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Go to Post the jocks may have muscle, but we have extruded aluminum :D [527]phil Billfred
Go to Post trust me, confused machines aren't fun to be around. [527]phil Billfred
Go to Post I think he GDC is just rick-rolling all of us. z_beeblebrox GCentola
Go to Post 1/4" baltic birch plywood is most of our metal. z_beeblebrox Whippet
Go to Post This problem will be solved by one of the largest problem-solving machines in the world...the FIRST community. ZZII 527 Arefin Bari
Go to Post "I don't have a cockroach in my presentation.... " I will remember this line forever. Thank you Autodesk. Zyik joshsmithers
Go to Post We win as a team and lose as a team. Zuhaib Ali dlavery
Go to Post The GDC is becoming sane. Zuelu562 dlavery
Go to Post guarantees don't mean anything when you're dealing with FRC good sir ;) Zuelu562 RoboDesigners
Go to Post I think it would be beneficial for us frogs to be in the new hopper division zsm150 JaneYoung
Go to Post To anyone who is discouraged about their team, don't let yourself get down. I've seen my team go from having a robot that barely moved (and I'm not kidding, we had keys falling out of gearboxes) to this year with a robot that is ACTUALLY GOING TO WORK. Don't lose hope, stick with FIRST! ZipTie3182 Chris is me
Go to Post This makes me want to squeal like the teenage girl I am. ZipTie3182 Hallry
Go to Post I'm looking forward to seeing it in action! That is one sweet looking gun. The look on his face has me a tad worried though.... Zholl Nick Lawrence
Go to Post We're 30 pounds over LOL. I probably shouldn't be lol'ing, but it is 11:52PM, I just got home from a 15 hour build session, and I find the word 'potato' funny. ZakuAce joshsmithers
Go to Post You've got to love the great connection between FIRST teams, and their members. zakk Jonathan Norris
Go to Post We want to win, but we would prefer to do so with a great partner team, not just a great partner robot. Zach Purser Siri
Go to Post Lose lips sink... robots? (during a water game at least) Zach O Alex Dinsmoor
Go to Post However, the skill of calculating things by hand and sketching by hand is something that we should continue to teach the youth (until my netbook can run Inventor :D) Zach O 548swimmer
Go to Post Dear Dave, I've been a good student this year. Can I have hint #2 for Christmas? ~Zach Zach O RoboDesigners
Go to Post You win Worlds by innovation. You win Worlds by determination. You win Worlds by engineering a robot so solid, that it successfully completes the game. Zach O davepowers
Go to Post I think this says it all... It's Fantasy FIRST on Chief Delphi. Zach O SamC
Go to Post On day two of build season, I made the mistake of saying "We have six weeks, what could possibly go wrong?" Zach Herbst Vermeulen
Go to Post You're on a team, weren't you taught Gracious Professionalism? It doesn't only apply to competitions, it applies to the real world. Zac Schofield CadetGizmo
Go to Post Holy Orbit ball Batman!!!!!!!!!!:yikes: yodameister Anna B.
Go to Post Holy mechanum wheels Batman! yodameister Chris is me
Go to Post I looked at it and originally thought it was a crazy idea... then I looked at it again and it still sounds like a crazy idea. Yipyapper toastnbacon
Go to Post To change culture, you're going to have to get people to listen. Yipyapper Nuttyman54
Go to Post I looked at it and originally thought it was a crazy idea... then I looked at it again and it still sounds like a crazy idea. But crazy ideas tend to produce some excellent results. Yipyapper Alex2614
Go to Post I looked at it and originally thought it was a crazy idea... then I looked at it again and it still sounds like a crazy idea. But crazy ideas tend to produce some excellent results. Yipyapper Alex2614
Go to Post "Find a problem? Think of the three I's: Invent and Innovate to Improve!" yash101 eli2410
Go to Post This season, I learned that I will need a whip next year for keeping the electronics and pneumatics groups on schedule. Yan Wang
Go to Post You get to see great matches at the Championship event regardless of a people's choice event. Yan Wang Billfred
Go to Post I think this just hit the nail in the head with a sledgehammer. Yan Wang Billfred
Go to Post Gracious professionalism... otherwise, the program has failed. Yan Wang Billfred
Go to Post The sword is only as powerful as it's beholder. But if you choose the labview sword you won't get much tech support at regionals. xXhunter47Xx Whippet
Go to Post Don't criticize them for what they have, learn from what they do. xSAWxBLADEx Taylor
Go to Post Every year, 118 inspires our team to dream for the stars, and land on mars. If 118 wasn't there we wouldn't be off the ground. Think about it every superstar has critics. Keep doing what you do 118. xSAWxBLADEx Hallry
Go to Post FIRST is about the relationships you build. ONE individual at a time. xitaqua Renee Becker-Blau
Go to Post I fear sometimes as time increases between the present and when someone started, some sight of just how hard it can be to field a functioning robot for a young team is lost. xForceDee Tottanka
Go to Post I think there are a ton of teams that would kill for one let alone three engineering mentors (especially one with the knowledge and experience that Rich Olivera has). XaulZan11 Ian Curtis
Go to Post We have not always been a winning team but we have always tried to be a quality team. WynS cadandcookies
Go to Post We are not the families of competiting robot teams, but we are a family of Gracious and Professionalism, because we know it better than anyone in the world. wsansewjs Joe J.
Go to Post Our robot throws custom $5.50 FIRST Frisbees at a rate of 75 discs per minute and a speed of ~32 feet per second. It costs over $80 to feed our robot for 12 seconds. Woolly Grim Tuesday
Go to Post Backwards PWMs happen to the best of us. Woolly Whippet
Go to Post Hype levels are reaching critical levels... wjd13 ctt956
Go to Post Programming team motto: If it doesn't work, use a bigger hammer. WizenedEE bam-bam
Go to Post A better way would be better..... WizardOfAz
Go to Post I disagree with the "letting them fail" philosophy. wireties Andy Baker
Go to Post There is something to be learned (sometimes hard to find) from everyone you meet. wireties EricH
Go to Post Because, y'know, FIRST can't make it easy for us. WinterPoet ctt956

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