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Holtzman WAI


By: Holtzman
New: 02-02-2007 11:18 PM
Updated: 02-02-2007 11:20 PM
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Holtzman WAI

It seemed like time for a new WAI. I seem to be about 14" taller. Weird.

It's Primetime...

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02-03-2007 12:54 AM

Travis Hoffman

Unread Re: pic: Holtzman WAI

OK, so I know Tyler is an unpopular dork and all, but you'd think someone would have noticed what he's standing on and have commented on it by now....

02-03-2007 06:57 AM


Unread Re: pic: Holtzman WAI

OH NOES. Could that be the Simbotics robot? Hmm..very interesting.

02-03-2007 07:49 AM

Jonathan Norris

Unread Re: pic: Holtzman WAI

Nice one Tyler. Looks like your 6-wheel prototype to me, which I wouldn't be surprised if you used it. If 1114 decided to make a ramp bot I think they would somehow manage to make it carry all 5 other robots on the field. It would hut down and pick up the opposing alliance and trap them in a large cage. Then manage to get them all behind their home zone for a nice 150 points. Of course this would all be legal some how in the language of the rules

edit: I can't spell in the morning..

02-03-2007 09:25 AM

Arefin Bari

Unread Re: pic: Holtzman WAI

His shirt says it all...

02-03-2007 09:36 AM

J Flex 188

Unread Re: pic: Holtzman WAI

I like Tyler and all that, but that's just ridiculous

02-03-2007 09:59 PM

Philip W.

Unread Re: pic: Holtzman WAI

Tyler, would you get out of the way? You're blocking my view of something MUCH more important.

02-04-2007 10:31 AM


Unread Re: pic: Holtzman WAI

I spy with my little eye honeycome aluminum! good stuff.. how much does that ramp weigh? and are you going for 12" or just 4"?

02-05-2007 11:11 AM

M. Mellott

Unread Re: pic: Holtzman WAI

Looks like he's a good 12" off the ground. Is that a solid platform or a lift of some sort?

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