Go to Post I am a firm believer that there is no model that can be transplanted/copied from one team to another and have the same level of success. There just isn't a formula for it. The mindset you should have is: "I know I have made a positive impact on my community". - tim-tim [more]
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Go to Post This is the type of thing that puts an evil glint in Dave's eye and a smile on his face... Wetzel Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post A year where the students learn a lot and win nothing is more rewarding than a year where the team does well and doesn't learn much. Molten Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post Remember this: A true leader needs no title to make a difference. Molten Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post "Evaluate twice, execute once" Andrew Schreiber Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post PS: When/if it gets to be too easy to build a machine that can accomplish a recent/typical FRC game, then I suspect it will be time for someone to unveil a harder game. gblake Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post I will never forget Dean's opening lines: "I want you to know that I am here under protest. I believe that everything you are doing here is repugnant and ethically wrong. And now I am going to tell you why..." And for the next 35 minutes, that is exactly what he did. dlavery Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post In the real world nothing is ever to spec. Just another part of the challenge. Koko Ed Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post Our Digital Sidecar can attract metal chips from distant planets. electroken Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post "By three ways we may learn wisdom: first is by reflection, which is noblest; second by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience , which is the bitterest." bEdhEd Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post This is a very cool robot. It doesn't look like a launcher... it looks like a lifter driving backwards. Then whammo! The ball is flying through the air. dtengineering danshaffer
Go to Post Learning from the innovations of others is part of what makes FRC great, regardless of your own teams accomplishments or lack thereof. hg273 Dargel1625
Go to Post there is no mechanics Barbie. Iain McLeod DarkJedi613
Go to Post I was very concerned about this thread. Then I realized you were talking about a computer. Taylor DarkRune
Go to Post Just make a FIRST version of Quidditch. The only people who would be complaining are drivers from previous years who wanted to play it. Koko Ed DarkRune
Go to Post You don't have to build a winning robot to build a team, but you won't build a great team unless they are striving to build a winning robot. Richard Wallace Darkseer54
Go to Post It's 9:00 Do you know where your bott is? Michelle Celio DarMagi
Go to Post You win Worlds by innovation. You win Worlds by determination. You win Worlds by engineering a robot so solid, that it successfully completes the game. Zach O davepowers
Go to Post Also, there are times when the folks who run this ice cream store don't have the flavors I like. Can you believe that?!!! Although this really frustrates me, I get over this treachery and I still order something. After all, it is ice cream. I like ice cream. Andy Baker davepowers
Go to Post I hate mini-bots. Gdeaver davepowers
Go to Post The biggest thing is you don't have to make your robot like another teams. Come up with something unique and go from there. RAISE THE BAR..... camtunkpa Dave_222
Go to Post I walked out to the area where the robot was getting ready to move, and there's no room near the robot. I look again, and realize it's all students. rachakate Dave_222
Go to Post FIRST is about so much more than what happens on the field, and sometimes we forget that. Lil' Lavery David Brinza
Go to Post Most of our old robots have been scrapped for parts. Our Chairman submissions are still read every year by the whole team. N7UJJ David Brinza
Go to Post Make sure you THOROUGHLY understand the rules of the game before you actually start designing the robot. Koko Ed David Brinza
Go to Post I know that this might be a foreign concept but teams help each other out all the time. Al Skierkiewicz David Brinza
Go to Post When someone asks me to define Gracious Professionalism, I'm just going to send them to AndyMark. rsisk David Brinza
Go to Post As in life, the more restrictive the rules, the more creative the 'best' solution will be. DonRotolo David Brinza
Go to Post Antimatter.. It will help us in the never ending quest to build the bot under the weight limit. Elgin Clock David Guzman
Go to Post I wish I had two extra hands, so I could give those gearboxes four thumbs up! Billfred David Guzman
Go to Post FIRST needs a disclaimer that parts of the field can become flying projectiles under hurricane force winds. Barry Bonzack David Guzman
Go to Post Its not the type of material you use, but how you use it... jrocket567 David Guzman
Go to Post Real engineers don't need sleep... Just ask our bosses! Mike Betts David Guzman
Go to Post Patience, grasshopper. They'll get to it. Rick TYler David Guzman
Go to Post Seniors, do you realize this is your last robot season?! atomikitten David Guzman
Go to Post FIRST doesn't end after high school, for some of us, it is only beginning. David Kelly David Hoff
Go to Post FIRST has changed my life and I can never say thank you enough. Jason Kixmiller David Hoff
Go to Post FIRST cannot enforce Gracious Professionalism on the participants in this program, you will have to do it on your own. Ken Leung David Kelly
Go to Post Gerardo?!!?! Auugghh! Dave says "that's NOT pimp!!" dlavery David Kelly
Go to Post In the end, if our products are crap, then people will not buy them. This is the risk of doing business, and the foundation of capitalism. Andy Baker David Kelly
Go to Post The engineers and mentors provide the "I" in FIRST and FIRST would be nowhere near where it is today without this exceptional leadership shown by so many of these volunteers. Chris Fultz David Kelly
Go to Post Cheaters never win, winners never cheat. :) Amanda Morrison David Kelly
Go to Post Bring 'em on, kiddies. You underestimate the power of Amanda Morrison. Amanda Morrison David Kelly
Go to Post ps... it is better to have built a robot and lost than to ever played basketball at all Andy Baker David Kelly
Go to Post Woodie Flowers would like to win the Chuck Norris award. Andy Baker dbs12693x
Go to Post When all you're holding is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. artdutra04 dbs12693x
Go to Post We're college students. We appreciate free. Billfred DCA Fan
Go to Post You don't become great because of your sponsors, you become sponsored because of your greatness. Bdf809 dcarr
Go to Post It's easy to get overwhelmed. Don't get overwhelmed, just keep working at things a little bit at a time. (Oh, and don't forget to have fun!) DominickC DeformedFedora
Go to Post Comments and Documentation: Use them! You would never believe how fast you will forget how something works, especially when things are flying at you so fast. Other/future programmers will understand what you did and why you did it. BigJ DeformedFedora
Go to Post I don't know if the WPILibrary has a FluxCapacitor.vi in it. DavidGitz DeformedFedora

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