Go to Post It's all about inspiration until people start complaining about teams getting lucky schedules and seeding first. - Anupam Goli [more]
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Go to Post Welcome to summertime CD, enjoy your stay. tmpoles ctt956
Go to Post "The best" is a question that I find rarely applies in engineering :p nickbrickmaster Billfred
Go to Post Use half the robot's allowed weight for flywheels and use that energy to continue to drive! It's the future! Chadfrom308 SaltisVonWaltis
Go to Post Perhaps the reason we are all so frustrated with empty platitudes is that we do see them regularly and FIRST as an organization should aspire to be something greater than the empty soulless hellscape that is corporate mediocrity. marshall Kevin Leonard
Go to Post The first step to getting anything done is to decide to do something and make the commitment to actually do it. Mr V Karthik
Go to Post Retirement, that's my dream job. notmattlythgoe jaredhk
Go to Post Not a bug. It's a feature. Hitchhiker 42 NathanStro
Go to Post The Cheesy Poofs did WHAT exactly? Liam Fay ctt956
Go to Post Learn to crawl before you ball. Leap percussionette
Go to Post Sleep? There's robots to be made! mrcool36572 Volpidash2770
Go to Post During alliance selections, if a team representative Graciously Accepts, that alliance carries a yellow card with them through playoffs. Taylor aciarniello
Go to Post Your opinions still reflect upon your team. They always do. Ginger Power aryker
Go to Post While others have listed lots of good alternatives, if it came down to it, I'd rather have true champs than two champs.... Andrew_L Karibou
Go to Post This metric probably represents something meaningful, but it's difficult to describe exactly what. Caleb Sykes GreyingJay
Go to Post We just need more championships. That'll solve it. marshall jaredhk
Go to Post Technician: "Guys this could be our last match for the season, I think we need to JUST SEND IT!" Dm_Fronek_868 Richard Wallace
Go to Post Gotta bring your own TP to champs. Rookie mistake AdamHeard SPang
Go to Post I am kind of swimming in computers over here. Its a good problem to have. kmckay ctt956
Go to Post There really is no comparison of the grandiose feeling of walking into an NFL stadium vs a convention floor with bleachers. dodar ctt956
Go to Post All of the best teams are partnerships where everyone learns together. Andrew Schreiber KrazyCarl92
Go to Post Just don't expect your hacksaw to make it through security mocat10 Brian Maher Fan Club
Go to Post “First time!!! It worked the first time!!!” SenorZ C4
Go to Post It's not the judges' responsibility to keep streaks alive. That's on the teams to continue pushing the envelope of what they can achieve with their programs, and continue giving the judges new and better reasons to select them each year. Lil' Lavery Billfred
Go to Post The key to a successful auto is to design the robot such that auto is as simple as possible. Jared Russell cadandcookies
Go to Post The best way to prevent your design from being copied is having a very bad design. Jared Russell rsisk
Go to Post Want to know how to beat them? Don't stop evolving. You made an awesome widget? Great. What's next? What can you do to evolve it and make it better and stay competitive? marshall Billfred
Go to Post It's about learning enough - not just about robots, but about life in general - to become a solid, effective role model for your students. jtrv James1902
Go to Post 775s are amazing things... Type ctt956
Go to Post Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by bugs. virtuald Brian Maher
Go to Post Some say Sir Charles is still at the Georgia Dome game announcing to this day... Ryan Dognaux Pat McCarthy
Go to Post This is good training for the real world, where you will have to deal with those kinds of projects that make you die a little inside every time. It's very inspiring stuff! s_forbes RoboChair
Go to Post One match does not determine the overall power of a robot. Anuraag Routray jaredhk
Go to Post Bag and tag is so unfair. The practice bot does all of the hard work and the competition bot gets all the credit and glory. smitikshah Katie_UPS
Go to Post We found the 558 team member using a fake account! notmattlythgoe rtomp
Go to Post TL, DR - Bag rules are dumb. Kris Verdeyen Justin Foss
Go to Post The quality and timeliness of the answers you get will be proportional to the effort you invest in wording your question accurately and unambiguously. Ether EricH
Go to Post Getting things to go the right places takes a certain level of finesse, and sometimes that finesse comes in the form of a hammer. firecrafty Volpidash2770
Go to Post I didn't do that math, because it's twice as depressing. Ian Curtis cadandcookies
Go to Post I would try removing comments from your code. You have no idea how much weight comments add to your code. Being overweight is usually the programmer's fault. BenDSterling Brian Maher Fan Club
Go to Post "It's not a beauty contest, it's put-a-block-on-a-thing contest." The Sofa ctt956
Go to Post If the greatest injustice we see in FRC this year is that a rookie team is allowed to compete when they show up with a kitbot that is 1/4" too wide, I for one will be ecstatic. Jared Russell Xand10
Go to Post Somewhere there is a forest which is crying out to be seen but is stuck behind a bunch of trees. Tom Bottiglieri Kpchem
Go to Post If the rules need to be read a specific way to convey the intended meaning, then they might not actually be clear. MrForbes Richard Wallace
Go to Post One of my former students went on to intern with SpaceX and Tesla, and is now back as a mentor. He came early today and I introduced him to my class. He got a pretty solid reception that might compare favorably to being a pro athlete. The first question he got was about the $. mrnoble Billfred
Go to Post Also, unlike FRC most houses don't have to deal with other houses ramming them at high speeds repeatedly. Monochron Bkeeneykid
Go to Post I tell my kids "don't turn a small disaster into a larger one". girmann ctt956
Go to Post 6063 is the devils aluminum. Have fun deburring ALL your holes and cuts, frickin' cheese-grade I tell ya. RoboChair Monochron
Go to Post “Just put a zip tie on it. It’ll buff out”. That’s been our thing this year. Everything buffs out don’t worry about it. George Willis ctt956
Go to Post The robot is talking to you, you need to listen. Al Skierkiewicz ctt956
Go to Post The postseason exhibitions in Houston and Detroit feel less and less like an opportunity for teams to enjoy FIRST and more and more like an opportunity for FIRST's donors to enjoy FIRST. PayneTrain ctt956

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