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Cyber Blue Design Review Process

Cyber Blue, Team 234, has published a white paper on their design review<br />
process. Their review process has been expanded and improved for 2004 and<br />
involves a consistent review team and more reviews.<br />
<br />
Teams are invited to adopt and adapt this process to suit their needs

by: David Kelly

01-13-2004 10:13 PM

Pinnouts for new Joystick

Attached is a File pictorial for the new Joystick.<br />
The large center button sends different OHM values for its 5 potential positions, and it is connected to the same pin numbers as the P1_wheel was last year.<br />
<br />
This is in answer to my question:<br />
<br />
<br />
1) Is there any electrical information on the p...

by: David Bryan

02-02-2004 08:03 AM

IndianaFIRST 2004-2005 Calendar

A few students from Cyber Blue 234 have made a 12 month calendar which includes a picture of each robot and information on all 20 IndianaFIRST teams. <br />
<br />
Go ahead, print one out and enjoy!

by: David Hoff

07-20-2004 11:42 PM

Introduction To Control Theory As Relevant To FIRST and PIDs

A quick explanation of basic control theory terms and PIDs, mostly as relevant to coding a FIRST robot.

by: Guy Davidson

01-19-2007 02:46 AM

FIRST Team #1208 "The MeTool Brigade" Build Season Log

FIRST Team #1208 &quot;The MeTool Brigade&quot; Build Season Log

by: DavidGitz

03-02-2011 08:01 AM

Center of Gravity Calculator

Center of Gravity Calculator designed specifically for 4 points of contact on the floor.

by: DavidGitz

01-27-2012 10:51 AM

Spam Metool Scouting System

Scouting System originally developed by SPAM and revamped by the MeTool Brigade.

by: DavidGitz

03-28-2012 09:49 AM

Papers (7)

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