07 Game element?


Five intertubes that you need to stack on a moving post/platform… maybe the base of the platform is illuminated to allow for the camera to target it.

That would explain the pool rings.

The what now?

We designed a game for the Milwaukee VEX league that looks like this. It went really well and we called it the King of the Rings.

yeah that was the first thing that popped into my head. but possibly a larger version of the game played with inner tubes(one of my guesses for a game piece)

I made a suggestion kind of like this in the other thread…

I hope we aren’t using innertubes as a game object this year…

The game could very well have been designed around tubes, but I’m hoping not…


I called the 800 number at the bottom of the link (“Questions? call us…”) but they didn’t know anything about FIRST :rolleyes:


yeah i was thinking about tower of hanoi also…

lol, did you really call?

I kind dont like the idea of a game like this though, it reminds me too much of the tetra game, which i didnt find very exciting

Tetra’s cringe I hated that playing field, so cluttered. '06 Open and a lot better. But after the Poof balls selling out within most US stores within 2 days (I think) would it be to early to invest in any toy company stocks? Or Pool companies? 4 More days!!!

We cannot be playing horseshoes or Ultimate Frisbee with these, if these really are the game elements. All a tube has to do is hit a sharp edge of a robot and it would break, especially when thrown at a high velocity.

Inner tubes have been done already. Besides the same could be said for the every inflatable ball that’s been used in the last 15 games.

How quickly we forget the past:


eesh, inner tubes? my team had enough trouble manipulating the poof balls last year. this could be pretty tough.

I’m confident that a bird-related object will be involved.

As per an email blast we will be able to purchase game elements from FIRST.