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SPAM's Custom Shooting Wheel


By: killerofkiller
New: 02-21-2006 03:48 PM
Updated: 02-21-2006 03:48 PM
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SPAM's Custom Shooting Wheel

when this bad boy starts spinning it's like a WW2 German stuka dive bomber :-D

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02-21-2006 04:54 PM

Tim Arnold

Unread Re: pic: SPAM's Custom Shooting Wheel

Does the wheel give any sort of gyroscopic effect?

How much does it weigh?

Looks awesome.

02-21-2006 04:56 PM


Unread Re: pic: SPAM's Custom Shooting Wheel

No, no noticable gyroscopic effect. And if I remember correctly(someone feel free to correct me), it weighs three pounds.

02-22-2006 06:51 PM


Unread Re: pic: SPAM's Custom Shooting Wheel

That is one majorly hefty shooting wheel. I bet 3 pounds gives considerable gyroscopic torque when you turn. Also, I bet that thing annihilates balls. It doesn't seem like they would stand up well to spinning knurled metal.
It does look pretty though.

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