1&1 for Inventor Award

Did anyone else use 1&1 to host their website? I did and it gives me a 404 error when I try to access the site. We called 1&1 today and they said they were having problems with sub-domains. I was wondering because I know that you can now view the Inventor submissions through FIRSTbase. 871’s submission is there but at the moment the website is not available… here is a mirror for all that have not seen our entry and want to view all the competition this year.


I use 1&1 hosting and all of my sub domains work and their directories do as well. I tried looking at your main site (http://www.westisliprobotics.com/) and doesn’t even work because I am getting a 404 error, so try checking your account details to see if they cut you off or what. As for my other friends that use 1&1, their sites and sub domains work as well so I am assume it is an individual problem.


all of my 1&1 accounts / sub domains / domains / etc work

good luck in figuring out whats wrong…hope it gets fixed asap


My account doesn’t seem to be working either. I can log in to their system but none of my websites work. Unless my server died.


After my site has been working on and off for the past couple of days it finally seems to be solidly working now. When I had called 1&1 they said they were in the process of fixing the problem…so hopefully this is a permanent fix.

Mike, hope your problem is also now resolved.

MY sites are also back up this morning so it must have been their subdomain issues.