1/4 Scale Stronghold competition STREAMING NOW!!

Team 4561, the TerrorBytes, has been setting up a quarter scale Stronghold competition among a couple of teams in our area over the past couple of weeks. The competition is taking place today and is streaming on Twitch here! There are four local FRC teams competing with a total of 12 robots! Qualifications matches have just gotten underway and we should be doing alliance selections in a little over an hour.

Robots are mostly built with arduino control systems and 3D printed or plastic parts. Most of the gameplay rules of Stronghold are in effect (albeit it for 1/4 the size). Check out the stream above if you interested in checking out what our students have been working on.

Is there a vod?

Doesn’t look like Twitch saved one (sorry I don’t administrate the stream). Though we did save the stream locally and will hopefully be able to make that public at a later date.

There is a highlight video available…