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Andrew Grady
Andrew Grady Name: Andrew Grady
Date Honored: 01-31-2004
Years involved w/FIRST: 10
FIRST Team(s): Nypro Inc. &, Clinton High School (0126)
Role: Mentor / Strategy Specialist
Quote: "You might faint from the fight, but you're gonna find it, for every challenge could have paradise behind it." - Blues Traveler
Bio: Andrew Grady has a long history of dedication to the FIRST program. In a long ten years, Andy has served as both a student and mentor to different teams. Andy is currently featured on the forums for his '3 Questions' feature, and is involved with team #126. He also works as an engineering technician.

Andy shares one of his recollections: "My favorite FIRST memory was in 1999. It was my first year with team 42, and my first year as a mentor. We had worked extremely hard on building a robot that works and really bonded well as a team. At the national competition we managed to pull together some very tough victories against some good teams and we found ourselves at the number one spot at lunchtime on friday afternoon. Team 42 had never done so well, the looks on the kids faces were something I will never forget." Andy also has a great outlook on FIRST's impact. "At that moment, I realized what FIRST was all about, the coming together of people of all ages, bonding, and going through the hardships and highlights that life can give, as one whole unit for a better cause."

Andy also gave us some advice: "FIRST is a wonderful experience if you choose to make it that way. Always keep pushing no matter how bleak things may get at times. In the end it doesn't matter if you have won or lost, just as long as everyone involved managed to squeeze some sort of purposeful meaning out of the time spent." He also gives some specific words to the students: "...always remember that though FIRST is a great tool for learning, never let it control your life. If you aren't careful, it could end up delaying your true destination in life."

Congratulations to Andrew Grady, and thank you for your contributions for the FIRST program.

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