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Team 48 Robot at Smoky Mountains Regional

Travis Hoffman

By: Travis Hoffman
New: 04-04-2011 12:55 PM
Updated: 04-04-2011 12:55 PM
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Team 48 Robot at Smoky Mountains Regional

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04-04-2011 05:48 PM


Unread Re: pic: Team 48 Robot at Smoky Mountains Regional

You guys looked great on the webcast. Congrats on the regional win.

I have seen many teams with designs similar to this. Mind sharing how your arm extends? Can it be moved back in aswell (hard to tell from webcast)?

04-05-2011 01:16 PM

M. Mellott

Unread Re: pic: Team 48 Robot at Smoky Mountains Regional

The roller claw extends 12" with the use of a 1-1/16" pneumatic cylinder inline with the arm. This allows the robot to pick up off the floor, then retract for all other functions. The arm is long enough that the arm does not need to be extended to hang tubes on the top center post, but short enough to fit within the frame in the "home" position.

The dual outer arm rails are 2 x 1 x 1/8" rectangular aluminum tubing with a 1.5 x 1.5 aluminum tube as the telescoping extension. The air cylinder is threaded directly to a plate welded in the end of the extension between the outer rails. Aluminum and Delrin plates support the ends of the outer rails and the back end of the extension for a smooth, well-supported telescoping action.

04-05-2011 01:36 PM

Travis Hoffman

Unread Re: pic: Team 48 Robot at Smoky Mountains Regional

Here is a closer look at the arm:


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