'06 Aim High POV-Ray (Desktops, Anyone?)


It’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to spend a few of my days “off” re-learning POV-Ray and rendering some pretty, if not useful, images of the field. They do make nice desktops (to remind ourselves of the game every time we look at our computer screen :ahh: ). If you would like a particular view/resolution, just let me know.

All image were rendered using POV-Ray, a freeware ray-tracer (www.pov-ray.org). They are based on the official FIRST arena documentation and drawings, but some modeling simplification have been made. All dimensions should be considered approximate.


DRIVER VIEWS: left, center, and right

and, of course, the tri-color spotlight render:

the source file and texture maps:


I especially appreciate you making the POVRay source file freely available. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for these, and yes, not only are they good looking, I’ve already got a load of uses in my head for these.

By the way, any chance of you posting a high quality, widescreen 1280x800 render of the whole field (the one you have embedded in your post) ? =)

wow. just wow. the field one is going on all 6 computers once I get in 2nd period.


Excellent. Thanks a million. :slight_smile:

these are awesome, thanks, this will come in handy because some people keep repeatedly asking what the field looks like :slight_smile:

Wow these are awesome, just wondering what did you model it in? I can never seem to find a good opensource program to model in other than Blender.

My apologies for the broken link in the original post (since edited). The ray-tracing program I used is POV-Ray (www.pov-ray.org).

Wow these are awesome, just wondering what did you model it in? I can never seem to find a good opensource program to model in other than Blender.

I guess I’ll answer this one for you. POV-Ray is not what you would call a traditional modeling program, if fact, you can’t really model anything at all. In order to make any shapes that get rendered you must type in everything by hand. Another important difference between POV-Ray and a traditional program such as 3DSMax is that the majority of POV-Rays shapes are rendered using math definition instead of polygons. For example you would just type in the code to make a cylinder and supply the information about the cylinder (absolute position in the world, height, radius, texture UV coordinates, material rendering properties, etc) then the renderer will render the cylinder using pure mathematics of a cylinder as opposed to a cylinder made up of hundreds of triangle polygons. So if in 3DSMax you zoom into the top a cylinder you can see distinct straight edges as in POVRay it will be perfectly smooth.

So every single shape you see modeled in those pictures are not made in some modeling program, they are defined using all code, there is no visual counterpart to what you are typing either. This makes sure that everything in the picture is perfectly exact and to scale.

I’m not the best person to answer this and I’m sure ZZII can provide a better explanation than I can, but I figured that I would save him the time.

btw, nice normal maps on the diamond plate, where did u get them from :rolleyes:

Yes, I should give credit to colt527, who also happens to be my younger brother, for doing the diamond plate normal and the FIRST logos for me.

And his explanation is correct - everything in POV-Ray is defined mathematically, so when lighting is calculated, it’s calculated using the normals of a perfect shape - no polygons. This is typical of pure ray-tracers.

There are visual modelers for POV-Ray out there. I have never used them, though.

If you are interested in using POVRay, try JPatch. I have used it quite extensively, and found it to be on par with most commercial modelers. The only drawback is that (at least in my version) you cannot create and assign texture maps.

Download link: http://www.jpatch.com/

Hope this helps!

Just thought I would let you know that all of your links are broken again. :slight_smile:

I was thinking that it might be just this computer, but I guess not! I would love to see those when they are back up again, though. :smiley:

I think the server was down for a bit. Should be up and running now.