1/16 Wall Rounded Corner Aluminum Square Tube?

I am looking for rounded corner aluminum square and rectangular tube in 6061 alloy and thinner than 1/8" wall, such as 1/16" wall thickness. 1"x1" and 1"x2" are the exterior sizes I’m looking for.

The application requires rounded corner tube, so please don’t bother suggesting any alternatives. I know 1" square thin wall rounded corner exists, but I am unable to find a good drawing of what the cross section looks like. McMaster 6546K53 looks close to what I need, but I’m not real sure what the corners look like. I need something with a pretty constant wall thickness, including in the corners. Any other sources?

All aluminum rectangular tubing I’ve every bought from McMaster has right angle corners.

Something like this? https://www.onlinemetals.com/en/buy/rectangle-tube?q=%3Arelevance%3AShape%3ARectangle%2BTube%2BRadius%2BCorner%3AMaterial%3AAluminum&checkbox=on&sort=relevance#

Does it have to be 6061?

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Andymark has 1/16" 2x1 tubes with a filleted inside: https://www.andymark.com/products/2x1x0-063-aluminum-box-extrusion-6ft?via=Z2lkOi8vYW5keW1hcmsvV29ya2FyZWE6Ok5hdmlnYXRpb246OlNlYXJjaFJlc3VsdHMvJTdCJTIyYnV0dG9uJTIyJTNBJTIyc2VhcmNoJTIyJTJDJTIycSUyMiUzQSUyMmFsdW1pbnVtJTIyJTJDJTIydXRmOCUyMiUzQSUyMiVFMiU5QyU5MyUyMiU3RA

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@Zook I’m looking for thinner wall. .125 wall is readily available. @AdamHeard It’s strongly preferred but I would entertain the thought of other alloys. Do you have a source? @Alejandro_Pina That’s interesting stuff, but what I really need is fillets on the outside corners as well.

8020 has some 1 x 1 https://8020.net/9000.html

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One of our sponsors sells rounded corner square tubing for telescoping applications.


If you look at the table below, it specifies the inner and outer radius for the various sizes. They don’t specify, but I’m pretty sure the alloy is 6063.

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