Go to Post I've always suspected that one could find glimpses of wisdom, setting priorities, and responsibility - and ways to balance them, in the contents of a coffee cup. - JaneYoung [more]
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Go to Post You wrote a PID control loop for your coach? Whoa. meatmanek Cuog
Go to Post I would like to think that I would be considered smart no matter who I was. Kelly Cuog
Go to Post It wasn't about the ROBOT, or about whether I was male or female, it was about getting to compete in something that was just SO cool. BandChick Cuog
Go to Post From past experience members of our team insist on never trusting gravity. Vash Cyberguy34000
Go to Post What's this about a robot that they speak of? Are we supposed to build one???? ryan_f Cyberguy34000
Go to Post I don't think finding a way to defend the center goals is un-Gracious Professionalismistic (wow). Sachiel7 Cyberguy34000
Go to Post There is something completely respectful and amazing to see FIRST teams who have members go through 4 years of the program without winning a single competition or even a single award. Those are the teams that are looked at by others and respected for what they do. fuzzwaz Cyberphil
Go to Post I HAVE IT PROGRAMMED!!!! Ive just been forbidden from testing it... they think ill make the bot explode. >.> Got_POSTWAFFLE? Cyberphil
Go to Post So measure not by the masses, but by the sparks that you generate. Kims Robot Cynette
Go to Post I told people that I was a summit for world leaders for our regional. We had two that are current world leaders and over 1000 that will be ones in 2029. Foster Cynette
Go to Post Looks like we will be building a wood robot :) IndySam czeke
Go to Post The worst that happens is we try our best and lose. And there's no shame in that. pfreivald cziggy343
Go to Post Maybe this thread should be re-titled "Waiting impatiently for the 2011 hint!" since having over 100 posts doesn't seem very patient. Joe Ross dag0620
Go to Post As part of this test phase, I would expect to see Aidan sleeping on the job for most of the upcoming season. :) dlavery dag0620
Go to Post 'We're back to square one! and while we're at it, let's redesign square one.' Bethie42 dag0620
Go to Post Are people allowed to go to the roboprom, or just our robots? AmoryG dag0620
Go to Post And when I heard the word "Mentor Round" - you had me SOLD. Chris is me dag0620
Go to Post We'll get through this as a community, this we know. JaneYoung dag0620
Go to Post And you said it would be an easy game hint... Time to break out the N-Spire and do some number crunching CalTran dag0620
Go to Post wonder if the April peak for 'frisbee launcher' was from the GDC... cbudrecki dag0620
Go to Post Nonetheless, I would welcome it, as long as [The President] didn't restrict the number of discs that a Robot could hold. Oops, wait, too late, the GDC already did that. :-) MooreteP dag0620
Go to Post I love this man. Justin Montois dag0620
Go to Post Volunteers are in short supply and we always need more. Koko Ed dag0620
Go to Post This reminds me a lot of how millennials are regularly called out for simply being younger and having different perspectives. In the end it's the ones who are calling them out in unprofessional in ways that end up embarrassing themselves and looking uninformed. Karthik dag0620
Go to Post hiring a monkey may not be a good idea i used that method once and it cost me a fried motherboard... Cuog Daisy
Go to Post This is a solemn reminder of how fast time goes by with the blink of an eye, that if you don't run to catch up with it, it will catch up with you and sweep you away. Ken Leung Daisy
Go to Post We don't do battle bots, but we play hard. Gdeaver Daisy
Go to Post Quitting when faced with adversity is not the answer. We have to figure out a solution within the constrainsts applied. Rob Daisy
Go to Post One thing I have learned: If you want the impossible to become possible, just tell a student that it can't be done. JimCash daliberator
Go to Post If there's one thing that I love, it's a good scouting challenge! wilhitern1 DampRobot
Go to Post The term normal is relative to CADer side of me. When compared to the rest of society, there is no normal side of me. Pault DampRobot
Go to Post We don't just build robots. We build people. Koko Ed DampRobot
Go to Post We want people to exercise Gracious Professionalism® and play at their best, but also not really because we find this archaic rule to satisfy something related to inspiring students to pursue careers in science and technology.™ PayneTrain DampRobot
Go to Post Just once I'd love to see a team come out to the field and say " Team xxxx rejects our reality and accepts yours!" Koko Ed DampRobot
Go to Post Put on shows. Start new teams, FRC, FVC, or FLL. It doesn't matter. But I know that being on the robotics team has given me some of the best memories of my life, and I wouldn't want anybody else to miss out on that. irishninja Dan Petrovic
Go to Post You know, sometimes you people get just a little scary.... JaneYoung Dan Petrovic
Go to Post There's no finer engineering than pit engineering. kaszeta Dan Petrovic
Go to Post The sign applause was definately one of the best moments I had ever witnessed at a FIRST event. Who knew silence could be so loud? Koko Ed Dan Petrovic
Go to Post Nice going guys!! Not only did you succeed in reviving this thread, but you woke up Dave from his mid summer slumber. Now we are going to get 6 months of pre-kickoff torture!! Rosiebotboss Dan Petrovic
Go to Post Besides, all the FIRSTers that I know - are children at heart. JaneYoung Dan Petrovic
Go to Post A lot of the time in FIRST it's not what you have when you enter the program, but what you gain from being in it. Elgin Clock Dan Petrovic
Go to Post What about marriages ended by FIRST. I know that by Presidents Day my wife is not real happy with me :) IndySam Dan Petrovic
Go to Post Doctor the drill, or doctor your hand. Easy choice. Let's all make the right one. Molten Dan Petrovic
Go to Post It is often less about what you say, and more about how you say it. IKE Dan Petrovic
Go to Post Dean may have asked that every high school in America be involved with FIRST, but he never said [teams] all had to have separate high schools. Amanda Morrison Dan-o
Go to Post I wonder how many games we could come up with that are not the one for FRC 2008. AndrewN Daniel Bathgate
Go to Post FIRST is not the end...it is the beginning Greg Needel Daniel Brim
Go to Post Build a GREAT robot (just not as good as mine). Steve W Daniel Brim
Go to Post My guess is you all are planning on being overweight......interesting strategy.....i like it Stephen Kowski Daniel Brim
Go to Post Remember, if FIRST is your top priority, you need to look at your priorities. Billfred Daniel Brim

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