1 Clippard Tank ???

I’m actually surprised someone didn’t beat me to posting about this online.

When we opened our kit and checked everything with the KOP list i was downright shocked to find that we only recieved 1 clippard tank, but the list said quanity 1. I just could not believe that especially after the off season discussions about not having enough air that they would cut us down to only one clippard air storage tank.

So later tonight after we finished with today’s meetings i was looking through FIRST documentation to see what i could find and see if there was any information on only having the one tank, only to find the 2005 Pneumatics Manual says two tanks both in the writing of what comes in the kit along with at the bottom in the pneumatics bill of materials.

Did other teams somehow recieve 2 tanks or did everyone only get 1?

Why does the Pneumatics manual claim we got two but the KOP bill of materials says only 1?

Had anyone else noticed this discrepency yet?


(BTW, i’m going to submit a question to FIRST in the TIMS system tonight as well, so hopefully we can sort this out)

I didn’t notice the discrepancy (haven’t read all the docs yet) but my team got only one, as well — a bit surprising.

I believe we can only use that one provided tank, but is it legal to (and is there a way to ) use a cylinder for air storage (at 60 psi)?

<R87> …You may only use the Thomas Industries compressor and Clippard Instruments air storage tanks provided in the Kit to compress and store air on the robot…

Unfortunately, no cylinder storage, but so far it looks like we can use two tanks .

I was surprised too, considering that we got two last year. I don’t know much about pneumatics, but it does seem like having only one tank is going to be somewhat limiting. I’m glad that you’re asking FIRST… they could possibly change the ruling, even if just to allow us to buy one additional tank. Does anyone have any logical reason why we’re being restricted?

Why does it look like that? It says we can only use the tanks in the kit, and there’s only one in there.

<R90> There is no limit to the number of solenoid valves, air cylinders, pressure regulators, and connecting fittings you may use on your robot…

Confirmation from the rules. No limit, as long as the team supplies the cash (or the old robot parts).

EDIT: Also, the pneumatics section of the flowchart says that we can use the pneumatics order form or old robots

Cylinders != tanks

<R39> Specific items NOT allowed include: …] Any air compressor, pressure relief valves, or air storage tanks other than those provided in the Kit.

Sidney == very tired

My apologies for confusing cylinders with air tanks… Not gonna do that again. Ever.

that means that you have to buy the exact same ones as provided in the kit

Rule <R02> second bullet states that there are two Clippard tanks provided in the kit, however there are not. Which is correct?

Again, I don’t think that’s what it says in the rules. It says you can’t use any tanks other than those PROVIDED in the kit. Think of them like motors. You can’t use eight additional CIM motors just because we already got some in the kit.

I’ve looked farther into it, in section 5.3.10 the word “Tanks” is used numerous times, in <R02> (already mentioned) as well as

<R86> “store compressed air in the storage tanks”

<R87> “Clippard Instruments air storage tanks provided in the Kit”

<R88> “the Clippard tanks”

As well as the example diagram shows 2 tanks pictured.

Also, in the Guidlines, tips & good practices file of section 5 under 1.4.1 it says “Clippard Tanks - Two tanks are provided. The tanks store and provide a steady volume of 120psi compressed air to downstream regulators and actuators.”

When i went to ask in the TIMS system someone else had already asked, so we’ll just half to wait for an answer. I expect this will be something mentioned in the first FIRST update.

My guess is that we were supposed to recieve 2 tanks, but in the process of typing up the KOP list that was used to fill each kit (as well as released to us for reference) there was a typo on the tank quanity and only one was put in each kit

After having read through all the robot rules and game rules last night through this morning, (okay, so I may be off because of the tiredness factor) I believe that the original intent of FIRST was to give us two tanks, but they may have a reason for only shipping one (item shortage, maybe? or not delivered to distribution on time? who knows.)

from the first Q and A system
ID: 972 Section: 5.3.1 Status: Answered Date Answered: 1/11/2005
Q: <R02> claims that we receive two instrument tanks, yet the kit of parts inventory list says we get one, and we only received one in our KOP. Is this a typo in <R02>?
A: The quantity R02 is a typo, thank you for bringing it to our attention. You should have only one as listed on your inventory list and received in your KOP.

however no on has asked them the limit on tanks, i have been trying to get our mentor too, but he is very busy with other things, if someone could ask there it would be helpful

Man, i checked the Q&A system in a hurry between classes and i could’ve sworn that response had said the typo was on the KOP list and we should’ve gotten two … show’s how hopeful i am.

Now I’m even reading what i’m wanting to hear :ahh:

There has bee and update to this rule see this thread