1/2" hex bearing inner races

Pictures comparing thicker inner race vs. what we used last year. The Average Joes will be glad to have more durable 1/2" hex bearings henceforward.

Thank you, VEXPro and AndyMark! :slight_smile:

hex bearing comparison.pdf (170 KB)

hex bearing comparison.pdf (170 KB)

Thanks Richard.

So, it looks like the old Hex Bearings were really just round bearings that had material removed (broached) to make them Hex. No wonder they failed under load!

What do you mean “Old, Pre 2012?” Did the pre-2012 bearings have a larger race which was later reduced in size for cost reasons?

I think so – Andy, Paul, or other knowledgeable people at AM and/or VP can confirm. My evidence is some 1/2" hex bearings that I purchased late 2011 or early 2012 from one of those suppliers, which have thick inner races as indicated in the pictures.

The broach looks like a cleaner job too.

It’s a larger chamfer you’re seeing.

Sorry, I should have been more specific - I was referring to the interior walls. The “old” looked rough where as the new looks a lot smoother.