1 Jag and 1 Victor not responding correctly.

I have 9 PWMs connected with 8 Jaguars.
7 of them work perfectly.
But there is an issue with Jaguar #8 which only moves in 1 direction even if there are 2 case structures to create movement to both sides. This is connected to a Globe motor. But it’s not working correctly. It moves full fwd but it LAGS badly in reverse…

Same thing happens with the Victor, except that this one doesn’t move in reverse at all…

This is probably not your problem, but it’s easy to check: is the Digital Sidecar getting good 12V power? Look to see that the 12V LED is lit. Measure the voltage on the white WAGO power connector.

(The reason you might see this behavior if there’s a power problem is that “sneakage” from the PWM signals is barely enough to keep the Digital Sidecar sort of working…until you call for reverse, and the pulse width drops.)

Swap a working Jag with #8 and see if the problem moves with the Jaguar or stays with it. You might have a faulty jaguar. If you do, be sure to contact luminary micro for a replacement.

Also, make sure this isn’t a Jaguar your team wired incorrectly / reworked. I would not trust any Jaguar after it sustains the impact of incorrect wiring (even after rework - which I think is illegal anyways - there is no telling what remains damaged yet unseen).



The jaguars work correctly.
I just changed the programation a bit :frowning:
I didn’t like it much but it was a solution