Go to Post The thing about working hard, is you can always work harder. The thing about being great is you can always be greater. - JVN [more]
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Go to Post And then you realize...If you hadn't been working ALONGSIDE those engineers... you'd never have that other person to say, "Well, why don't you do this, so that it works?" Nikhil Bajaj dlavery
Go to Post It's rather simple: you start with a block of solid and remove material until you just have the robot left. Kind of like making a sandcastle. Only harder. petek dlavery
Go to Post FIRST is not a "buy it and build it kit robot" competition. sanddrag dlavery
Go to Post Be thankful for what you have, not frustrated with it because it doesn't exactly suit your needs. sanddrag dlavery
Go to Post ...before we ship the robot, they have to make me understand how it works. Beth Sweet dlavery
Go to Post If you are adult enough to be a participant in this program, then you are adult enough to act like an adult. Beth Sweet dlavery
Go to Post Don't you just wish life had a redo button? DHarris dlavery
Go to Post If this truly bothers you, you should do something CONSTRUCTIVE about it instead of whining about it Jaine Perotti dlavery
Go to Post College was the best twenty years of my life. Richard Wallace dlavery
Go to Post ... simple things can amaze me. Andy Baker dlavery
Go to Post I don't think FIRST is the reason for following rules, being respectful, etc. We should do that anyway. Dan Zollman dlavery
Go to Post It is a good idea to try to stand in another person's shoes and treat them as your equal. It's called respect. Jaine Perotti dlavery
Go to Post Ineveitably what we do just might end up in the hands of millions of people. JoeXIII'007 dlavery
Go to Post I sincerely hope no one on CD is going to neg rep you for thinking Richard Wallace dlavery
Go to Post Yellow bananas are the new red herrings. artdutra04 dlavery
Go to Post Your second year in FIRST is your first year as a mentor. Jay Trzaskos dlavery
Go to Post A world where lawyers and police don't get much work -- there's a goal to work toward. Richard Wallace dlavery
Go to Post Ya know...they created the "RUMOR MILL" for a reason. Andy Grady dlavery
Go to Post Maybe someone should start a FIRST Anonymous meeting to try to help the tragicly addicted... BiTurboS4 dlavery
Go to Post Bottom line - keep your passion for FIRST and don't let others spoil your fun! Sean Schuff dlavery
Go to Post Enjoy doing what you do. If you enjoy your life, what you're doing in it, and how you're living it, then what other people say or think doesn't matter. Beth Sweet dlavery
Go to Post Act humble, avoid hubris, and post widely and thou shalt receivith postive rep. ;) artdutra04 dlavery
Go to Post Ahhh... the beauty of an exponential series... dtengineering dlavery
Go to Post Never underestimate the power of human ingenuity. Wetzel dlavery
Go to Post don't be grumpy. No one is allowed to be grumpy during build. JaneYoung dlavery
Go to Post It's possible to do nearly anything with enough resources and ingenuity. Madison dlavery
Go to Post Mess up something important and you lose. Just like real life. DonRotolo dlavery
Go to Post We were all rookies once. Some of us still are... Wayne C. dlavery
Go to Post it should not matter the gender of a person but rather their ability. vivek16 dlavery
Go to Post This is a once in a life time event for many of you guys. ENJOY it! Tom Line dlavery
Go to Post Not winning is different than being a loser. seanwitte dlavery
Go to Post I am as certain as can be on this issue ... believe me. Paul Copioli dlavery
Go to Post Sometimes, having someone that can teach you just shows you another way to do what you've been doing, but in fewer moves. Amanda Morrison dlavery
Go to Post Does IR work underwater? Or more importantly, through an air-water interface? ... sigh ... Rich Kressly dlavery
Go to Post If you look at where you have come from you can often tell where you are going. Turtlecoach dlavery
Go to Post I need a This-Is-What-I-Meant checker. N7UJJ dlavery
Go to Post It's a FIRST thing. You gots to understand. Koko Ed dlavery
Go to Post It's a game. It's a challenge. Face it like a man, build a robot to play the game and get over it. Arefin Bari dlavery
Go to Post I know it's hard to believe, but there actually IS life after FIRST. jleibs dlavery
Go to Post if it's likely to break, it probably will DonRotolo dlavery
Go to Post Having a spare arm that you can put on in 5 minutes or less intimidates the hardware into not breaking. ChrisH dlavery
Go to Post Thinking should never be against the rules of FIRST Richard Wallace dlavery
Go to Post Is any robot ever actually done? BlondeNerd dlavery
Go to Post I'm working, don't consume my oxygen. DonRotolo dlavery
Go to Post I have never seen a coach with a better ability to yell with love. IndySam dlavery
Go to Post Our club visited the Seattle Regional this week and they all have the FRC bug now. May God have mercy on our souls... Rick TYler dlavery
Go to Post Winning or losing on the field has nothing to do with this success. E. Wood dlavery
Go to Post If you have not had a positive experience in FIRST, please don't bring those that have down. Jeff K. dlavery
Go to Post It's not GP, its not un-GP, its just a strategy. AndyB dlavery
Go to Post Tell someone familiar with FIRST that you won a regional and they will congratulate you, tell them you won a chairmans award and they will celebrate you. Brandon Holley dlavery

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