1 Motor in LabVIEW?

Can someone please provide a screenshot of how to wire up a single motor in the Begin.vi, Teleop.vi, and Finish.vi?

Also if possible can you show how to use a button on the joystick to make a motor constantly on/off by pushing the button?

Hopefully that helps

Some other LabVIEW screen shot examples are here:

The examples start a little bit down, so scroll down to see them.

Quick question, what is a digital module and where can it be found?




Begin, Teleop, and Finish vi’s - but one jaguar is blinking yellow even when enabled. The 4 Jaguars that are hooked up to our wheels are constant yellow until I move in forward or reverse. It’s not the jaguars or wiring, so it has to be something in the programming. Please help and let me know what’s going wrong ASAP.

The motor Refnum Get isn’t a Refnum Get in teleop.
It’s a Set instead, so that needs to be changed to a Get.

I fixed this in our programming, however the jaguar that has code for button-action is ddisplaying a constant blinking yellow still when the robot enables.

I do not believe that the jaguar should be blinking yellow when the robot is enabled. No code was changed except for the Set to a Get in Teleop. Please anyone if you can help, do so ASAP

Could it be we’re missing something with the cRIO cards? We have NI 9403 in slot 2 on our 8-slot cRIO (So it IS the Digital Module 1)

Check your PWM cable polarity.
Try switching the PWM cable from one of the working Jaguars to the blinking one to see if it gets signal and goes solid.

As long as the code performs an Open for the Jag, then the Jag light should be solid when the robot is Enabled.

We have reversed the PWM cables, I’ve changed the code from Jag to Victor, nothing has worked. We’re using the provided Sidecar from 2012 year, and for some reason, PWM 5 isn’t working. Do I have to add in Digital Module 2 on the cRIO slots to work PWM’s 5-8?

Your Begin looks like it’s opening the motor correctly, so the speed controller’s LED should stop blinking when the robot is enabled. If it doesn’t, there’s mostly likely a wiring problem (or a broken component). But make sure you aren’t still getting any errors on the Diagnostics tab of the Driver Station.

Try swapping the PWM cables between one of the Jaguars that works and the one that doesn’t. If the problem follows the cable, focus on the Digital Sidecar connection. If the problem stays with the Jaguar, mark it as suspect and replace it.

I’ve tried ALL of the above, except the “Replacing the Jaguar.”

If you can decypher this: I took the PWM Cable off of one of our Drive Jaguars (we’ll call it Jaguar 1) and swapped it with the PWM Cable off of the Single Motor (Jaguar and PWM 5, respectively), thus making the 5th Jaguar act as PWM 1, and the 1st Jaguar act as PWM 5. This caused Jag5 to turn solid yellow when enabled and Jag1 to blink constant yellow. So it has to be somewhere in the cRIO, Programming, Code, or Wiring. I have followed the above diagrams to the very last detail, only differing on the name.

Hopefully, someone can figure out our problem.

What is the Robot Singal Light doing? Do you have a good 12 volt power connection to your Digital Sidecar? Are all three of the power LEDs on the DS brightly lit? If the first four PWM outputs work but no more, that’s a common symptom of a DS that’s starved for power.

This is another issue our team experienced. First, we tried swapping out cables which connected the cRIO to the Digital Sidecar. When this failed, we opened the sidecar and saw an alarming burn mark next to the PWM channels which weren’t working. Metal filings made their way into the sidecar. I’d check your sidecar for this issue.