0 to Autonomous: #2 Chassis + mechanisms


We are happy to announce that the second episode of 0 to Autonomous is available on YouTube!
This video aims to walk through how to create a Timed Robot that uses joysticks to operate a complete robot including the chassis and the mechanisms.

This episode covers:
-Using TalonSRXs & Encoders
-Using a pneumatics system & pistons
-Encoder unit conversions & soft limits
-Encoder bang-bang auto-line
-Using the Shuffleboard
-Treating joystick deadbands

The series is designed for new members on a programming team who is already familiar with Java, and it tries to demonstrate how Java is used in FRC.

Hope this video is helpful to your team!


For those who missed it, here’s episode 1.

I was just thinking about this last night. With the long delay between episodes, I was afraid the project was dead.

Now I’m going back and watch it again


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