Go to Post it seems to have all the basic food groups: liquid, sugar, sauce, and robotics components. - ChrisMcK2186 [more]
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Go to Post We can sit here and engineer this all day but I think untill one of us gets off our chair and starts making it we'll never know if its possible. sanddrag Devin L.
Go to Post It is not necessary to draw 200 amps to move a robot through a two minute match. Rule of thumb is you robot should be able to compete for three matches without a battery change. Al Skierkiewicz dez250
Go to Post For those of you that think the kit chassis is too weak... It is tough stuff. Those of you that say it is too weak, just do not know what you are talking about. Paul Copioli dez250
Go to Post ...I tried to pump it up to the 47 inches. I stopped around 42 inches, than tried getting it through a 36" door. It got stuck, I proceeded to dropkick the thing in front of my team and a girl I had gone out with the previous Fri. It didn't move, I hit the floor. Ouch, my pride. ChrisMcK2186 dez250
Go to Post AND... ...GET OFF MY LAWN! You young whippersnappers. dang nabit... Joe Johnson dez250
Go to Post FIRST may very well be the healthiest drug on the market. Herodotus Dhananjay T.
Go to Post you know you're going to meet someone important, so you put on your robotics team shirt. NorviewsVeteran dictionaria13
Go to Post For guys, is the appropriate term "manpris". ? Chris Fultz dictionaria13
Go to Post This only gets awkward when the girl knows more digits of pi than you do... Walter Deitzler dictionaria13
Go to Post If Call Me Maybe is on loop for an entire competition I'm quitting FIRST. Mike Schreiber dictionaria13
Go to Post Attempted to like Andrew's comment and then realized this wasn't Facebook :P afowl dictionaria13
Go to Post A few years of stress is worth a lifetime of opportunity. omegasis25 dictionaria13
Go to Post We got spirit yes we do! What? You don't have spirit? What's wrong with you? Koko Ed dictionaria13
Go to Post I've got a couple team members who have an incredible knack for destroying robot parts... Tom Line dictionaria13
Go to Post Sir, you vastly underestimate the destructive power of a teenager. DonRotolo dictionaria13
Go to Post I watch students push themselves beyond their limits every year only to realize they have yet to find their true limits. JesseK dictionaria13
Go to Post "Professionalism at all times... even when you're playing an epic prank on your friends." JVN Dillon Carey
Go to Post This reminds me of a sports bar where there's a bunch of games on different TV's. Only this is better because it's FIRST. :D JackG Diriye
Go to Post Band geek + FIRST geeks = uberparty! Nuttyman54 divergentdave
Go to Post Honestly, I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to be a mentor. The fools don't know what they are missing. Steven Smith DjScribbles
Go to Post In racing, speed is measured in cubic dollars. In FIRST, success is measured in cubic skill. Billfred dlavery
Go to Post Eventually, the "less effective" tweaks will settle to the bottom, and the more effective ones will be assimilated by the group. Then someone will tweak the tweak. That's when the fun begins. Billfred dlavery
Go to Post It doesn't matter if students get inspiration from planning to creating to manufacturing to purchasing to watching to engineers creating the parts etc etc etc. As long as students are getting Inspired, FIRST is doing it's mission. David Kelly dlavery
Go to Post FIRST is not really located in Manchester NH but with each student and mentor involved UCGL_Guy dlavery
Go to Post Once you go to your first (FIRST) competition... thats when you fall in love with it. Jaine Perotti dlavery
Go to Post My most distinct memory was watching Tom fix our robot's frame... by whacking it with the hammer. Jaine Perotti dlavery
Go to Post That statement makes far too much sense for me to understand it. Aignam dlavery
Go to Post 4 is kind of like 5 Jaine Perotti dlavery
Go to Post Mmmmmmmm. Donuts! Sean Schuff dlavery
Go to Post I don't even consider FIRST to be an extracurricular anymore; it is a way of life. Jaine Perotti dlavery
Go to Post Much of what you do in the "real world" has no rules. You have to look yourself in the mirror and make them up as you live; knowing that what you do WILL come back to haunt you sooner or later. dhitchco dlavery
Go to Post If you want to know how to build a more competitive robot, ask. GP demands we tell you, help you, guide you, teach you. Al Skierkiewicz dlavery
Go to Post Logic has no place here whatsoever. ThamiorLianodel dlavery
Go to Post I just weighed myself and I have gained two pounds since last Saturday. Thats a sign of a good robotics team. russell dlavery
Go to Post If they're going to blame you for it anyway, you might as well have fun. Rick TYler dlavery
Go to Post We want you here, and we want you back. Welcome. Gary Dillard dlavery
Go to Post As a Mississippi boy, I'm especially proud that I could read Natchez dlavery
Go to Post Either way, FIRST works. You just have to keep the big picture in mind. Lux dlavery
Go to Post Your opions and statements DO reflect on your team and its' reputation, regardless of what your disclaimer says. Chris Fultz dlavery
Go to Post Volunteer...it will make you see a totally different side of FIRST. Collin Fultz dlavery
Go to Post Don't take things too seriously; It's supposed to be fun. :) ScoutingNerd175 dlavery
Go to Post Win, Lose or Tie, but do it in a way that FIRSTers will be talking about for years to come! Bill Moore dlavery
Go to Post Givens do not need solutions. Al Skierkiewicz dlavery
Go to Post GP is best shown and lived and not talked about. Steve W dlavery
Go to Post Think Tolerant. petek dlavery
Go to Post FIRST is our lever and the mentors are the fulcrum. Daniel Brim dlavery
Go to Post I'm a zit. Andy Baker dlavery
Go to Post As long as the competition gets the attention of someone and drags them in, it doesn't matter how they get there. Andy Grady dlavery
Go to Post Once you know where you want to go, you can decide how you want to get there. sciguy125 dlavery
Go to Post ...some of our robots could use a proctologist Scott Ritchie dlavery

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