Go to Post ... you know you are a nerd when you want safety glasses for your birthday! :P - Ashley Christine [more]
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Go to Post If you want it to work, you really need to fix it right. wgorgen ctt956
Go to Post I can only get so hyped... pkrishna3082 dawonn
Go to Post Pave the runway as best as possible. Don't make it harder for them to take flight. Ty Tremblay vandle879
Go to Post Pro tip: hide your spare parts in a tote full of snacks so no one finds them bobbysq ctt956
Go to Post If it's fast enough, nobody will have enough time looking at it to judge the looks. Billfred ctt956
Go to Post I don't intend this to be snarky, but what evidence is there that the field drawings will suddenly not be the dumpster fire that they have been for the entirety of the 18 years I've been a participant in FIRST? Cory MechEng83
Go to Post I am old mrnoble Andy Baker
Go to Post We had a very competitive robot cart. Monochron GreyingJay
Go to Post In the real world, when your boss is angry about why you went over $4000 BOM target telling them that a bunch of the parts are from the KOP probably wouldn't be the best answer. Marcus Q aciarniello
Go to Post Weight difference is not significant unless you fill the hollow middle with metal pipe. (Please don't do this.) FrankJ SaltisVonWaltis
Go to Post Hopes and priorities are not always the same thing... AdamHeard jaredhk
Go to Post Waterjets are like boats: they are most enjoyable when owned by a friend. artdutra04 Cothron Theiss
Go to Post "Process" is often just a fancy term for "cat herding". gerthworm ClayTownR
Go to Post ...anyhow, I think the UK teams use Al-yu-minium. Skuke lcraig910
Go to Post Pick your drivers carefully. Excellent drivers can make relatively bad robots look good on the field. waialua359 ctt956
Go to Post I think if you accept money from someone by selling them on advertising demographics, you're on the hook to deliver on those demographics. I think if you sell someone on the good of your mission, you are on the hook to fulfill your mission. Madison cadandcookies
Go to Post I love machining in fantasy land. Niklas701 Xand10
Go to Post You can want to see something be better and still appreciate the people doing the work. Michael Corsetto Jeremy Germita
Go to Post Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. bdaroz ctt956
Go to Post FRC will still be here when you graduate, that time you had in college won't. notmattlythgoe MikLast
Go to Post If you can take your robot to prom, can you take your robot to IKEA? Richard Wallace Whippet
Go to Post when you hear mentor built vs student built, reframe to mentor responsibilities vs student responsibilities. ahartnet s-neff
Go to Post We design a new robot every year, but we can't forget that we also design a new team every year as folks come and go. brennonbrimhall tjf
Go to Post Frustration and limitations are not a good way to inspire students. Marcus Q ctt956
Go to Post I think your main breaker deserves an apology. ClayTownR ctt956
Go to Post I'm going to be very frank. Can you guys take a chill pill on the instantaneous negativity for something you don't know about? Francis-134 Lil' Lavery
Go to Post Your right, too many teams these days are going the cheap and easy way out and sacrificing the learning experience of students. That's why we have our students mine all the raw bauxite and then refine it, smelt it and extrude it into aluminium box tube. Marcus Q bobbysq
Go to Post Solid support groups are critical to allow students to flourish and reach their potential. Michael Corsetto marshall
Go to Post I can't believe people on CD could be wrong. That's simply impossible. marshall bbensel
Go to Post I'm not sure where this all ties into a team's processes, but anything that makes a meaningful impact on understanding battery health is fine by me! Billfred ctt956
Go to Post Build season is a crazy time and the obvious solutions sometimes escape us. marshall Billfred
Go to Post Welcome to summertime CD, enjoy your stay. tmpoles ctt956
Go to Post "The best" is a question that I find rarely applies in engineering :p nickbrickmaster Billfred
Go to Post Use half the robot's allowed weight for flywheels and use that energy to continue to drive! It's the future! Chadfrom308 SaltisVonWaltis
Go to Post Perhaps the reason we are all so frustrated with empty platitudes is that we do see them regularly and FIRST as an organization should aspire to be something greater than the empty soulless hellscape that is corporate mediocrity. marshall Kevin Leonard
Go to Post The first step to getting anything done is to decide to do something and make the commitment to actually do it. Mr V Karthik
Go to Post Retirement, that's my dream job. notmattlythgoe jaredhk
Go to Post There is no bigger compliment than being told that your work is good enough that it couldn't possibly have been done by students, which is how I'm choosing to interpret your comments. I'll let the other students on the programming team know; I'm sure they'll be very proud. kylestach1678 MikLast
Go to Post Not a bug. It's a feature. Hitchhiker 42 NathanStro
Go to Post The Cheesy Poofs did WHAT exactly? Liam Fay ctt956
Go to Post Learn to crawl before you ball. Leap percussionette
Go to Post Sleep? There's robots to be made! mrcool36572 Volpidash2770
Go to Post During alliance selections, if a team representative Graciously Accepts, that alliance carries a yellow card with them through playoffs. Taylor aciarniello
Go to Post Your opinions still reflect upon your team. They always do. Ginger Power aryker
Go to Post While others have listed lots of good alternatives, if it came down to it, I'd rather have true champs than two champs.... Andrew_L Karibou
Go to Post This metric probably represents something meaningful, but it's difficult to describe exactly what. Caleb Sykes GreyingJay
Go to Post We just need more championships. That'll solve it. marshall jaredhk
Go to Post Technician: "Guys this could be our last match for the season, I think we need to JUST SEND IT!" Dm_Fronek_868 Richard Wallace
Go to Post Gotta bring your own TP to champs. Rookie mistake AdamHeard SPang
Go to Post I am kind of swimming in computers over here. Its a good problem to have. kmckay ctt956

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