0 Point Auto Club

Calling all members of the 0 point auto club. A team is a member of this club if they have scored 0 points in autonomous in an official FRC match (no practice matches or practice fields) and there is a video link to this autonomous in this thread.

Wow! Two on the same alliance. I’ll be dipped.

We will do you one better. Here is our -5 point auto

I cannot believe! I thought a 0 point autonomous was only theoretical but a negative-points autonomous? Wow. We are truly living in the future of FRC.

Common. We had a few 0points, few -5 points because SmartDashboard kept flaking out and erasing the auton we had selected.

I guess that means that it’s time for another club…:frowning:

I LOVE it when that happens! Especially when you select a canburglar auto and you’re facing other teams with reasonably fast burglars cough Newton 2015 cough

Hold that thought. We’ve got a tenner on our hands: http://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2016mawor_qf3m3

I would have hoped they’d correct for it when the match got replayed for a field fault, but alas.

We did not program an auto during quals. As such, we had nine zero point autos at Bayou out of ten matches played. On our third match, the robot had no chains from the drive axle on the right side. We should have just sent in the HP, and continued working on the robot. Somehow, despite having no auto programmed, the left side of the robot went full reverse in auto and backed across the center line for a foul. Not only did we not score any points for our alliance, but none of our alliance partners managed a singe point all match. Worse than a goose egg.:o

No, I’m not linking videos. If you want to see this train wreck, you’ll have to search.

It is interesting how many 0 point autos there are given how easy it is to get a 2 point auto. Will be interesting to see how this progresses in week 4.


0 points in auto, every single match we played at our first district competition.

Do I win a prize? :rolleyes:

I’ve seen -10 point autos, and give the opponent a free crossing while you’re at it! :slight_smile: (G13 if you contact another robot)


Proud to be in this club! :wink:

Ah, just look at our robot shake and struggle as it tries to tear itself apart.

Don’t worry I got everyone :slight_smile:

We all have those days don’t sweat it.

In one of our matches software forgot which side was “front” after changing our code, and so our robot started rolling off in the wrong direction…