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recycleing is always good right? heeres our flyer that we might use if i can get somt things straightned out,<br />
<br />
it is however a lie wehave been having meetings all summer<br />
<br />
But this is all about the newbies The children are our future

by: Tytus Gerrish

08-22-2003 09:40 AM

179 Robot rodeo prep

This is a slide presentation il use to get my team breifed and motivated. and adress the things that need to be done before the robot rodeo, and it has lots of pictures to keep them intrested

by: Tytus Gerrish

10-16-2003 10:59 PM

Listen UP! with Tytus

Lust prodding them along... just prodding them allong

by: Tytus Gerrish

11-03-2003 02:49 PM

179 control box front plate

as long as were all honoring Andy, i thought it was time to relace this drawing of the front plate of our control box. its 1/2 scale so it would be 12&quot; in reality

by: Tytus Gerrish

03-01-2004 09:16 PM

UCF scouting database

I began building this database for 179 and 180. it is however incomplete but it has all the teams listed and has the infustructure to enter data quickley and be used univsally.

by: Tytus Gerrish

03-09-2004 11:13 PM

179's Recrruiting Poster

this is the flyer i made for rookies at our school

by: Tytus Gerrish

08-19-2004 10:39 PM

Omni-dirctonal Hoverbot

On the advice of a mentor on my team, due my invisibilty on paper. i am going to turn in my colledge application to UCF in person. so i can talk about myself, my experience in robotics, my abilties, and my struggle with my disabilty (dislexia). and all arround sell myself to get in. along with my ap...

by: Tytus Gerrish

11-24-2004 06:49 PM

FLL Robot kickoff presentation

starting 4 new teams this year and im taking a shot at getting them to be a compeditive bunch of little swamp monsters heres the presntation im going to use on them on tuesday<br />

by: Tytus Gerrish

09-02-2005 07:07 PM

1" mecanum

a californian combat robot builder contacted me through chiefdelphi and asked me about mecanum wheels. now im designing wheels for a 3lb mecanum flamethrower bot. here's the teaser shot. <br />
<br />
Yes, i cheated the Nylon 4-40 screws they get razorknif'ed off

by: Tytus Gerrish

10-02-2005 11:59 PM

Papers (9)

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