0 to Autonomous: #5 Command-Based Robot & RobotSimulator


We are happy to introduce the next video in the series that explains command-based programming for FRC robots.

For those who don’t currently have access to physical robots, we provide a plug-and-play robot simulator (RobotSim) to run your code in, along with a DriverStation and SmartDashboard.

Here are a few screenshots, and check out the video below!


Hope you find this interesting!

Sean Sun
@ 0 to Autonomous


Yoo, I loved these videos, glad to see them back.

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Those diagrams are fantastic. Have you considered submitting them to the official WPILib docs?

That’s fantastic , this series is really good. However a swerve teaching video be available soon?

Thanks, very nice video for teaching command-based robot. A request would be to teach command-based using inline command statements in place of the command classes. Basically, you could start from this and then show how to rewrite.

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