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Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winners (2007)

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Chuck Merja
Chuck Merja (1696)
Arizona Regional
Dan Larochelle
Dan Larochelle (40)
BAE SYSTEMS Granite State Regional

Unsung FIRST Hero
Michael Crane
Michael Crane (357)
Bayou Regional
Bob Steller
Bob Steller (554)
Boilermaker Regional
Ted Hall
Ted Hall (155)
Boston Regional
Thomas Pinelli
Thomas Pinelli
Brazil Pilot
Wyatt Newman
Wyatt Newman (1532)
Buckeye Regional
Dina Campagna
Dina Campagna (341)
Chesapeake Regional
Jason Buhler
Jason Buhler (662)
Colorado Regional
Bill 'Buzzy' Buskirk
Bill 'Buzzy' Buskirk (1359)
Davis Sacramento Regional
Dr. William 'Doc' Welsh
Dr. William 'Doc' Welsh (314)
Detroit Regional
Dr. Edward Hensel
Dr. Edward Hensel (2026)
Finger Lakes Regional
Warren Boudreaux
Warren Boudreaux (180)
Florida Regional
Eyal Hersko
Eyal Hersko (1657)
GM/Technion Israel Regional
Daniel Kimura
Daniel Kimura (469)
Great Lakes Regional
Anita Lundy
Anita Lundy (1984)
Greater Kansas City Regional
Mark Breadner
Mark Breadner (188)
Greater Toronto Regional

Unsung FIRST Hero Woodie Flowers Award
Joe Barry
Joe Barry (987)
Las Vegas Regional
Richard Fox
Richard Fox (1296)
Lone Star Regional
Joseph Vanderway
Joseph Vanderway (599)
Los Angeles Regional
Ed Wegsheid
Ed Wegsheid (648)
Midwest Regional
Marshall Turner
Marshall Turner (384)
NASA/VCU Regional
Timothy Leicht
Timothy Leicht (1403)
New Jersey Regional
Alan Troshane
Alan Troshane (522)
New York City Regional
Eric Stokely
Eric Stokely (360)
Pacific Northwest Regional
Bill Whiteman
Bill Whiteman (135)
Palmetto Regional
Suzy Crowe
Suzy Crowe (1127)
Peachtree Regional
Stephen Bartlett
Stephen Bartlett (316)
Philadelphia Regional
Ken Morrison
Ken Morrison (306)
Pittsburgh Regional
Daniel Rupert
Daniel Rupert (812)
San Diego Regional
Frank Saladino
Frank Saladino (353)
SBPLI Long Island Regional
Yang Xie
Yang Xie (846)
Silicon Valley Regional
Allison Babcock
Allison Babcock (1747)
St. Louis Regional
Paul Kloberg
Paul Kloberg (25)
UTC Connecticut Regional
Derek Bessette
Derek Bessette (1114)
Waterloo Regional

Unsung FIRST Hero
Jason Joye
Jason Joye (226)
West Michigan Regional
Kevin Kolodziej
Kevin Kolodziej (1675)
Wisconsin Regional

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