1/8 in pneumatic tube effects

Im looking to see if anyone has any experience using 1/8in pneumatic hoses. we need a more flexible tube to run through our turret wiring tether and wanted to know if there are any significant effects of using 1/8in tube in terms of flow or pressure restrictions. or if anyone knows where to find flexible 1/4in tubing.

We used it in 2012, you have obviously lower flow rates and will need to account for that in your planning.

Most of the hoses we worked with got stiffer as they got smaller. The size was nice simply for routing through small spaces for us. The larger hoses tend to take bends better in our experience, even if they are a little more cumbersome.

Did you try 5/32 already? We’ve had a lot of success with that size.

You can run parallel 1/8 tubing also. Y it apart after the valve the y it back after the tether.

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We’ve used 5/32 (interchangeable with 4mm fittings) a bunch of times. If speed is a priority, getting the solenoid close to the actuation will help with the more limited flow rate. Overall it’s never been a problem for our applications.

I have worked much pneumatics lately, but if flexibility is a concern, look into some different materials. We had some tubing that was wildly different flexibility with the same od/id.


You might also be able to place a small air tank close to where to need the air – this way, the smaller tube can fill the (low-pressure) tank constantly, and you have a reservoir of air for bursts when you operate something.

This is what we use at the end of our arm near our wrist rotation. The thicker wall and specific material allow for a much lower bend radius before it actually kinks (this exact tubing seems like it’s no longer available but something similar in terms of wall thickness and material)
In terms of flow rate your tube ID is what actually matters and unless you are using a piston with a very large volume you are unlikely to see much of a noticeable difference in actuation time with a 0.125" ID vs the 0.156" that im assuming you’re currently using (this is the ID of most 1/4" OD tubing as well as being the ID of the tubing that comes in the KOP)

Depending on your exact design you might consider coiled tubing as well.

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