07 Transmission

Can someone give me a link or a drawing of the 2007 transmission? I wont be using the mounting plates so the pdf on IFI is useless to me, the gearboxes will mount directly to our custom chassis. FIRST hasn’t posted the KOP yet so I hear and our head mentor didn’t register us for FIRSTbase yet anyway.

I’m drawing the BaneBot transmissions as we speak. It should be up on FirstCadLibrary sometime tomorrow.

Thanks…I’ll check back tomorrow.

Can someone also give me a link on the dimensions of these gearboxes…I need to place mounting holes in my CAD model so the CNC can have its way with them…and I’m working on a deadline by Wednesday.

Is there a dimensions paper in the box that they came in? Today we cataloged and organized our KOP into our workroom, but I didn’t actually physically take a look inside the boxes yet.


I am also looking for a CAD of the 07 transmission. My deadline for the drive train is in one day!