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By: sanddrag
New: 09-13-2018 07:00 PM
Updated: 09-13-2018 07:00 PM
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Funny when you encounter FRC robots in an industry trade show booth. Kind of cool. Not sure what team did this one. I also saw 111 and 135 and a couple others there in the education area. Nice to have them represent FIRST at IMTS.

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09-13-2018 10:47 PM


Unread Re: pic: FRC at IMTS

I saw the booth yesterday as well. It is team 3953, here is a link to some info.

It's awesome that FORCAM provided this opportunity!

09-14-2018 12:10 PM


Unread Re: pic: FRC at IMTS

They also had a FIRST demo area on the lower floor of the North hall being run by Illinois FIRST. I took a stroll through there to see what they were presenting before I had to leave for Midway, it's always good to see FIRST represented at IMTS.

They've had some form of representation for at least the past three shows ('14, '16 & '18), I want to say AndyMark was there in '14 (or at least Liz).

09-14-2018 12:44 PM

Mads Eskildsen

Unread Re: pic: FRC at IMTS

If you are still at IMTS or are going tomorrow Team 135 is in the Smartforce student Summit booth 215340. At the booth you can have a chance to drive our 2018 Competition robot, a small kiwi bot, our testbed, and our T-shirt Launcher. We also have information about our project called Mission to Engineer. Mission to Engineer connects FRC teams with local families in need of a low cost assistive technology. If you want to learn more about Mission to Engineer and how to sign up or learn more about Team 135 just visit our booth.

Mads Eskildsen

09-14-2018 03:43 PM

Peter Salisbury

Unread Re: pic: FRC at IMTS

I'm glad to hear that FIRST is getting representation, but man am I jealous of the teams that get to walk around.

09-14-2018 04:21 PM


Unread Re: pic: FRC at IMTS

Originally Posted by Peter Salisbury View Post
I'm glad to hear that FIRST is getting representation, but man am I jealous of the teams that get to walk around.
Yeah me too. I've sort of geeked out on some on footage a local HURCO dealer has been sending back (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bnlwp0BAd6Q). Even though I'm far from that stuff, it is pretty cool to see. And it reminds me to keep on trying to create machining partnerships for the team. It hasn't worked out often and some is definitely us not getting students out to some of these cool businesses (along with the other time constraints to do all the cool things we could).

09-14-2018 08:25 PM


Unread Re: pic: FRC at IMTS

Link isn't working for me me, but yes Hurco had some cool stuff. They were 3D scanning people and then machining their head into a ~1" aluminum bar.

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