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Team 219

By: ErichKeane
New: 02-26-2004 11:17 AM
Updated: 02-26-2004 11:17 AM
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Team 219

Robot is a line follower, climbs stairs, hangs from the bar, enjoys pina colatas, long walks on the beach, and enjoys using its "flaps!".

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02-26-2004 02:26 PM

M. Hicken

Unread Re: pic: Team 219

Heck yeah baby, 6 weeks paid off. She looks better now, we have all of the sponsors and the flapper on, plus there are a few weights in the front. After nailing down a few problems, we are running 100%, now all we have to do is calibrate the banners at the regional and we're good to go. See all of you in Trenton

Good luck

Marcus - Team Impact 219

02-26-2004 02:35 PM


Unread Re: pic: Team 219

That it did marcus, that it did.

Id like to explain a few things, as to what our robot accomplishes. First, The flapper. In that space with the window motor, a piece of PVC comes accross with rubber flaps on it, used to force balls into the front bin. It can be reversed to send the balls back out.

Second, auto control. On the 1 side, there are 3 banner sensors, which are used simply to guide the robot up to our ball. The Cylinder you can see at the top (back) of the robot, with a delrin pad on it, with the radio attached to its mount, is used to poke the ball off its stand.

Third, the center wheels are on cylinders. They are forced down, lifting the (back) of the robot off the ground, placing the rear wheels (non cage end) on the step, then brought back up, therefore dragging us up the steps.

Finally, how we hang: The Pole with the hook on the end resembles a car antenna, with a forced pipe pushed up the center, which lifts the hook to the level of the bar. Then, the antenna is pulled back, leaving the hook on the bar, attached to the robot with aircraft cable. The Winch, as you can see, is used to pull the robot up, at a very high rate of speed.
That is really us, we skipped the 2x ball because we figured everyone would try, and it did not fit our team personallity well.

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