lot easier with a hammer. Andy A. RogerR
Go to Post I've never liked the pressure pads. This just confirms my suspicions: Pressure pads hate robots. It must be some inferiority complex or something. Andy A. katkana
Go to Post My suggestion is to first focus in on your drive base. Get it running, and drive it into the ground and see what breaks. Then fix it. Rinse wash and repeat. Andy A. Billfred
Go to Post Our job as mentors isn't to teach them how to make a robot...It's to teach them that there is value in technology and being among the people who create it. Andy A. RogerR
Go to Post If I find a student on my team who came through FIRST having learned nothing more then he wanted to go to MIT, I'll give my self a pat on the back and start counting down to kickoff. Andy A. Beth Sweet

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