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Go to Post You're not crazy. Eleven is the new seven. Michael Corsetto ~Cory~
Go to Post Practice bots are not regulated by FIRST. Your practice bot could have a flamethrower and a jamming device on it, and they wouldn't care in the slightest. You just can't compete at a competition with it. :) ~Cory~
Go to Post Itís impossible to know whoís life you will change forever. Donít miss an opportunity. Iím an optimist. Have a great season. This is the year. Rich Kressly ~Cory~
Go to Post The only thing more dangerous than a Programmer with a screwdriver is a Hardware Designer with the root password... kmcclary z_beeblebrox
Go to Post I've come to believe that the current alliance selection system is just like democracy. It's the worst system possible, aside from all the other ones. DampRobot z_beeblebrox
Go to Post I see all these people complaining about the FIRST game having perverse penalties for playing defense...then we play without defense, and still people complain. MrForbes z_beeblebrox
Go to Post Result: 44 volts through the DAP-1522. NOT FUN. DtD Zuelu562
Go to Post "The robot is horribly overweight. We need to delete some code" Dumper FTW 435 Zuelu562
Go to Post If poker is a sport, robotics is definitely a sport. EricH Zuelu562
Go to Post Congratulations! Welcome to the hardest fun you'll ever have. Undertones Zuelu562
Go to Post It's not easy dealing with the reality that others aren't as passionate as we are and that the process may be slower than we want it to be - but it gives me plenty of time to think and prepare. JaneYoung Zero-Bee
Go to Post My fondest memory was asking questions about Spirit and Opportunity to a NASA scientist while dressed up in a lion suit. Adam Y. Zach Purser
Go to Post The Bus includes Free Wifi and 120v Power (the bare essentials for any robotics team member) Clinton Bolinger Zach O
Go to Post FIRST involves school, parents, family etc etc....at least it does at our house! MrForbes yodameister
Go to Post Let gravity be your friend. MrForbes yodameister
Go to Post Good work I appoint you skillz points. Kingofl337 yodameister
Go to Post When you're in a field as deep as the Championship go offensive or go home. It's that simple. thefro526 yodameister
Go to Post Just to confuse the GDC, that should probably be done on Q&A opening day... they won't expect a bumper question until Build Week 4! EricH Xand10
Go to Post Make sure to get the polarity right otherwise things will get explodey. solomondg Xand10
Go to Post I agree it's a terrible idea, but part of me also feels like it'd be fun ;) FredyK200 Xand10
Go to Post If the greatest injustice we see in FRC this year is that a rookie team is allowed to compete when they show up with a kitbot that is 1/4" too wide, I for one will be ecstatic. Jared Russell Xand10
Go to Post I love machining in fantasy land. Niklas701 Xand10
Go to Post FIRST is not about building robots, it is about building people; the robots are just a good way to get the people there. JamesBrown woody
Go to Post water+electricity=bad Chuck Glick woody
Go to Post I've never been one for the "you did your best" and other "everyone's a winner" sayings, they don't push you, they don't get you to analyze what went wrong and figure out where to improve. Aren_Hill woody
Go to Post it doesn't matter so much why i joined [FIRST], but that i stayed :D sure_smile Winged Wonder
Go to Post Who says girls can't be cute, fun AND SMART?!? Marisa Russo Winged Wonder
Go to Post Ya know something I heard, UFH always look beter in PINK! :) Kyle Love Winged Wonder
Go to Post In theory, we do not need teachers in this world because we have the written word, but in reality, teachers are one of the most valuable resources, if not the most valuable resource, we have. Natchez Winged Globe
Go to Post So remember, we may be envious of teams who can do water jet cutting and has every possible monetary and engineering advantage, but there are many more people who are envious of every team who has a chance to compete. Rombus Winged Globe
Go to Post ...your education can be interesting and even fun. If you look a little farther down the path, you WILL "use this crap", and "this crap" can even be cool if you know how to use it. Chris Hibner Winged Globe
Go to Post Good engineering involves working with constraints, not complaining about them. Norman J wilsonmw04
Go to Post I'm sure there are many people out there who check their rep screen every 20 minutes in hope of positive reinforcement in a unique community, where they may not get positive reinforcement for sharing information in their home, school, or robotics program. Eugenia Gabrielov wilshire
Go to Post "There's plenty of room on the top for everyone" ... it's not a top if everyone is there. Alyssa WillRobinson
Go to Post In conclusion we will have a spaghetti game Darkseer54 wilful
Go to Post This system sucks more than our ball possession system. IndySam Wildcat
Go to Post "Trying to teach a nerd to be sensitive to girls is like trying to teach a dog Jamacian, and expect it to talk back" Hansen302 Wildcat
Go to Post Our prototypes are good and running, now just need to do some magic to transform all that wood to aluminum. :eek: FIRSTMa2104 Wicked
Go to Post Right now, it drives around....hopefully tomorrow it will do a LOT more! MrForbes whytheheckme
Go to Post Listen, my team lost in the finals to that alliance, and I've never suffered a more entertaining arse-kicking. Case closed. Petey whytheheckme
Go to Post I might be a nerd, but I am definitely a pi freak! Courtneyb1023 whytheheckme
Go to Post Dang! The 2008 game piece was supposed to be a secret. dlavery whytheheckme
Go to Post Ahem......"where are the President's safety glasses???" Travis Hoffman whytheheckme
Go to Post Maybe someday soon the quote will be, "As American as baseball and FIRST robotics!" KathieK whytheheckme
Go to Post I also would not recommend shipping the gerbils with the robot. Stuart whytheheckme
Go to Post Banned for being a nerd. There are no nerds in here! Schnabel whytheheckme
Go to Post I am also impressed that you maintained the integrity of your parentheses; you must be a software guy... DonRotolo whytheheckme
Go to Post They were designed that way so they would be compatible with the water-based ga.... oops, sorry, we aren't supposed to say anything about that. Never mind. dlavery whytheheckme
Go to Post You know what they say, the mind is the second thing to go and I can't remember the first. GaryVoshol whlspacedude
Go to Post "its not working because you didnt program it right" *wheel falls off* "never mind" Nin_estarSaerah whlspacedude

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