0 to 60 in four seconds, 139 mph, 100% electric?!?

I don’t know how many people follow plug in cars but I saw two articles for this car yesterday in two seperate magazines so I had to check it out. Simply put, I’m amazed. The Tesla Roadster is 100% electric but still packs a punch, and more importantly, this thing runs like a Enigizer add. I figured it might peak some peoples interests here. The only thing that turns me off to the car is the $100,000 price tag, they do say they’ll be coming out with a cheaper four door soon. http://www.teslamotors.com/index.php?js_enabled=1 Is it me or does this thing look like a Lotus?

Tesla is a subdivision of Lotus

The car is being co-built with Lotus. It’s based off of a modified Lotus Elise chassis. According to the Car and Driver article, it’s powered by a 248 horsepower three-phase motor mated to a two speed manual transmission. It’s a very cool car but, unfortunately, way out of the average person’s spending limit.

I saw this in my motortrend. Glad to see the numbers on it. Those seem outstanding.

You haven’t seen “Who Killed The Electric Car?”, have you?

Basically, the first electric car (GM’s EV1) had very good performance, was very quiet, and was about expensive as a gas car at $0.60/gal. 10 years ago.

BTW, I know of 2 of the 70 or so EV1’s (which were driven on a lease basis only) that sill exist. They are both disabled.

CARB killed the electric car.

That was a sweet ride. My neighbour had one for a week. He was a GM lobbyist and got some sweet rides.