Go to Post We should create string networks at Nats. Just have miles of string running between the Georgia Dome and the GWCC. :D - Ctrl Alt Delete [more]
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Go to Post We are just here to give back to a program that gave us so much as students. Alex Cormier
Go to Post In my opinion, leaders do not need to be picked. They naturally emerge as time goes on and as more opportunities are presented to them. Alex Golec phrontist
Go to Post "Its never too late to be inspired" Alex Golec shyra1353
Go to Post These two options can both be used effectively to create a wonderful experience for the students, but limiting them to one area is like taking a globe, slicing it in half, and saying, "You can only explore this half." Alex Golec Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post Never leave future engineers alone, especially with something like gravity. Alex Pelan shyra1353
Go to Post Chief Delphi isn't for making enemies...it's for making friends. Alex Pelan Kyle
Go to Post Not only does Dave like to post hints about the the new game...but now he's starting to post hints about the activities of the Mars rover. Does it ever stop?! Alexa Stott JaneYoung
Go to Post Your wheels look delicious. Alexa Stott TheNotoriousKid
Go to Post My team does what works for my team. Let your team do the same. Alexa Stott ProgramLuke
Go to Post So, please, can't we all just live and let live? Alexa Stott Brian C
Go to Post All robots can be defeated with strategy. Alexander McGee
Go to Post We all need to remember to be careful at these competitions. Danger lies in the most unexpected (and comical) places. Alexander McGee
Go to Post Please understand that teams run things differently for specific and very valid reasons. And, this is OK as long as the students are inspired. Alexander McGee Karthik
Go to Post Wait is that how they got there, well how does one spotlight? AlexD744 whlspacedude
Go to Post I'm totally hooked on reffing now and will be volunteering in the future because of [Beach Blitz]. Ali Ahmed Andrew_L
Go to Post it's not the bot that makes the team great, it's the team that makes the bot great. alicen Alan Anderson
Go to Post Swisscheeseafy - Cutting holes in the robot to decrease weight alithanar8 Beth Sweet
Go to Post Competing at multiple regionals or Championship events has no bearing on the life lessons you will learn or the unbelievable memories you will have--for that is what FIRST is truly all about. Alivia Steve W
Go to Post if you want to repay us for the omni-wheels, use the money to help out a few rookie teams next year. Buy them batteries or help build them bumpers, anything you see fit will be much better than cash back to us. AllenGregoryIV JaneYoung
Go to Post Right now that dream is sealed behind a few milimeters of plastic for most teams. AllenGregoryIV Pat Fairbank
Go to Post kids these days, with their fancy aluminum sprockets, don't know how good they have it. AllenGregoryIV GeeTwo
Go to Post Turning is overrated Allison =Martin=Taylor=
Go to Post FIRST is not about lowering the bar to those with the smallest expectations, but helping helping all teams exceed the standards set by the best. Allison K Steve W
Go to Post Wait, that's exactly how it's supposed to work, isn't it. Well played GDC, well played. alopex_rex Whippet
Go to Post Teams whose goal is to play on Einstein think about strategy differently from teams whose goal is to be selected for an alliance at a district event. alopex_rex Whippet
Go to Post For me Gracious Professionalism is about helping other teams make their ideas work. We do everything we can to help other teams program, or lend them parts from our pit. On the field we play to win. Alpha Beta SteveGPage
Go to Post Inspire others first, win second. Alpha Beta James1902
Go to Post All in all, you get what you celebrate. The more we celebrate the under-served parts of our team the more students step up and make that part great. Alpha Beta Siri
Go to Post so instead of saying why, we said why not? Alpha Beta IndySam
Go to Post To borrow a slogan from the last place KC Royals "It's Our Time" The curse will be broken! ;) Alpha Beta CalTran
Go to Post If you thought two alliances racing to tip the bridge in auto was exciting, wait until they play autonomous chicken on the center line. :D Alpha Beta Kims Robot
Go to Post "There's plenty of room on the top for everyone" ... it's not a top if everyone is there. Alyssa WillRobinson
Go to Post I think we sometimes forget that FIRST is not just about building robots. Its purpose is to educate and inspire young people in the field of science and technology. amanda
Go to Post Obviously, really large issues need to be addressed, and if you feel there is a huge problem, by all means, go ahead, if you can be polite, productive, and graciously professional, address it. Amanda Aldridge Billfred
Go to Post FIRST is an amazing combination of principles that, when applied to the world, has had a monstrous effect on the way High School students learn, think, and relate to others. Amanda M
Go to Post Just because there is a limit, doesn't mean that they don't love you. Amanda M ngreen
Go to Post Its not really a robotics competition. The robots are merely vehicles used to make society a better place, and to inspire the youth of the world to help one another, and to become more united. Amanda M Karthik
Go to Post FIRST is kind of like charity work... you are, even if only in some small way, helping our future just a little bit, and you get a great feeling from it. Even if you are just ringing a bell (or clapping MOE sticks together), you're helping. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Don't ever give up on your robot, especially this early in the season. That robot is what you make of it. If you give it your all, something good is bound to come your way. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Something has gone awry this year in FIRST. I think more teams are concerned with winning and their robot that they don't even stop to think about the kids on their team, or the learning experiences of others. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Being a mentor only requires an open mind and fifty thousand times more responsibility. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post we've got three years to perfect it. And then... who knows? Amanda Morrison
Go to Post FIRST has always been less than just a school activity for me and more of a way of everyday life. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post FIRST is unlike every other organization or every other robot competition because it begs to you collaborate; it encourages you to be a better person through the help of others. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post The fact of the matter comes down to this: No matter what you are interested in, you can always encourage others. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post When's the last time you called up FIRST headquarters just to say thanks? Or saw a volunteer at a regional and said, 'Hey, you're doing a really great job here. Thank you for everything you're doing in your spare time.' Amanda Morrison
Go to Post And the only person who could really save my butt, Brandon Martus... is sitting across the table from me. Laughing. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post We like playing with power tools, stripping wire, or just stripping for alliance partners... Amanda Morrison
Go to Post You know this crazy ChiefDelphi... nothing but useless information and kids ranting about pizza. Amanda Morrison Jessica Boucher
Go to Post As much as you may want the ChiefDelphi community to see your argument, we may not want to see yours. Amanda Morrison Joe Ross

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