1.25" or 1.7" ?

Posted by rebecca at 1/28/2001 12:14 PM EST

Student on team #192, gunn robotics team, from gunn high school.

I could be mistaken, but I beleive the hang bar in last years game was made from a piece of 1 1/4" Schedule 40 aluminum pipe. However the outside diameter of the pipe was something close to 1.7."

So I am wondering…these dimensions also apply to the two grab bars on the bottom of the goals?


Posted by Denny McBride at 1/28/2001 3:46 PM EST

Other on team #379, Robocats, from Girard High School.

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Posted by rebecca on 1/28/2001 12:14 PM EST:

The gab bars are 1.625 minimum.