Go to Post I, being a Trekky myself, will really enjoy a Star Trek themed game if it turns out to be that. I will not enjoy programming the alcubierre warp drive. :D - AveryLevin. [more]
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Go to Post We just need to make engineering an interesting everyday thing, as visible as art exhibits or concerts or football games. Alan Anderson Taylor
Go to Post The robot competition is the most obvious, visible, and distilled-media-friendly part of the picture... We shouldn't be surprised that it's all that gets into the news coverage, when that coverage is managed by someone who isn't already well versed in what FIRST is trying to do. Alan Anderson RoboDesigners
Go to Post Being consistently enthusiastic with a consistent message is not easy to do without sounding like a cult. We could use a reasonably large collection of things to say that restate the mission and vision of FIRST but don't appear to be stock phrases. Alan Anderson RoboDesigners
Go to Post Dave doesn't predict the future. He creates it. Alan Anderson RoboDesigners
Go to Post In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, however... Alan Anderson synth3tk
Go to Post We are reluctant to deprive you of the experience of learning how to do your own research. Alan Anderson EricH
Go to Post Remember that the 4-slot cRIO...only has 4 slots. :) Alan Anderson Duke461
Go to Post It means Dave Lavery isn't on the Game Design Committee this year. If he were, you probably would have found a banana instead. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post How many of the team's current students were even alive when those awards were earned? :) Alan Anderson CalTran
Go to Post That box you think you see is only an illusion. Alan Anderson Siri
Go to Post What is this "off season" of which you speak? Alan Anderson Hallry
Go to Post IRI: it's FIRSTmas in July! Alan Anderson Hallry
Go to Post You do need help. Don't reject offers of assistance from veterans. There are more things you don't know than you think there are. Alan Anderson vhcook
Go to Post Since you have to undo all the connections anyway in order to swap them, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to do some simple and straightforward troubleshooting. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post Whether or not you use wheel weights, if you're running a wheel at several thousand RPM, you'd better have an effective containment system to protect the outside world in case something spontaneously disassembles itself. Alan Anderson Libby K
Go to Post Exactly matching weight at two different regionals is an indicator of something fishy. :p Alan Anderson JohnBoucher
Go to Post We built an ineffective machine, all by ourselves! Yay for us! Alan Anderson Tristan Lall
Go to Post However, mentoring isn't for you. It's for the others. Alan Anderson efoote868
Go to Post I'll not deprive you of the practice in reading the manual; you'll need it if you want to be an effective part of an FRC team. Alan Anderson cadandcookies
Go to Post If all you are is a nail, every hammer looks like a problem. Alan Anderson Whippet
Go to Post Imagination is important, but try not to use it as a substitute for actual information. Alan Anderson ATannahill
Go to Post Ah, to be a teenager and know everything again. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post Many of us are engineers who value precision and accuracy in communication. Words mean things. Alan Anderson Whippet
Go to Post Remember the volunteering is not mandatory for the people to do it. It IS mandatory if FIRST is to survive and the regionals to leave a positive impact on everybody. Alavinus
Go to Post I like what FIRST said about it best: They consider it part of the "Game Challenge" Alavinus
Go to Post bedtime? there's no bedtime while chief delphi is up and running! Alex Cormier Jaine Perotti
Go to Post It doesn't always work when you put the word gracious in front of anything. Think Battle bots, after a winning match do ya go over to the loser and go we Graciously kicked your butt!? Alex Cormier Elgin Clock
Go to Post steve, don't hurt me Alex Cormier lukevanoort
Go to Post I actually see no issue about the sentence, but then im still in college and only half way edumacated, i am only eduma right now. Alex Cormier synth3tk
Go to Post Weren't you ever told Canada is backwards from the US? Alex Cormier synth3tk
Go to Post We are just here to give back to a program that gave us so much as students. Alex Cormier
Go to Post In my opinion, leaders do not need to be picked. They naturally emerge as time goes on and as more opportunities are presented to them. Alex Golec phrontist
Go to Post "Its never too late to be inspired" Alex Golec shyra1353
Go to Post These two options can both be used effectively to create a wonderful experience for the students, but limiting them to one area is like taking a globe, slicing it in half, and saying, "You can only explore this half." Alex Golec Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post Never leave future engineers alone, especially with something like gravity. Alex Pelan shyra1353
Go to Post Chief Delphi isn't for making enemies...it's for making friends. Alex Pelan Kyle
Go to Post Not only does Dave like to post hints about the the new game...but now he's starting to post hints about the activities of the Mars rover. Does it ever stop?! Alexa Stott JaneYoung
Go to Post Your wheels look delicious. Alexa Stott TheNotoriousKid
Go to Post My team does what works for my team. Let your team do the same. Alexa Stott ProgramLuke
Go to Post So, please, can't we all just live and let live? Alexa Stott Brian C
Go to Post All robots can be defeated with strategy. Alexander McGee
Go to Post We all need to remember to be careful at these competitions. Danger lies in the most unexpected (and comical) places. Alexander McGee
Go to Post Please understand that teams run things differently for specific and very valid reasons. And, this is OK as long as the students are inspired. Alexander McGee Karthik
Go to Post Wait is that how they got there, well how does one spotlight? AlexD744 whlspacedude
Go to Post I'm totally hooked on reffing now and will be volunteering in the future because of [Beach Blitz]. Ali Ahmed Andrew_L
Go to Post it's not the bot that makes the team great, it's the team that makes the bot great. alicen Alan Anderson
Go to Post Competing at multiple regionals or Championship events has no bearing on the life lessons you will learn or the unbelievable memories you will have--for that is what FIRST is truly all about. Alivia Steve W
Go to Post if you want to repay us for the omni-wheels, use the money to help out a few rookie teams next year. Buy them batteries or help build them bumpers, anything you see fit will be much better than cash back to us. AllenGregoryIV JaneYoung
Go to Post Right now that dream is sealed behind a few milimeters of plastic for most teams. AllenGregoryIV Pat Fairbank
Go to Post kids these days, with their fancy aluminum sprockets, don't know how good they have it. AllenGregoryIV GeeTwo

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