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An FRC Anthology

By: tjf
New: 09-04-2018 04:58 PM
Updated: 09-04-2018 04:58 PM
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Three years of trial, error, and learning, distilled into a "101" style publication on all things FRC.

When I started out in FRC in 2016, I tried to make a loose set of notes that could help me through it, and that I could reference. Those notes still sucked, but ended up helping quite a few people out, to my shock.

This summer, as I enter my fourth year involved in FRC, I set out to document the different aspects of the program, and as much of what I learned as possible. Strategy, Imagery, Business, Awards, and of course, the Robot. I included the best practices I learned that made sense, and asked for help from community members, mentors, and volunteers who were willing to lend a hand.

Releasing early in September was a goal of mine as I wanted to get it out to teams before the build season and their training starts. That way, if a part of the document is helpful or inspires change, they can make it for this season and hopefully do better.

Special Thanks To:
Jon Kentfield
Cothron Theiss
H. Newman
Howard Cohen
Nick Hammes

Mentors & Students
Jordan S. (FRC 1902 | Exploding Bacon)
Maddox C. (FRC 2197 | Las Pumas)
Calvin Tran (FRC 2410 | The Metal Mustangs)
Brian Maher (FRC 2791 | Shaker Robotics)
Hayley Y. (FRC 3132 | Thunder Down Under)
Param U. (FRC 4946 | The Alpha Dogs)
Justin Tervay (FRC 5254 | H.Y.P.E.)
Lori V. (FRC 5414 | Pearadox)
Bryce H. (FRC 6814 | Ellipse)

An FRC Anthology (gDrive Copy)
Additionally, two of the primers I had written for the Encyclopedia Robotica V2 were adapted for this project, and as such, probably are a good compliment.
Encyclopedia Robotica V2 (CD-Media Paper)

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09-04-2018 04:59 PM


Unread Re: paper: An FRC Anthology

This had already been distributed in some chats I'm in, so I figured I might as well share it on CD. Hope it's helpful!

09-04-2018 06:27 PM


Unread Re: paper: An FRC Anthology

Great job, Tim!
Love the format and the transformation of so much important information in an easily followed text. Your efforts will help so many teams, new and old. I will be sharing your awesome resource at some of the workshops we are hosting in the near future. Keep up the good work!

09-04-2018 06:49 PM



Stoked to have made the cut for logo design! This is a super awesome recourse and we will definitely use to introduce FRC to students.

09-04-2018 08:31 PM


Unread Re: paper: An FRC Anthology

This looks like a good resource with a lot of effort put in, nice work. It would be great if the PDF was searchable - right now I can't seem to search or select text.

09-04-2018 08:59 PM


Unread Re: paper: An FRC Anthology

Originally Posted by dcarr View Post
This looks like a good resource with a lot of effort put in, nice work. It would be great if the PDF was searchable - right now I can't seem to search or select text.
That's an unfortunate side effect of the formatting. I used fonts that Publisher attempted to convert to bitmaps, and the original intended format was paper where it wouldn't be an issue. I'll upload a copy in a searchable format sooner rather than later - it'll just be a significant amount of effort though.

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