Go to Post This our big chance to spread the word and change the culture, let's not waste it. So in the words of one Leroy Jenkins, "Time's up, let's do this." - Frenchie461 [more]
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Go to Post The big lesson we learned ... our past does not limit our future, that superior attitude will beat out big budgets.
Go to Post Failure is not an option.
Go to Post Heck, every human being has the potential to change the world, as long as the world still exists.
Go to Post Why drink Pepsi when you can drink Pepsi and program?
Go to Post Yes, a big part of FIRST is learning from others. But a just as important part of FIRST is learning from discovery.
Go to Post I don't understand why it should matter if your robot is 100% student built, 100% engineer built or somewhere in between. As long as you are Inspired (I word again) FIRST is getting its point and primary goal across.
Go to Post The mission of FIRST is not just to promote science and technology, but to help every student involved to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams shyra1353
Go to Post the chicken crossed the road because it was a boundary. it wanted to demonstrate the spirit of FIRST by crossing that road. Billfred
Go to Post I wonder if Dave thinks the Chief Delphi kids are pimp... Bharat Nain
Go to Post FIRST things first. Astronouth7303
Go to Post We learn from our failures, but our successes reinforce what we've learned. Corey Balint
Go to Post FIRSTies always get Two Xmases! Sscamatt
Go to Post just remember, with power comes responsibility. Billfred
Go to Post one wrong move and you could end up capping one of the judges. that will pretty much ruin your chance at judges' award Billfred
Go to Post FIRST teams do not allow other FIRST teams to fail. Billfred
Go to Post I feel there really is only one team, and the name of that team is FIRST. Kyle
Go to Post Successful FIRST team members know they always can improve themselves, not just as a FIRST team, but as people who can offer something of value to society. Kyle
Go to Post anything is possible with dedication. Billfred
Go to Post I got dragged into FIRST against my will, and it was the best thing that's ever happened to me. dubious elise
Go to Post theres no such thing as the best robot...cuz every robot is the best :D Bharat Nain
Go to Post It's always nice to have the outside party take a look at your code because one of two things can happen: 1. They write it better. 2. They find your stupid mistake. Astronouth7303
Go to Post You need to stay on top of your classes or you will be back as a returning freshman on next year's team. Ian Curtis
Go to Post Fire and smoke are great if you're into Battlebots, but we like to avoid them in FIRST competitions. Elgin Clock
Go to Post Getting that degree is the reason for going to college. Failing out of school because you mentored isn't really a good reason. DonRotolo
Go to Post "We don't build the robots, we build the robot builders." lukevanoort
Go to Post If you want to make change, you have to know what you're trying to change. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Sometimes it is worth it to stop and read what you've written before posting. joshsmithers
Go to Post Part of Gracious Professionalism is the Professional bit. Doesn't matter if you're a volunteer or a staff member, a failure of this level in the real world would result in getting fired. nighterfighter
Go to Post Dear CNN, We're not from indiana. Love, Wildstang demosthenes2k8
Go to Post If all else fails, just ask the judges to turn off the gravity! :D rsisk
Go to Post We excel at making our robots nice and colorful. JaneYoung
Go to Post It's like the people from Pimp my Pit came and had it professionally done. BJC
Go to Post Chief Delphi down for a few hours ON A WEEKEND??? This is MADNESS! Hallry
Go to Post Messy wires are a pain in the chassis IndySam
Go to Post Dean's probably sitting in his chair saying "Dance puppets, dance!" EricLeifermann
Go to Post The only thing that would finish this perfect day is a game hint... Hallry
Go to Post Now I want to casually slip the word [B]Hemispherical Omnidirectional Gimbaled Drive[/B] into normal conversation .... billbo911
Go to Post Here's my standard for-every-new-member-of-Chief-Delphi-Welcome: WELCOME TO CHIEF DELPHI!!!!!! :D Hallry
Go to Post Like my programming class teacher has said multiple times: "Stop complaining on reddit about your code not compiling and actually fix it". bam-bam
Go to Post Where's the "drill enough weight holes so we're barely under 120lbs" option? ;-) Hallry
Go to Post Sleep?! How am I supposed to do that with the build season done?! There are still practice bots to make! Hallry
Go to Post I think a 100% student-run team is as good as a school taught by your peers. rsisk
Go to Post So let me get this straight. We'll have 6 hours to re-build an entirely new robot that took us 6 weeks originally to make. Kimmeh
Go to Post Practice bots are not regulated by FIRST. Your practice bot could have a flamethrower and a jamming device on it, and they wouldn't care in the slightest. You just can't compete at a competition with it. :) ~Cory~
Go to Post These teams aren't elitists, but they sure are elite. Katie_UPS
Go to Post Note to self: Go to IRI sometime. plnyyanks
Go to Post Team Titanium's trying Teeter Totter Talons tying the terrain traversal tandoming Twin Tucking Tabs to try triples. CalTran
Go to Post A robot is never "complete" Hallry
Go to Post ....you can't go to a single FIRST event without someone saying "Hey, Look! It's SuperNerd!" Gregor
Go to Post It's not about the numbers, it's what you can do with them. Andrew Schreiber

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