1 cubic inch Robot

does the wire lead not count as part of the robots dimensions?

The leads in the picture of the one cubic centimeter bot were removed and we ran just power wires directly to the two motors. Its a special wire called mogami wire (36 guage) with no memory - very limp. I have to say though that all the other teams were using this bare copper wire that was at least a 40 guage. I’m not sure where they got it but it looked like fine hair and we would have done much better with it.
For the one cubic inch robot, we also removed the leads and soldered the wires right to the board to make the one cubic inch rule. I expected to see a one-cubic inch box to fit in like the box we have at FIRST but when we arrived at the competition I was surprised to see that we were just on our honor. I thought there were a couple bots that actually exceeded the size limit by at least a half inch but I felt it would be too weird to pull out the ruler and cry that they’re over by 5/16.

1 cubic mile robot, try that.



Very impressive! Good luck in the competition over in Japan:)

They don’t need it… they already competed and did amazing :wink:

Thanks everyone! A one mile robot…now that sounds interesting. What would it do? Anihilate the world? Cool. Our team can go for the evil “rule the world” plot. ^.^

Maybe they meant to say insulating tape? That’s just one letter off from insulting tape.

The only problem with bringing the cubic inch and centimeter robot would be getting through security again (im surprised they didnt catch some of them the first time) and making sure that we dont lose them when we are there…we should build a display case that is fairly large for our own finding purposes…Another issue would be sneaking them under the radar of our mentor…he loves the little guys. :slight_smile:

We literally packaged them all in tissue boxes and little jars stuffed with padding…