Go to Post I am specifically looking for Rhode Island, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Nevada, California, Florida, ... oh heck, all of the rest. - Rosiebotboss [more]
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Go to Post FIRST definately holds the key to my heart...and everything that goes with it (except maybe the evil chop saw in the basement) karinka13 Daniel Brim
Go to Post Inventing rocks. I think we've all learned that through FIRST. Billfred Daniel Brim
Go to Post ... six weeks, it's too long, but not long enough. Stillen Daniel Brim
Go to Post We can build it... we have the technology...better than it was before... Better...stronger...faster.... more PINK Barry Bonzack Daniel Brim
Go to Post I just think the teams that will be winners will have a higher score then us :) Kyle Daniel Brim
Go to Post I think overcoming obstacles together builds a stronger team. MissInformation Daniel Brim
Go to Post You can build an amazing robot that is capable and beautiful on a limited budget. Andy Baker Daniel Brim
Go to Post I'm still trying to find a way to get FIRST to dump the Chicken Dance song. :p Koko Ed Daniel Brim
Go to Post One thing that FIRST has given me ... Friends who care. Arefin Bari Daniel Brim
Go to Post canadians are amazing.. Ashley Christine Daniel Brim
Go to Post I can still remember how weird it was to look on the other side of our booth and see a kid in a suit tossing purple balls... OneAngryDaisy Daniel Brim
Go to Post The highest seeded alliance is always placed in the red zone by the computer. In fact, its a great communist conspiracy to mold the mind of teenagers into equating Reds with winners. Btower Daniel Brim
Go to Post [Pi day] is an irrational holiday KenWittlief Daniel Brim
Go to Post When you start thinking of FIRST as a robotic building contest you have left the pavement and you are in deep weeds. KenWittlief Daniel Brim
Go to Post Yeah.... I'll pay money just for a picture of Andy [Grady] getting jiggy! (then recommend it for the Caption contest!) ;) Rich Wong Daniel Brim
Go to Post It's one thing to post thoughts, guesses, opinions - that's all good ... However, it's [different] to make statements claiming first hand knowledge & facts without actually having first hand knowledge, facts, or accurate information. Jason Morrella Daniel Brim
Go to Post Don't you have some rovers to redirect or something Dave? Rich Kressly Daniel Brim
Go to Post Ken Patton rocks my socks off! Josh Hambright Daniel Brim
Go to Post You can expect to see the the same old same old again this weekend! Another set of fantastic experiences for thousands of kids across the country. And once again, Mission Accomplished. Aidan F. Browne Daniel Brim
Go to Post As far as we know, FIRST could replace football by 2018! Adam Richards Daniel Brim
Go to Post Knowledge is power. Know whats coming and you can be ready for it when it happens. KenWittlief Daniel Brim
Go to Post There is nothing cooler than engineers playing rock music. Jay Trzaskos Daniel Brim
Go to Post The size of your team has nothing to do with the size of your heart. Amanda Morrison Daniel Brim
Go to Post But if we just re-play "Triple Play" then what in the world will the Game Design Committee do with all that new-found free time? Since they wouldn't have to come up with a new game, they would have to concentrate on other things - like how to enforce the proposed "no metal on robots" rule. dlavery Daniel Brim
Go to Post By the way, if anyone happens to find my dignity lying around anywhere, please let me know. I seem to have lost it completely. dlavery Daniel Brim
Go to Post Of course this should be your decision- not the FIRST community's. Take charge of your destiny. Wayne C. Daniel Brim
Go to Post "You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." - unknown rufu5 Daniel Brim
Go to Post This pic became proof that engineers should never give up thier day jobs! :p Jay H 237 Daniel Brim
Go to Post Long Live Gracious Professionalism, and long live F.I.R.S.T. Matt Krass Daniel Brim
Go to Post Great teams derive from great mentors. Barry Bonzack Daniel Brim
Go to Post Brandon is my hero :) Cory Daniel Brim
Go to Post CAD is the oxygen for engineering. Bharat Nain Daniel Brim
Go to Post Whatever you do, do it in graciously professional manner. EricH Daniel Brim
Go to Post ...Al Skierk, uh, Skierwike, uh, you know who I mean Gary Dillard Daniel Brim
Go to Post The terror level was lowered to MOE green for this event. AdamHeard Daniel Brim
Go to Post it's called the Mars Rock automode (you sit there and wait for Opportunity to come along). EricH DanielPlotas
Go to Post [when asked where to learn about robot parts] ...some forum called Chief Delphi. I hear the people there are pretty knowledgeable about this robotics thing. EricH daniel_dsouza
Go to Post We figured it out. benjiengi daniel_dsouza
Go to Post Hearing about the beginnings of 842 was truly inspirational and has really stuck with me through the years. After following you guys for so long it was crazy for me to play with you. Thank you for all that you have done for FIRST in Arizona. Saberbot daniel_dsouza
Go to Post What have we learned? Cannons are awesome :rolleyes: DominickC daniel_dsouza
Go to Post ...six-year-old Libby had dragged her by the hand over to my (M.D./Ph.D) father and said, "Daddy, this is Miss Sally. She's a doctor AND and astronaut. YOU'RE just a doctor." Libby K daniel_dsouza
Go to Post When I mentor other people in programming... they either get pointers or they don't. JamesTerm daniel_dsouza
Go to Post I have photos of students working the lathe dressed for a concert! Makes me wish for a formal dress night at robotics. Mark McLeod daniel_dsouza
Go to Post Clearly they're releasing the game hint on 12/21/12 because they know the world's going to end, and they want to keep FIRSTers happy and distracted until the very end. Kevin Sevcik daniel_dsouza
Go to Post I openly admitted to using IE at robotics last year and recieved a major lashing for such blasphemy. Then I downloaded Chrome. jwallace15 daniel_dsouza
Go to Post This is the type of thing that puts an evil glint in Dave's eye and a smile on his face... Wetzel Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post A year where the students learn a lot and win nothing is more rewarding than a year where the team does well and doesn't learn much. Molten Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post Remember this: A true leader needs no title to make a difference. Molten Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post "Evaluate twice, execute once" Andrew Schreiber Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post PS: When/if it gets to be too easy to build a machine that can accomplish a recent/typical FRC game, then I suspect it will be time for someone to unveil a harder game. gblake Daniel_LaFleur

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