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Go to Post OK guys, the robot's overweight. You know the drill. DonRotolo ctt956
Go to Post Thanks for the heads up on the elevator game. Andrew_L ctt956
Go to Post You never really graduate out of FIRST.... Gnomegirl ctt956
Go to Post The extra button could also just be a spare, but that's far less interesting than other possibilities, so let's keep speculating. Caleb Sykes ctt956
Go to Post If this thread isn't a sign that CD is going through some serious withdrawals, I don't know what is. Ty Tremblay ctt956
Go to Post One of the many things I love about CD is how knowledgeable and passionate everyone is. TXBrandon ctt956
Go to Post Man, what's the point of teaser videos if nobody looks closely at them. Knufire ctt956
Go to Post So.... football pizza water game with minibots and megabots? euhlmann ctt956
Go to Post Publishing your code and designs = good. MrRoboSteve ctt956
Go to Post I miss the years when game speculation was based on an actual hint released in the form of unintelligible strings of numbers tcallan ctt956
Go to Post Never thought I would have a world championship type event within a 15 minute drive of my house. Jay O'Donnell ctt956
Go to Post Hype levels are reaching critical levels... wjd13 ctt956
Go to Post Wait - a single message outlining the vast majority of where to find controls stuff? Goodness. What will they think of next. Tom Line ctt956
Go to Post I always love the optimism of [build] week 1. Donut ctt956
Go to Post Prototype! Always prototype, regardless how crazy! onenerdyguy ctt956
Go to Post ...there's no easier way to get something changed than to have it happen on FIRST's biggest stage. Billfred ctt956
Go to Post It doesn't matter what material you pick, it matters how you execute your design. JamesCH95 ctt956
Go to Post At 300 miles per hour, nobody'll tell the difference. Hitchhiker 42 ctt956
Go to Post Good luck and if you need anything, just ask - FIRST is full of people and teams that want to help you have an awesome experience! :) kelsey.m ctt956
Go to Post it's better to try to help and be trolled than to write off a team that needs help. engunneer ctt956
Go to Post And my girlfriend wonders why robotics gives me anxiety. Munchskull ctt956
Go to Post In keeping with this years' theme, I hereby declare that the volunteer who unjams the boiler shall be referred to as the chimneysweep. Jared Russell ctt956
Go to Post I knew all games involving ball shooters would have pokey sticks. Lil' Lavery ctt956
Go to Post If there's something strange on the field carpet Who you gonna call? Field Reset! AustinShalit ctt956
Go to Post FIRST Mission Control seems like a place I'd like to work at some point in my life. CalTran ctt956
Go to Post WHY ARE WE NO FUNDING THIS! Ronny Mohtar ctt956
Go to Post As of now[2017], no teams exist in Italy. Go start some! TheBoulderite ctt956
Go to Post (accidental discoveries are usually the best ones) arichman1257 ctt956
Go to Post Want to improve correlation between superior engineering and the results of on-field performance? Play more matches. Richard Wallace ctt956
Go to Post Broken stuff that still mostly works has character, you know? Andy A. ctt956
Go to Post Math is hard. Eugene Fang ctt956
Go to Post "It wouldn't be robotics if it worked right the first time" TedG ctt956
Go to Post Watching the field crew build a tarp out of a roll of plastic and some ethernet cables was one of the most fascinating things I've seen at a Championship. Jared Russell ctt956
Go to Post "It doesn't really feel like a world championship, there's not a lot of teams from around the world here" -A first-year Gear it Forward student I was talking to. Couldn't have said it better. evanperryg ctt956
Go to Post I plugged all the points and dimensions into Solidworks, nothing is defined so my answer is: Unsolvable! (99% sure I did something wrong) Brian M ctt956
Go to Post 67% of all statistics are made up ... just like this one. Daniel_LaFleur ctt956
Go to Post The problem with the water game will be the water. And the game. Probably just the entire water game. Hitchhiker 42 ctt956
Go to Post What do you lose by trying something new? I say go for it. protoserge ctt956
Go to Post We've got a long time to get unhealthily creative with our speculations. Welcome to the off season I guess. Nessie ctt956
Go to Post Be careful in under-specifying your drive system, It could come back to haunt you later. feverittm ctt956
Go to Post We use plastic when appropriate to do so. Just remember: Before using the random clear piece, clamp it to the table and hit it a good one with a hammer, just to make sure it's not acrylic. EricH ctt956
Go to Post We all engage our mouths before engaging our brains sometimes. To come along later, admit it, and apologize is admirable. rsisk ctt956
Go to Post When teams encounter a problem with their design, sometimes it's best to stop and take a different approach, instead of continuing along a more difficult path. There are often many paths they can take to achieve the same result. Jon Stratis ctt956
Go to Post Let me get this straight - FIRST sees NO problem in constantly emailing freshly graduated alumni to donate money to the organization. Yet, can't see those same kids working more than just a safety glasses table. Akash Rastogi ctt956
Go to Post Have you ever wanted to do something and then been told that you couldn't do it for at least another year for any reason and had your desire to do it fade over the course of that year? [...] Alienation is hurtful. Especially those who feel they have earned the right to not be. arichman1257 ctt956
Go to Post Don't worry about asking questions; asking around is how you learn more. CalTran ctt956
Go to Post Be right back, have to go find out just how many tennis rackets I can put on a robot... Countersteer ctt956
Go to Post ...distance is no matter when it comes to FIRST. We are a global community! robochick1319 ctt956
Go to Post Having an actual water game is more probable than Minnesota going to districts so you better buy a life jacket everyone hutchMN ctt956
Go to Post ...there is a difference between the correct call and the right call. Michael Corsetto ctt956

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