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Go to Post There are only 4 seasons of the year my friend, build season, competition season, post-season and pre-season. Tom Schindler
Go to Post I think everyone just needs to chill out and realize what the real goal of FIRST is. Koko Ed
Go to Post ...and then at the end they interviewed this 5 year old on his favorite part (of the fair): "I liked the robot" Jessica Boucher Elgin Clock
Go to Post All I have to say is --- Life == FIRST Lora Waloski kjohnson
Go to Post words of advice: never tease your dad about his receding hair line. it will come back to haunt you. trust me. Brandon Martus Jessica Boucher
Go to Post If it's not a sport, and it's not an art, it might as well be criminal behavior, because that's how you're going to be treated. jasoni Akash Rastogi
Go to Post So when a team leader decides to give all their heart to a team, it is true love that they exhibit towards it. Anton Abaya
Go to Post "The sooner we get behind the longer we have to catch up." (quoting another engineer from his team) Matt Leese
Go to Post It's not a problem, it's a feature! smokescreen
Go to Post I think we sometimes forget that FIRST is not just about building robots. Its purpose is to educate and inspire young people in the field of science and technology.
Go to Post The big lesson we learned ... our past does not limit our future, that superior attitude will beat out big budgets.
Go to Post Teamwork, dedication and friendship have a lot of play in all factors of life, including a robot contest. tenthirtythree
Go to Post Give me more tools; Iíll use the ones that are most useful for the job. Natchez Karthik
Go to Post ...we are all winners when people come out of this program and strive to make the world a better place. Patrick Wang
Go to Post Measure it with a micrometer, mark it with chalk, and cut it with an axe. This is not an exact science. Jim Meyer
Go to Post Duct tape is like the Force - it has a dark side and a light side and it holds the universe together. Jnadke
Go to Post FIRST is good for us. It is good for our own Children. Don't give up, even if you are as tired as I am! Kyle Hughes
Go to Post The sign of a mature community is not that everyone is nice and happy but that differring opinions can be expressed. -Joe Johnson archiver JVN
Go to Post Look at 71's 'walking' bot from last year. One dosn't need wheels/track to move. All you need is an idea. Jack
Go to Post This forum is a really great tool to get people connected to the rest of FIRST communities, as well as a great place to learn from other people and share a little part of yourself. Ken Leung
Go to Post The teams that do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing, and for believing in the message of FIRST deserve to be recognized. Madison
Go to Post FIRST is not about robots or which roller coaster we get to ride... it is about people. Andy Baker
Go to Post To limit FIRST to robots, tools, and competition is to strip away its immense potential. Madison
Go to Post This web site is a service by our team to the FIRST Community to foster interest and growth in Engineering, the FIRST Competition and Education of youth for the careers of tomorrow. Mike Martus
Go to Post Those kids are different! They seem more mature, respectful, and intelligent than most adults. They can actually think instead of just spitting out facts. They are obviously getting a real education. Amber H.
Go to Post Success is the indescribable feeling you get when you see something you worked so hard on in front of thousands of people. SlamminSammy
Go to Post Success is realizing that anything is possible, persistence is the key. SlamminSammy
Go to Post Success is the gleam in a child's eyes when they catch their first glimpse of your creation and their life is forever changed. SlamminSammy
Go to Post Success is making a difference. SlamminSammy
Go to Post Why aren't the kids who sit alongside the sidelines and observe as valued? Why are they looked upon as leeches, in it for a trip? Madison
Go to Post I think with so many facets of FIRST, success comes from learning the true meaning of teamwork through working towards a common goal. Kristina
Go to Post Learn the subjects that interest you, but at the same time know how it relate to real life situations, and how it is applied. Ryan Dognaux
Go to Post While one student may not be of much value to the team, do we ever stop to think about how much value the team may be to that student? Madison
Go to Post I think being successful in FIRST is creating an environment where people can grow, learn, change, and recreate... It's about making an environment where kids feel they can be successful... in whatever discipline they choose. ColleenShaver
Go to Post But he who has deeper insight realizes that concepts and ideas canot be contained in even the largest jar, bucket or box. You cannot touch or see these things, but you can be enhanced with knowledge and experience of them. sanddrag
Go to Post FIRST is like a big roller coaster, that can only be experianced if one takes a ride which can become a liftime experiance. activemx
Go to Post Success isn't from winning nationals but from improving as a person or as team. Putting the minds together in order to get the job done is success. Melissa Nute
Go to Post A drag racer can have all the output torque in the world, but it does no good on ice. Paul Copioli
Go to Post Nats allows an exchange of a vast multitude of ideas from everywhere. Not only in robot design, but accents, tool storage, pit design, team spirt, clothing, many things. Wetzel
Go to Post Never be afraid to admit your ignorance, and ask someone something. You may just learn something new... kmcclary
Go to Post Success to me is a feeling that is associated with achieving something you truly worked hard for; something that you can look at and say "That's my best work." OneAngryDaisy
Go to Post Duct tape can fix everything except relationships with other people. dixonij
Go to Post The best moments of our lives fall in two categories: those that did happen and those that did not. Jnadke
Go to Post FIRST is not the party- its the people. We can have a great competition no matter where we hold it. Wayne C.
Go to Post Although it is tempting, try not to toot your own horn in this thread. While you may have an awesome bot, the real compliment should come from other teams. Andy Baker joshsmithers
Go to Post It is usually the simple things that get you. Andy Brockway
Go to Post ...all that matters in my opinion is how much personal growth each one of you all achieve from being a part of this wonderful organization known as the FIRST robotics program. Elgin Clock
Go to Post We are different, but in our differences we help the world continue to grow, change, become inspired. Different is NOT bad. Be true to your self, be weird, be dorky, be crazy, be a geek. :) chellyzee93
Go to Post FIRST is kind of like charity work... you are, even if only in some small way, helping our future just a little bit, and you get a great feeling from it. Even if you are just ringing a bell (or clapping MOE sticks together), you're helping. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post "The hardest part about building the robot is figuring out what to build..." Jeff Waegelin

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